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Word Search Brain Puzzle Game

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Word Search Brain Puzzle Game

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User Reviews for Word Search Brain Puzzle Game


Word Search 🔦 thank you 😊 for giving me the opportunity to learn a lot of new words and their meaning my first language is Spanish with you mi vocabulary has improved enormously yours R D’L. ♥️🧠♥️🧠😀♥️

Bichi-Bichi, May 01, 2021
I enjoy it, but the Spanish version has errors

English words passing as Spanish with mistakes such as adding an accent to (item) on the letter I: in Spanish is artículo the word does not exist.Particle used as q word,!in Spanish is particula with accent in the i. I am on level 5, seems like there will be more mistakes to come my way...

debbiecv, Jan 19, 2021
I love this app

I’m a student of language and playing wordsearch in another language is a great way to extend ones vocabulaires in the languages studied. I love that at the end of each game there is an option to hear the words pronounced and a Dictionary function to know what it means and its variety of uses within said language. I really enjoy relaxing and improving m’y language skills at the same time. 😁💕

Dove589, Sep 14, 2020

I found this app by following the other apps link in App Store for your Hebrew dictionary. Was excited to see this app. It has every language BUT Hebrew!

Genesis_Fides, Oct 19, 2020
Exactly what I wanted

I needed a French word search to become more familiar with the words. Not only does this give word searches, each word has a handy dictionary page and examples. Thank you!

Jungo Torii, Jun 09, 2018
Juggling with languages

Bonjour !It’s kind of fun to play the game with different languages and learn new words.It really keeps you on your toes too because it goes in all directions !Be alert! It’s a good thing!

monettasim, May 02, 2020
Font change

Great app but if possible you can change the letter sizes for people with vision problems

pina 12, Sep 09, 2020
Word Search

I like to find the hidden words in the puzzle. It keeps my mind sharp.

Selverine01, Jul 02, 2019
Great fun

I play the word search game while I watch TV. It is fun and I think it will help me be more observant. I play the various topics and it is fun to do. I try to play it every night.

titration 1, Nov 06, 2019
Good, but could be better

I really enjoy this app! It’s fun, and a good way to learn new vocabulary. However, I struggle with the format of the flash cards for after-game study. The cards are white and a light grey making it difficult to read the words that I wish to learn. So far I have not been able to find a settings tab to fix this issue. I know this sounds like an old person complaining about the readability of texts when their eyesight is failing and they’re refusing to admit limited ability, however I’m in my 20’s and having issues. Please add a higher contrast for flash cards in the next update!

Toria-C, Mar 01, 2020


Have fun and build your vocabulary in any of 31 different languages by searching for words in a single and multiplayer puzzle game appropriate for all ages. Key Features --------------------------------------------- • Single and Multiplayer game play • 31 different language • 21 English categories • English newspapers top news words • Pronunciation for 20 languages • Puzzles are randomly generated • Word of the Day • Flash Cards • Bookmark words with dictionary access • Leaderboards and Achievements • Cool music for inner peace Languages Supported --------------------------------------------- The Word Search Vocabulary Building Game is fantastic way to improve your vocabulary in both your native and second languages. Word searches are supported in all of the following languages: * English * Arabic * Spanish * French * Turkish * Thai * Filipino * German * Portuguese * Italian * Russian * Greek * Indonesian * Malay * Vietnamese * Korean * Japanese * Chinese * Dutch * Norwegian * Finnish * Romanian * Polish * Ukrainian * Persian * Hindi * Bengali * Urdu * Tamil * Gujarati * Marathi English Vocabularies Variation --------------------------------------------- • Beginner • Advance • Common • Standard • Newspaper • Animals • Colors • Geography • Food • Positive • Body • Clothes • Sports • SAT • TOEFL • IELTS • GRE • Science • Math • Business • Medical • Music Playing The Game --------------------------------------------- Both children and adults will enjoy playing the Word Search Vocabulary Building Game.

The game automatically generates a puzzle in your preferred language, so all you need to do is drag your finger across words as you discover them. If you can’t find all of the words, press the hint button. But use your hints wisely—you only get two hints per puzzle. The game automatically ends and updates your statistics when you find every word in the puzzle. In Newspaper section, user can get latest news everyday and play with the words. Even at the end of game play, user can see the news details. After the game, you can bookmark words you didn’t know or look them up in the built-in English dictionary and hear the pronunciation. You can also email yourself bookmarked words from within the game so you can add them to a desktop study tool. As your statistics improve, look for your name on the Games Center Leaderboard for each of the languages you use—see if you can become the Word Search World Champion! For hardcore gamer you can play real time online multiplayer game with others.

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