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User Reviews for Wi-Meter

What does it do?

Looking for an app that shows all the wifi in my neighborhood and the channels that they use. This app required me to create an account before I could log in. Once I logged in the app has NO functionality. But at least they my email so they can spam me.

BuzzerPV, Jun 03, 2017
Waste of time

This app does absolutely nothing. You must create a account with your email address then you get spammed.

Hellofacopter, Aug 18, 2018
Why do I need to register?

I just downloaded this, to get a wifi meter and to start I need to register? For what? Yes, it's free, but what would I be registering for? So you cN have my email address? No thanks, DELETING!!!

JJRamon, Jun 14, 2017

As the previous commenter. This app does nothing but to get your personal info for marketing

LarryMardo, Sep 22, 2018


Wi-Meter is a connected smart electric power meter and critical systems monitor. It saves your money by identifying energy wasting devices and proactively monitoring the health of your equipment, minimizes the downtime, and gives you a full picture of energy consumption. Wi-Meter installs on any circuit breaker panel or a splitter box and constantly monitors the power consumption of your electrical equipment.

It has 28 channels of power measurement and supports up to 4 wired temperature sensors. A breaker panel can have more than one Wi-Meter if needed. Wi-Meter sends you mobile and desktop alerts about equipment malfunction, thus preventing equipment failure and saving you money. You can set up your own alerts on any of the power consumers and temperature sensors. Some unique features that make Wi-Meter superior to other power monitors: - It goes beyond electrical power metering. With its ability to read other sensors, such as the temperature, it allows you to "health check" your equipment. - It has a sharing feature. You can share any of the channels in Wi-Meter with other people. - Several Wi-Meters can be combined into one system. It supports sub-metering. - There is no "Always On" group of unidentified devices. It knows exactly what's always on, because it reads multiple individual circuits. - It works immediately after installation. There is no guessing or learning required. - It works with all residential and commercial electrical panels, with 1, 2 or 3 phases, and with voltages between 100 and 600V.

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