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User Reviews for Word Finder - wordhelper.org

Best WWF Helper App

This dictionary has the newest words added to the WWF lexicon. I also love the lists of words such as 2 letter words, Q words without U, etc. It is linked to Google for definitions. I addition to high scoring words, it tells how you can do side by side placement for more points. I would like to see the font a little larger and bolder. The graphics don’t look very sophisticated and slick. But, I give it an A+ for including the newest words and for ease of use.*please add QGP to your list of WWF words.

Cardiopro321, Dec 11, 2019
Words With Friends

Love this game. While meeting and playing with strangers, some are so good and some are not so good. But the longer you play, the more tips you'll get, the more goofy- jumbles of letters REALLY ARE A WORD! You learn new words all the time. Some people are so good they are annoying. I just try to make the best words I can, even though I "apparently" have letters to make a word that would give me twice the points as the one I have already figured out. I will not spend hours looking for "just the right ubiquitous word to maximize my word point." I do the best I can and just have fun with it.

debleefive, Mar 08, 2018
Word Finder

If you enjoy playing WWF you will find this App essential. It is user friendly and keeps you updated with periodic changes in the dictionary that can otherwise be very frustrating.

GPWolverine, Jul 03, 2021
Essential for WWF2

This app is amazing 🤩. It shows you all the combinations of words you can make for your tiles. I use it with Words with Friends 2. They update their dictionary regularly to keep up with the game. I won’t play without this app!

lilcavy, Nov 05, 2020
Use this instead of swapping tiles

This app is saving me a lot. I get so many bad hands, but instead of swapping tiles, I am able to find more words. This app still leaves you challenged, instead providing the solution. I'm playing the game because I want to be challenged.

Loisjeanne, Nov 07, 2020
Freezes my iPhone 11

This app is great for word possibilities. However, it has recently begun freezing in the middle of use. Rebooting the phone stops this, but later recurs. This freezing phenomenon also affects Words With Friends, and sometimes Safari. I am deleting the app. Even after deleting and reloading, this still happens.

nothappywithaop, Jun 11, 2021
Words Lost

The new version totally obliterated the find word feature. Now when you hit the “Go” button, no words show up just a bunch of lines on top of each other, some numbers but zero letters. What happened??!! I tried multiple times to delete and re-load the app, but it’s still scrambled beyond recognition so that it is unusable. There should be minus stars for the upgrade.

Toonz Muse, Jan 06, 2018
Great little app

Of course, it's hard to justify using this app, because you're probably cheating (at Words with Friends or Scrabble) if you do. But you can also think of it as a sort of training tool, something to jog your brain once in a while...? It's also nice that this app gives you definitions.

Why does this nickname have to be unique, anyway?, Jun 16, 2017
Very useful for us cheaters

I got tired of losing and wanted some help. And this app got even more helpful as time went on - as I learned to use it. Plus the developer is actually paying attention to these reviews and responding and using our comments to improve the app.If you want some help with WWF, then this is the app for you.

Wiki-lover, Jul 05, 2017
THE BEST, still.

I've tried 'em all and there's no comparison. The best $1.99 I've spent on an app. I've used Word Finder since 2011. July 9, 2018 - Still using the app & I still have NO complaints - it’s great.UPDATE: Yep. Still the best. Actually, I gave up trying to find a comparable app.May 5, 2019. ~ I love the integration of dictionaries.March 3, 2020My wish would be that when you want to find a word that begins with the letter C for example, that you can enter Cxxxxxx and get ONLY words that BEGIN with the letter C rather than the app providing words in which the letter is second, third or last. I'd like to see a notification that reads 'There are no words that begin with letter C'. Just a suggestion. Other than that, it's almost perfect.

YMILikeThis, Mar 04, 2020


Word Finder allows you to find and check valid words in all popular crossword games such as Scrabble®, Words With Friends, etc. • Enter the tiles on your rack (including blanks) • Find all possible words, ordered by score or word length • Enter an existing word on the board that you'd like to attach to • Find all possible words that could attach to that word: alongside it, crossing it, extending it, or fitting between multiple words • No internet connection required to search • Look up definition using the built-in iOS dictionary or search online • Check if a word is valid • Includes Words With Friends, Scrabble®, Lexulous, as well as other popular word games • Supports multiple dictionaries: •• WWF (new combined English dictionary) •• USA MW 2018 (OSPD6) •• USA MW 2014 (OSPD5) •• USA MW 2006 (OSPD4) •• USA Tournament 2018 (TWL18) •• USA Tournament 2016 (TWL16) •• USA Tournament 2014 (TWL14) •• USA Tournament 2006 (TWL06) •• USA Schools 2018 (SSWL18) •• USA Schools 2016 (SSWL16) •• International 2019 (CSW19) •• International 2015 (CSW15) •• International 2012 (CSW12) •• International 2007 (CSW07) •• Minimal (only words present in all word game dictionaries) •• Lexulous: (US English) •• Lexulous: (UK English) Word Finder is a helper app for popular word games. It is not affiliated with the makers of these games. This app is not made by or endorsed by the makers of Scrabble®.

Scrabble® is a registered trademark of Hasbro Inc. Corporation and J.W. Spear & Sons Limited.

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