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Peter Youtz
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User Reviews for Word-Bee

Woefully incomplete

I don’t mind not getting all possible words, but find it very frustrating how often it does not recognize common words. Examples: route and router, nineteenth and ninetieth. Free but clunky and poorly researched.

amateur wordie, May 11, 2019
It's too hard

No instructions, no way to get out of a game, just impossible for some reason. I do these all the time...just won't take any simple words.

Anniesp, Jan 20, 2019
Words missing

Where are the rules. ? Too many legit words missing Update dictionary please

Bratty111, Feb 07, 2020
Good but needs bigger vocabulary

Good representation of the ny times game, and nice that it can create new puzzles. Unfortunately lots of common words are missing. Needs to use a larger reference list. The ny times game is manually curated for common words and is usually reasonable in its words. Hope this game gets some updates!

Danielha99, Nov 14, 2019
Dictionary is broken

Very proud of myself for finding ‘hematoma’ but it’s not a recognized word. I played a couple of rounds, but never got all the words because the final few were so esoteric or, frankly, unique to this game. A frustrating waste of time, when I’m looking for an amusing waste of time!

Delusione (disappointment), Jun 23, 2020
Pretty Good

Update: I think I figured it out. The game doesn’t accept words of eight letters or more. It likes DOMINO but not DOMINANT. Developers, please fix this. It would be so much better. Definitely needs a more comprehensive dictionary. I’ve noticed a few missing words as well. It would be helpful if the words you find were listed in alphabetical order. A button that cleared the input form would be nice as well.

Enorfleet, Jan 09, 2020
Good game

True doesn’t come with instructions, but if you play it several times it is simple to figure out. Your word has to be at least 5 letters. To get out of game hit end.

kulpmont bog, Apr 24, 2019
Frustrating at best

1. You can’t turn off the sounds so it’s very disruptive to use in public spaces.2. Nothing less than 5 letter words are accepted 3. Common words don’t seem to be acceptable but obscure one are; yeggman??? Really?4. You can’t change or refresh the configuration of the letters. I do like that you can see the total number of acceptable words so you have something to aim for but when reading the list at the end of the game you wonder who put this list together.

Marin Princess, Feb 15, 2020
Frustrating holes in word list

There are no instructions, but it’s easy enough to figure out how things work. Graphics are minimal, but functional enough. Only real issue is that too many legitimate words aren’t recognized by the game’s dictionary. And I’m not talking about obscure words, either: BASIC words! Initially I tried to roll with it, accept it as part of the challenge. But as the list of unrecognized words added up, it stopped feeling like an intellectual challenge and started to feel more like a pointless waste of time and effort. With a more complete dictionary, the game would be unexceptional but fine. As is, it is an exercise in frustration.

MoeKowbel, Dec 11, 2019
No long words

Rejects correct words that exceed a certain length. Very frustrating!

WF User, Dec 29, 2019


Word-Bee is a thoughtful word game that will develop your vocabulary. Inspired by the NYTimes "Spelling Bee" puzzles Word-Bee will help you learn to make longer words. Word-Bee comes from SeaRanchGames, the producer of Word-Gym and Word-Gram.

You get seven letters and your challenge is to make as many 5 letter words as possible with them. You can use any letter multiple times, but your words must all include the letter in the center. Word-Bee keeps a list of your words and when you've found all you can, it will show you the rest (in red). Click any word to see its definition. See where you rate on the Word-Scale, Beginners=Green, Intermediate=Blue, Advanced=Red, and Expert=Black.

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