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User Reviews for Word Cup

What does PCHS mean?

Apparently it's an acceptable Spanish word. I like the option to play in Spanish or French, unfortunately it's hard to take the game seriously when it lists many words that can't be found in a dictionary. Not a big fan.

danrodriguez804, Feb 12, 2014
Great alternative to Boggle!

Nice alternative to advert/marketing laden "Boggle". The only drawback I can see is that you cannot rotate the board. A small price for no pestering to buy other games or trying to get users to connect social networks for information harvesting. A nice feature is the ability to change the size of the board, something you can't do with Boggle.

Feadan, Feb 19, 2012
Angry Words

My students are driven insane by this game and are threatening to revolt! Help!! Here they come with torches and pikes!

Fort-Da, Jan 10, 2014
Super fun!

Really enjoy this one and all the options. The upgrade over the free version is worth it. Pass and play in the car makes trips shorter for the kids.

Gluecklich, Sep 16, 2011
Crazy word list

I agree with the other reviewers who complained about the word list. It's bad enough that there are obsolete and foreign words on the list, but when I clicked on some of the words, they don't even have entries in the wiktionary!

lisagd, Apr 29, 2012
My favorite game!

I haven't found a better word game out there I like better that I can play alone. Lots of features and options. Thanks!

Lorita4321, Jan 18, 2015
Good game, but actually would be better with FEWER words in dictionary

It is a great game but some of the accepted words are just ridiculous. Some are arcane or very specialized. I also notice though, that there are some words that have been accepted into English usage that are not allowable, but a number of questionable slang words are allowed. Nevertheless, it is a great game, but the scoring is skewed by the mentioned problems.

Scheduling, Feb 05, 2012

This is a great word game, very addictive! My husband and I play it all the time. Definitely worth buying, the free game froze up my phone because off the ads that ran at the bottom of the screen. Great game!

Smurfin fun, Mar 06, 2012
Word cup is fun app

Game is great to have on phone-can play quickly when waiting somewhere so time goes quickly--a little too challenging for me--quite a few words I've never seen or heard. But overall I enjoy

Tom girl 3, Jan 15, 2013

Missing a send a challenge type mode, but beyond that it plays really well.

Xyzlor, Jun 10, 2011


Word Cup is a word game in the classic genre of finding as many words as possible in a letter grid. If you enjoy word games, Word Cup is for you! The game has a swift interface, supports different grid sizes and many different dictionaries.

Using the Pass and Play feature, you can compete against family or friends. By selecting the desired word density Word Cup can generate very dense (or sparse) boards. Dense 3x3 boards are fun, as are very sparse 6x6 or 7x7 boards! You can play the game using dictionaries for the following languages: Danish, English, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish (SAOL) and Finnish. (The English dictionary uses SOWPODS, and the US English dictionary uses TWL.)

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