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User Reviews for Word Mines

Perfectly raunchy

Was looking for other adult games besides Heads Up (with dirty expansion) and found this game. Definitely adult humor but not overly dirty.

boarderbrent91, Jul 22, 2022
Fun party game!

I was looking for a fun party game and came across this game that seemed like a dirty version of taboo. I’m honestly in love with this game and every time I pull this game out, everyone has fun.

carjean79, Aug 13, 2021
Sooo fun

This app has changed the game for my friend gatherings. We all are laughing so hard and we learn something new every time we play it. The best!!

ChristineSmith7, Aug 09, 2021
Great Game!

This game is so fun to play with a group of friends!

Michelle2589, Sep 06, 2021
Endless Fun

Downloaded this game while camping! It was the highlight around the campfire. Easy to use and endless fun!

molls09, Aug 20, 2021
When Heads Up! gets old, play this next!

Your friends will come up with some ridiculous ways to describe the words. And I did learn a few new words!

peyton christine, Aug 15, 2021
Super fun!

Played the game recently with a few friends - we were cracking up the whole time!

Pojo da Dojo, Aug 10, 2021
Fun party game!

This game is great for brewery trips or when hanging out with groups of friends!

sschellinger09, Aug 20, 2021
Great group game!

This game creates endless laughter and you will even learn a new word or two! Very fun to play with a group of friends!

swobbly, Jul 21, 2022
Party game

Always leaves me laughing, and learning a few new words!

TravelTerry, Apr 16, 2022


A thoughtfully crafted word-guessing party game, made for adults. Get your team to guess the NSFW word without saying the forbidden words below it. Once you've mastered the basic pack, head to the Store for expansion packs that will keep the game hot and spicy.

This could be the best game to reveal how dirty your friends & family truly are. You won't believe what they come up with. Backed by hours of research to make the game simple but challenging. Also, everyone is bound to learn a new word or two - it's borderline educational! Be remembered as the one who brought Word Mines to game night, the bachelorette party, Friendsgiving or to pass the time while waiting for the front car at Space Mountain.

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