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Become an owl rescuer and use your intellect to save distressed owls in this word puzzle game. Let go of the traditional word puzzles and switch to something more challenging and exciting with this word jumble. The game features combinations of letters which create syllables.

Your job is to arrange syllables in such a way that a comprehensible word is created. Guess multiple words by following few clues given to you in every single level. Try it now! Rescue Owls by using Intelligence Unlock your mental skills and sharpen your brain by playing this learning oriented word puzzle game. The owl hunter has kept cute owls in distress and captivity. He will release them only when you are able to arrange the syllables and make comprehensible words. Thus, you must your riddle solving skills and intellect to guess the different words shown to you in every level and free owls as you move up in the game. Create words by Arranging Syllables Sohaib Mirza Digital Marketing Specialist This word jumble is unlike any of the conventional puzzles you have ever played. The quest to arrange syllables is challenging as you will have to work with pairs of letters to create words rather than arranging individual letters. Once You have understood the clue in the game, the next thing to do is pick the right pebble with the right arrangement of letters and place it in the correct blank. Combine syllables to make words and solve the word scrabble to have fun! Earn coins and unlock treasures For completing each level, you will earn points as well as game coins. You can also open treasure chests to earn more bonuses and coins as you move from one level to the next. The game also offers daily treasures and bonus offers so you can collect as many coins as you want. Spend the coins to unlock different game boosters, game bonuses and game clues to enjoy game to the fullest! Play Hundreds of Random Levels The game features hundreds of different levels which you must play and win to save the distressed owls from the owl hunter. You can move from one stage to the next to save as many owls as you can. Use different game boosters like adding missing words, getting solution hints or searching for answers by spending coins. Enjoy personalized dictionary of all the words you have guessed to build your vocabulary. Features of Word Secret: Owl Rescue game: ● Simple and easy word puzzle game UI/UX ● Appealing word jumble game layout and stunning graphics ● Cute owls captivated by the owl hunter. Make owls happy by rescuing them. ● Sharpen your mental skills and use your brain to guess words and arrange syllables ● Enjoy more than 3 different game boosters to solve difficult levels ● Earn coins by winning levels and by unlocking daily treasure chests ● Get one clue to guess all words in every level ● Play hundreds of challenging, random word guessing levels Sohaib Mirza Digital Marketing Specialist Are you ready to play one of the most challenging and unique word jumble games? The new word syllable arrangement puzzle is the best option for you. Download and play Word Secret: Owl Rescue game today!

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