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Witchcraft and Wicca Spells

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User Reviews for Witchcraft and Wicca Spells

If you want to pay $25 for convenience….

I’ve used this app and it’s forums for years now and suddenly it goes to having to pay for nearly everything on there. I love the new layout but having to pay $25 a month for information I can honestly find with my own research? It’s all about convenience honestly. I can do my own research and save money. Monetizing information anyone can find with a bit of research….I also wish they would have saved any thing we already had saved spells and such if we previously had the app. I’ve lost all the things I’ve had saved and now I have to pay for it??? Over all though the app is easier to use and beautiful layout. If you don’t mind paying I guess it’s not a bad app at all.

1235748383, Dec 09, 2022
Dr OTOR and grammer?

I like the app it has a lot of different spells but the grammer errors bother me and especially all the DR OTOR crap. Every spell is filled with comments about people’s divorces and dr otor getting them back or something. It’s kinda sketchy to me that every spells comments are filled with paragraphs long story’s about people’s divorce even the ones that aren’t about love or family. It’s annoying because I goto the comments to see other people’s thoughts and experience on the spell but all I find a DR OTOR people.

Amanda_5, Sep 24, 2020
Impossible to navigate the ads

The ads that pop up EVERY time you use it are impossible to exit from. The “x” to dismiss the ad is hidden in a place that cannot be clicked. I have to click the ad and exit out of the app, then re-open the app in order to get to the spells. I find this incredibly disrespectful and counterintuitive to the Wiccan way. This is literally manipulating people into downloading dumb games when they are trying to practice meaningful and important spell work. I get that you need ads, but they shouldn’t be manipulative. Not a reflection of Wiccan values.

dwest85, Dec 10, 2020
Minor Problems

The app functions really well as a whole, however there are a few typos (which I can overlook, I’m not too picky), as well as places where there is a large space in place of what should be a link. Also, the calendar tab is entirely empty, which is one of the main reasons I wanted the app in the first place. If the calendar was fixed this would have five stars.

Jokerboy10, Nov 05, 2018
Referenced it a lot until

I really enjoyed this app and referenced it as much as I could until I was forced to watch adverts for the app called “Episodes”. Maybe it was Apple’s problem or this app’s to force it in right before I was searching a very important spell for a friend. Whatever the genesis it was aggravating. More evolved app users may not get aggravated by this situation but I was pushed around the bend. I couldn’t get rid of the thing no matter what I tried.

lemasCA, Oct 29, 2020
Amazing for witch🧙‍♀️ /witchcraft 🪄 enthusiasts

I was very excited by occultism, wizardry and in general black magic since childhood but recently I watched the exorcist movie and decided to finally deep dive in this field. The main issue was that there is no one place you can go to study all the details (we all understand that witchcraft is not recognized as a legitimate study), so a friend referred me this app and I decided to give it a try. I am still amazed about the amount of content available for you - Wicca spelbook, podcasts, theory materials. It’s a lot and it’s actually what I was looking for. I am still in the middle of my witchcraft story and hope they will continue providing relevant materials, especially in a more tailored way for the beginners like I am.By the way the support team also helped me with a couple of spells 🪄 so try to reach out to them with the questions you have.

Leo and Gemini, Nov 09, 2022
404 Page Not Found

I absolutely love this app. It had helped me with a lot of stuff, I used this app for my first spell. It is honestly a blessing. However, there seems to be an issue where the app cannot find my profile despite the fact I am signed in. Looking at other recent reviews, it seems I’m not alone with this. Due to that, I will only leave a 4 star review. I’m hoping the next update will help with this issue. Other than that, it’s a wonderful app that helps fellow pagans, Wiccans, and witches like myself connect with each other and help each other out.

Madam Autumn, Jul 27, 2022
This app is amazing

This app is amazing and full of important information that is so helpful to me as a beginner. I love how much info there is and that it’s all neatly organized. It’s like a textbook for witchcraft. I haven’t explored everything yet but if there isn’t a potion category I’d love to see one. I have a bunch of oil and herbs and no idea what to do with them. Would recommend this app to anyone involved in Wicca or witchcraft.

marimarmimari, Feb 28, 2019
Love it!!

So, I have loved this app so far. Sure the ads are a little annoying but it's a fair deal for being able to access the rest of this app. Also, the link isn't working so I hope that gets fixed soon! I would also sort of like it if it would specify if you need to set up an altar to do certain spells or not...Overall, I really like it!!

Naumann, Sep 13, 2016
Helpful but soooo many ads

I’m just starting my practice and so this is a great little app for quick references. I like the idea of a kind of social media/community based app where people can share advice and ideas. Unfortunately this app is kind of more trouble than it’s worth. The ads are crazy, always popping up every thirty seconds it seems, and if you try and enter the comments section, there’s no actual comments just clickbait articles. If you try and click on any of the links to the website, it redirects you to what I assume is a SE Asian gambling website? And there’s no way to pay to remove them. So if you need a quick reference pocket guide, this is a perfect app….as long as your patient and careful where you click.

Random Patron of Apple, Oct 15, 2021


Start your witchcraft & spells journey now! There are Wiccan & Witch spells for every positive purpose you can think of. With this app, you can take these Wiccan & Witch spells wherever you go without lugging around a heavy spell book!

If you find a spell you like, you can save this spell as a favorite so you can return to it over and over again. Features: * Hundreds of Wiccan & Witch spells, Witchcraft notes, and Rituals * Complete Guide on how to celebrate the Wiccan 8 Sabbats * Book of Shadows with your own Wiccan & Witch spells * Moon calendar * Glossary of Wiccan & Witchcraft terms * Information about common magical herbs, candles, and crystals used for Wiccan & Witch spells and Witchcraft * Various podcasts * Special selection of books *************** Terms of use: https://thinkaboutapps.com/terms Privacy policy: https://thinkaboutapps.com/policy

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