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User Reviews for Word Planet - from Playsimple

Could be better

For those with a fairly large vocabulary, finding bonus words is really the challenge. Locking the bonus jar for x amount of time is frustrating as you spell words only to get a message jar is full. Not going to waste my time watching a video to receive what is a bonus reward. I doubt you’ll change anything so except the feedback and app deletion.

birdmandave, May 03, 2021
Best Game on the internet

What I Love about this Game is that it’s Exercises your Brain and gets you thinking and unlike other Games they don’t hound you to upgrade and spend your Money to get to the next level,it’s also Fun,I gave you 5 stars .

dddddcccvvvbbbeeeaaasss, Mar 10, 2022
Never received my coins I paid for!

This game is fun and relaxing. I leaving this review because I paid 4.99 plus tax for 800 coins and I never received them. I have left 6 messages. They told me to keep playing and my coins would show up and it’s been 5 days. Still no coins and the message keeps saying they will get back to me shortly. I’m done waiting. Don’t download this game or any other of there games. They will rip you off. I will be happy to change this review if they give me my coins I paid for.

Deeders949, Apr 20, 2021
Word Planet

I love love love this game. ?it is a bit challenge but yet all common words so far ! Hope so much that you will not change i will b playing alot if it stays the same ! So happy to find this ! Please don’t change! Thanks for letting a 75 year old old lady have some fun!Bonnie Hilton

Holley 2020, Sep 08, 2020
WAY too many ads

I understand that ads are a way of life when playing most games, but this takes ads to a whole new level!!! They are constant, interrupting and so very annoying. Many ads freeze, so I have to back out and start all over again. I enjoy the game itself, but it’s just not worth the frustration of the many, many ads.

janey anney, Jan 27, 2021
Word Planet

I enjoy the challenge of trying to come up w/words to match the letters given. I started the game to keep my brain alert now that I’m retired at 70 years old. It works. I would prefer more vowels but it definitely makes a body think.

Libby 257, Oct 05, 2021
Word Planet

I rated this a 5 but only because it didn’t have a higher number. I think it deserves at least a 10. It is fun, fast and very exciting. I time myself and try to beat myself by getting through the levels quicker as I go. There are some days l spend the entire day on Word Planet. I’ve always loved word games and this is a close runner up to Jeopardy which I have watched for years on tv. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to exercise their brain. I never give up on a puzzle until I find every word without using a hint if it is at all possible. If I use a hint, I feel like I’ve cheated.

Queen Betty 03, Jun 29, 2020
Word Planet

It’s a fun game except for the many many ads which are annoying plus the level I am on now which each chapter has 40 levels when you complete you get 20 coins which is the same when you did 20 levels to me it should have doubled to 40 coins there are not enoughQuests to do get any decent amount of coins unless you download more games or more apps Also owl Bert has no more challenges waiting for update no point in playing this part of the game with no rewards. I know they want you to spend money to buy coins which you need to buy hints etc it’s like all the other word games I have played.

Redhead 66 18, Feb 27, 2021
Fun game. Challenging puzzles

Sometimes the empty blocks blend in with whatever is near. I think I’m done with the puzzle but the screen doesn’t change and I have to look into the decorations and finally I see that I missed something that was nearly covered up.

ricvkr, Apr 06, 2021
Word Planet

I love the game and didn’t mind ads until now. I cannot get out of the doubleU casino ad. It’s just stuck and won’t let me back to the game. Very frustrating and I guess I’ll never play word planet again. When I touch the x another screen comes up still an ad for for the casino game then I press the word done and that screen drops to view the initial screen with the X, press on that and the screen with done on. It just comes up over and over. Even closing the app does not make it go away. Don’t know if it’s a problem with your app or the ad but please fix it or I’m going to have to just delete your app. Way too irritating.

Sacoopster, Mar 15, 2021


Word Planet - A word search & word guess brain game. Word Planet is a fun and relaxing word game in a crossword style format made for the smartest brains! Swipe the letters to find and guess the hidden words in a crossword style grid Word Planet - A word search word guess brain game is the first of its kind.

Solve the anagram puzzles as you travel around the world in the Crossword styled puzzles, unlocking new levels. Guess and search letters on the word plate to find different word recipes. Solve the anagram puzzles by searching for all the words to make your way to a new country. As you progress in the game, anagram puzzles get trickier and tastier! Word Planet is a free word search brain game that tests your vocabulary, spelling, word guessing and anagram puzzle solving skills - just search and guess the words! Get a fun brain exercise in your free time and improve your vocabulary! If you are a word game lover and like to play brain games to improve your vocabulary or simply enjoy word search games to casually swipe and guess the hidden words, Word Planet - A Word Search & Word Guess Brain game is the perfect choice for the best brain game lovers! How to Play: The rules are simple. Search and swipe the letters on the plate to guess the hidden words Game Features: • FREE TO PLAY GAME – Download this for FREE and play without wifi. • "EASY TO LEARN" HARD TO MASTER – The easy game play gets you going from the first word search anagram puzzle and keeps your brain engaged for hours. However, the game gets trickier as you progress with more complicated words and tougher levels. • CHALLENGING PUZZLES – Free anagram puzzles range from 2 letters to 7 letters. It starts easy and gets challenging quickly as you progress further. • IMPROVE YOUR VOCABULARY – Search & find hidden words or guess them from the same set of letters. Flex your brain muscles in your free time and improve your spelling skills all while increasing your vocabulary by discovering new words. • PLAY ANYTIME – No internet or wifi needed for this game. You can play offline too for free! • SYNC YOUR GAME PROGRESS – You can login using Facebook to sync your game progress across various devices. So, why wait? Play the game now and start guessing the hidden words! FEATURES: • Search and guess the words from mixed letters. • Guess new words using the crossword grid and develop your brain, anagram puzzle solving vocabulary skills. • Feel a sense of achievement as you go around the world, to become a word chef! • Simple and Easy! • Daily bonus rewards • 250 free coins to get you started! • Great exercise for the brain • Supports both Phones and Tablets. • FREE Update! - Easy to learn and fun to master gameplay - Enjoy playing the game anytime, anywhere. No wifi required to play the game - More than 100s of levels with thousands of anagram puzzles. Updates will be regular and free! NOTES • Enjoy the game with various devices (Phones and Tablets). • "Word Planet" contains ads like banners, interstitials and videos. • "Word Planet" is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items like attractive coin packages.

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