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User Reviews for WingMate Companion

Amazing App with worthwhile upgrades

This app is spectacular! Makes playing with the automa easy and incredibly fun. The upgrades are a small price to pay for the ease and convenience thanks so much!

Benohhhhhh, Jul 26, 2021
Almost Perfect!

Wow, this was amazing! My only advice for the developers is to state exactly which scores you are asking us to input. For example, instead of just a picture to indicate what we are scoring, also include “Tucked Cards” in the header. I have played waaaay too many games and therefore know myself what it is you’re asking for but think this could be super helpful for others. Hope you take this into consideration. Thanks so much and what a fabulous job you’ve done with this app! (I read another reviewer mentioning it would be helpful to save scores for a running tally to calculate the biggest scorer overall; that would be awesome!)

ECynthia, Jan 05, 2021
Archived Scoring

I would be willing to pay more and I would give 5 stars if the app could save the scores rather than having to create a file or folder to export the scoresheets to. Beautiful app! Please add an archive upgrade!

junglebutterfly, Jan 02, 2021
Great app! Must have for Wingspan

We got this app about 6 months ago when our score pads with the game ran out. I can't even imagine playing without it.

KAPage, Dec 21, 2020
Good but with two things I’d change if I could

Overall the app makes scoring easier, especially end of round goals. I’d like if it let you enter the end of game score in category order rather than player order since it feels more natural and would be faster. My biggest gripe is that the app does not archive players or games!

Kodama007, Dec 08, 2019
End of round goals not counted correctly

We’re really enjoying this app, but the way the app counts the end of round goals doesn’t seem to match the EoRG score card provided with the board game. E.g. app calculates 17 points, but when we manually check the physical card we get 19. Hopefully it gets fixed in the next update since we are loving this app - and take personal high scores very seriously;)

Llssajjers, Aug 22, 2020
Great app but giving me trouble

Ok this app was game changer especially since i was playing a lot wit my friends and family so it made everything faster however i just changed devices and it wont refresh or manage my purchase and asks me to pay this again. So now i cant use it. Please let me know if any of you is having this issue and how they fixed it.

Mayitoel1, Jul 05, 2020
Awesome companion app!

Very well made app that’s does all of the score keeping for you!So awesome that it works with the latest expansions as well! Costs a little bit to get that but well worth it! (From developer to developer, I know it’s not much but every little bit helps 😎)

N Robert E, Dec 22, 2020
App needs work

Can’t read help screens on either 9” iPad or iPhone 6+ because text is truncated. Can’t enter bird value for Automa when card matches Automa criteria. Doesn’t seem to display current running score for Automa when playing solo (but maybe I’m overlooking something?). Not clear what you’re entering for human players at the end when scoring tucked cards and cached food because there is no supporting text.I need to see this stuff fixed before I’d recommend this app to a friend.

Random Factory, Nov 22, 2019
Good, but needs work

The main benefit of this app is if you play with the Automa, it takes care of keeping track of everything so you don’t have to pile up physical eggs, tokens, etc. and it makes the gameplay go faster. It works for keeping score for regular player games, but isn’t really any faster than just totaling things up by hand on the score pad. It would be useful if you could save the scores and keep a log—then you could track your total wins, statistics, etc. As it is you can save an image of the final score to camera roll or other apps but that is sort of cumbersome and I don’t really need a high-resolution shot or to take up space with a giant pdf when the app should be able to store this data in a chart.

Wrexali, Jun 18, 2020


WingMate is an unofficial companion app for the award winning board game Wingspan, designed by Elizabeth Hargrave and published by Stonemaier Games. The app lets you: * assign a name and action cube color for each player, and order the players based on seating position * select an Automa player as one of the five players as well as difficulty * pick or randomly draw the end-of-round goal tiles * randomly draw the starting player and show the first player for each round * display Automa moves based on the Automa cards included in the game. Automatically tracks face-down birds, eggs and end-of-round cubes * score each player's total for the end-of-round goals, and then display the action cubes on the goal board * total each player's points per category (birds, bonus cards, end-of-round goals, eggs, food on cards and tucked cards) * automatically sum the values of each bird you score by tapping the point value of each bird * show and share a summary of the game results The free version of WingMate lets you score a single player.

To fully score a game, you need to purchase the Scoring Unlock via an in-app purchase on the WingMate Store. To play a full solo game, you need to additionally purchase the Automa Unlock. A 7-Day Free Trial is available. WingMate requires iOS 11.0 or later. WingMate is not an official Stonemaier Games product, and is created with permission of Stonemaier Games. Special thanks to Elizabeth Hargrave, Jamey Stegmaier and Natalia Rojas, Ana Maria Martinez Jaramillo, and Beth Sobel for creating Wingspan, and David Studley and the Automa Factory for creating the Automa. Cardenio Modern by Nils Cordes, Bebas Neue by Font Fabric and Kronos by Lyft are used under their respective licenses. German translation proofreading by Nadine Bomhard. French translation proofreading by Thierry Bordet.

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