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User Reviews for Wit - Kpop App For Fans

A great community

I’ve been on Wit since December of 2020 and I’ve grown a amazing community. Everyone is amazing and kind. Making stories is quite easy as well. It’s very organised and easy to use. I only have one problem with the app, People get wrongly banned. Some of my friends get banned for sexual content or “nudity”. It the age rating it says,”Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity.” The “nudity” is swimsuits or stuff that people see in television all the time. And the sexual content is kissing or stuff isn’t said but people know what happened. In some blogs that people make they bake up the bans. They say that there is children on the app. But there shouldn’t be children on the app since it’s 12+. Every other aspect of the app if perfect and well managed I would highly recommend.

~~~JF, Jun 28, 2021

Hello, I’m here writing this review because of some things. The top page is really terrible, not how it created but the posts. There are some about suicide, blood, and more! There are people that have po*rn accounts, and it really is awful. There are people hacking, death threats, disgusting/disturbing videos. For example, there are multiple people getting these fancams, and SOME aren’t real. There are older men(or women, young children) that are putting very disturbing videos, one of my friends was on the top page and saw some beheaded. My friend was traumatized. I almost forgot, but my favorite creators are getting banned for a inappropriate reason, isn’t this app 17+? Children shouldn’t be in this app. The creators put a warning in the beginning. They put “block don’t report” or “(number)+ warning” or something similar to that. I don’t know if it’s the update or something else. I have been very upset with not only ‘wit’ itself but for the community. This app is for entertainment, not for people to start fan wars, death threats, exc. Thank you for reading this review. Please be aware of these, and be careful if someone messages you, it may have the word “slitz” in there user or a cactus figure on their user. Please be cautious.

Angel. M, Jul 10, 2020
Im very confused

This app is great for making friends and watching edit and reading fanfiction. but now here’s my problem. yesterday i was on and it was perfectly fine. but today i got on and parts of the screen are black and when i talk to people i can’t see what the said unless i press down on there message which is very annoying. and i can’t see what i’m writing. i can only see emojis. the home page where all of your interests come up is fine but the other ones look weird and you can’t read the title of most stuff. this app is great don’t get me wrong . i love it and i’ve been using since 2019 . i think this issue is only with me because no one i asked seems to be having this issue. if you have time please get back to me on how to fix this . thank you .

ANOTHER BTS’ FAN, Jun 09, 2020

Hi I've been Wit for as long as I can remember, but it's has been glitching I'm thinking, so I was just typing and just to stop typing and I tried to save it but it kept loading and loading I even tried to review it, but it did the same thing, so I had to exit the app and go back in but now it's not letting me review none of my stories and I can't edit them or edit the title of it. I can do other stories but I can't do mine. I thought maybe I had to update it so I did but it did the same thing. So I deleted it and reinstalled it but then again it did the same thing.... And I made a lot of stories all the way to 2018 I think or early 2019, and that's a lot of typing I'll have to redo and I don't want too.. so please fix this glitch I'm hoping I didn't lose any of my stories and progress...

APFVenus, Mar 11, 2021
Wit glitching everyone out of the app

So yesterday when I was on wit it kept glitching me out occasionally and I would just restart my phone and then it would be okay and I would be able to use wit again. But then about an hour ago while I wasn’t on wit my friend texted me saying “hey, can you get into wit? because it keeps glitching out for my other friend and I.” and I told her that it was glitching earlier for me too. So then I went to go check my DMs on wit and then when I tapped on it, it immediately glitched me out. So I tried again and it did it over and over again. Then I thought that I could just restart my phone like I always do and it would be better. But, after I restarted my phone and tried to go on wit, it did the same thing. Still now, it currently isn’t working. I want to DM my friends on wit back but I cant now because I can’t even get into the app. Please fix this soon because a lot of my other friends and I are experiencing this issue. Thank you for taking the time to read this and again, please fix this soon !

fixthebanningwit, May 06, 2020
It’s good but it has a glitch

I love this app. It’s one of my most used apps and I highly recommend it for any new kpop stans. It’s a great way to make online friends and for the most part it is a nontoxic community. But lately I been experiencing a glitch. I don’t know if it’s a problem with my device or the app but I would be making a post and it just randomly crashes. I would then have to restart my phone for it to work again but then a few minutes later it would happen again. This is very annoying cause even if I’m trying to do a simple post it takes forever. And ever since a update that happened earlier this year wit has been banning all the fanfic writers without any reason. And their is no ff’s on top page anymore. This is upsetting cause this is the main purpose for the app. But other than the glitch and the fanfic issue I have no complaints.

Glitter𝕋𝕒𝕖𝕋𝕒𝕖, Sep 02, 2020
It used to be great

Wit used to be such a friendly, and an amazing app but as soon as wit got more recognition. It became less and less entertaining before anybody could post what they wanted whether is was a cute story or a 21+ story. Now you can’t find them anywhere why? Because 10 year olds report and report I don’t blame wit for this I blame the people who let 2 year olds on the app. At first wit seemed sunshine’s and rainbows, but the more you get recognition the more you are pressured. I’m a wit author and at first it was super fun but once I got followers which I’m very grateful to have I felt pressured to post and it seemed like I was writing more for people who just wanted to hate one me and before I got write for myself and nobody would hate because it was a friendly environment. I thought wit was an app where I could runaway from my life and be able to have fun but turns out that it might be one of the most toxic apps

it used to be such a great app, May 27, 2020
Why am I banned?

Wit is my favorite app,and i use it EVERY DAY. I have a little over 1.1K followers,and i'm an author on wit. However,i was recently banned for 'plagiarism or infringement of others' rights'. I don't understand. If I take inspiration from another author,I always give credit. I don't do that very often though. It came to my attention that the majority of banned users are banned for the same reason,but don't know why they got banned.I state that photos are not mine,but i don't understand why i still got banned? I am very frustrated to have to wait almost a whole month to post or chat for doing something the app doesn't explain well. I don't know if there are trigger scanners that may sometimes mistake what the user was doing, but please fix this. It's frustrating and annoying, especially when ALL of your accounts are banned, if one is banned. I understand why the app might want to ban people, but nobody means any harm here. Yes, in some cases, it is necessary to ban a user. But not this. Please fix this, I don't know what I did wrong. Thank you.

jaemin.jams, Mar 11, 2020
I can’t log back in

Okay so this app is great and all but the way you login is confusing me I had a acc with followers and friends and like story’s I spend like a year writing (due to my laziness) and when I deleted the app cause it wasn’t working it would kick me off, anyways I deleted the app and when I was gonna log back in it only gave me; Google login Facebook login or Apple login) I clicked Apple sense I was like well I used my email to sign up the first time so I clicked it and it gave me a whole new account I had lost all my things so now I wanna know why can’t you just give us a normal like a normal login thing? Anyways app so fun to socialize with but it’s just the way you have to login :( I lost like my story’s and all and some of the friends I made there (my story’s weren’t good they were like anime ships and stuff but that doesn’t mean I didn’t work hard on them)

Queen bee 1234, Oct 13, 2021

I love this app it's fun and as soon as I got it I got to meet new people who enjoyed talking to me but there is just one problem when me and my friend wanted to share a roleplay account we got banned and we both understood it wasn't that big of a deal so we waited until April 15th and that day soon came we were super happy to have our account back but two days later we got banned again I don't understand whywe made sure to say the pictures we used were not ours but we still got banned I'm not sure if we did something wrong we are still pretty upset because we did nothing wrong I don't think this app deserves a 4 star because it's a really fun and cool app I just didn't enjoy when we got banned again for no reason Thank you for taking your time to read this

Reg231231, Apr 23, 2020


K-POP App For Fans, Wit * Easy to create and upload contents From chat type stories, blog posts, to short videos and images - anyone can easily create contents on wit! * Endlessly browse and enjoy contents you love K-pop and anime fan creations such as fanfiction, edits and videos are updated everyday. * Meet friends with same bias. Make new friends through groupchat feature on wit! Talk and share informations about what you love. * Wit Official Contacts E-mail: [email protected] Tel : 1588-3820

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