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Word Tiles by CleverMedia

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User Reviews for Word Tiles by CleverMedia

Greatly Improved, Fun & Challenging

I have won a few times, so it is possible to win over the computer. It can be frustrating to not win as much as you want but you can always opt out of playing and just start a new game. It's challenging but that what I like about it.

Emsnj, Apr 18, 2016
One of my very best apps

I play it for hour at a time!

Frank(o), Nov 22, 2021
Challenging, no internet required

Great substitute for Scrabble when you don't have an Internet connection and want to play independently!

Hillsboro19, Jun 07, 2016

...keeps what's left of my brain tuned in......wish the clever mode was a little easier

Jaqdog, Dec 18, 2016
Love this app

This app is great

Lynnzzz54, Mar 14, 2017
Good game, current wordlist

This is a great game for keeping the old brain engaged. The Normal level is good for quick games. The Snobby level is very good for increasing language skills. Beware, it's not that easy at that level. Challenging at all levels.

rdoubleu01, Feb 01, 2016
Great Game

I love this game! I have beat the computer a lot which makes me feel a lot smarter than I probably am!! LOL

Scotticfs, May 11, 2016
Love this game

3rd review: Finally caved and updated with most recent update. Thought it might be chock full of adds and detract from the game-and guess what? It was and it did. WAS such a great game-now you're no different from the other money hungry pig developers. And it's also very glitchy. Must be the ads, huh? Thanks for nothing.I'm adding to old review below-latest update disconnected my pass option. Now when I have one or two letters left that won't play, it won't let me pass & finish game. PLEASE FIX-was so enjoying this game, now you've given it a glitch.Really enjoying this one-like not having to wait on friends to play. Computer player is challenging and smart. Suggest you add a you won/you lost aspect to it-are you trying to save our feelings? This one is truly fun for wordsmiths-thanks!

Sus****, Apr 05, 2016

Great game😁

Tjb mom, Mar 11, 2017

Keeps my mind agile and occupied. Also great when you can’t sleep! Easy to play anytime and makes the time pass so quickly and productively. Yes, I’m addicted to Word Tiles!

Tylerwahine, Feb 10, 2019


"Love the different challenges this game offers. Fun and addictive." "Addictive and educational -great combination!" "I have this game on both my iPad & iPhone & I love it!" "Working your way up the ladder of difficulty levels is a perfect way to hone both one's spelling and vocabulary." "This is the best game of this type that I have found to date! I think I have played every day since I downloaded it." Word Tiles is a single-player word tiles board game, similar to many others (compare to games like Scrabble or Words With Friends).

Since you play against the computer, there's no need to wait for your friends to make a move. Play as fast and as often as you like! While playing you can zoom in or out to adjust the size of the letters on the board. You can flip through a list of all words played and how much each was worth. You can also see how many potential points a move is worth before finishing your turn. Unlike physical board games, Word Tiles has no limit to the board size. You can the computer can keep adding words to the left, right, top or bottom as long as there are letter tiles remaining. You can also return to the main menu at any time and adjust the computer's intelligence setting. There are five computer intelligence levels to choose from. When you complete a game, a record of the score is placed in a journal so you can track your progress as you improve.

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