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User Reviews for Weverse

They doesn’t have intention of protecting the people who should be protected

On this app, it has been posted pornography, explicit descriptions of sexual behavior, provocative descriptions of murder and physical damage, and mental abuse for months, but the app's reporting system is poor and doesn’t able to properly block them. The situation in which the app cannot resolve user complaints about offensive content continues to cause unbearable pain to ordinary users, and the damage is severe. Posts that correspond to sexual abuse of minors are continuously and repeatedly being posted, causing users, especially children and underage users, to suffer from difficulties to recover.In addition, the app manager only sends a macro reply that even if the app manager is requested a deletion of inappropriate posts by 1:1 inquiry, the response is very late and deceive us as if the inappropriate posts were deleted even though they were not fully deleted. This means that the app administrator is not monitoring or deleting any inappropriate posts.The app should have the appropriate system to block the malicious user’s unreasonable behaviors and properly deal with users’ just reports upon the offensive posts.

..................'?, Jun 08, 2022
lack of moderation

Weverse is seriously lacking when it comes to moderation. While this definitely an issue with the spam in general posts, the issue is most glaringly obvious when it comes to Weverse Live comments. Twitch streamers with considerably smaller audiences and fewer resources than artists like BTS have incredible teams of moderators set up, and yet Weverse Live comments feel like the Wild West. Every time a BTS member goes live, the comments are flooded with spam and inappropriate, invasive comments, to the point that it hinders the enjoyment of both the artist and the fans. To make matters worse, concerned fans cannot even attempt to report the spam or inappropriate comments in an attempt to help keep the chat bearable ourselves, because Weverse rate limits reports. If you try to report more than two comments in a row, the function is locked for a full minute. Maybe if they rate limited commenting as diligently as they rate limited people reporting comments, everybody could finally have some peace.

astralqueen, Jul 30, 2023
Perfect App!

I think this place is great for fans and idols to interact and share memories together. It also helps builds friendships with other fans! I have made lots of friends from the app. I have also seen SO much support and love being sent to each other. I think it’s really wonderful. Love seeing all the content available!! Lots to do and see. Dont think there could be a better app than Weverse. One more thing... dark mode should be added! Many users have been requesting this for awhile now and I think it would be a great addition. In conclusion, Weverse is the ideal app to interact and share content with kpop idols! Overall I like the layout of the app. Great work!

ETM010705, Oct 19, 2020
Poorly Moderated, Racist Users

Not only is this app poorly moderated, but the amount of reports I’ve done to the racist users who have said things to me as a black person on that app so far. For speaking up about black issues that related to our fandom. I was berated and mass reported by users who were very anti-black. I have seen two graphic pictures of a black man being hung. I have seen users saying multiple racial slurs to me and other members in the black community. I had to create three acounts as they reported me for calling other fans out on their ignorance. It has caused me so much distress. This app is supposed to be a safe space for everyone but if this cannot be a safe place for black people, what is the point? If I could rate this app zero stars I would. The moderators do nothing. They just delete posts speaking up about racist situations from the fans by black people and keep it moving. The poor moderation and distress I’ve been going through due to this app is unbelievable. Do better.

EvilToast123, Jul 02, 2021
Good app

I think this app is pretty cool and helps communicate from fan to artist pretty well, though I’d love for a feature that would allow live streams as well as professional translators or fan accounts that can be awarded with a translator badge and they would automatically be pinned at the top that would help translate, in bts’ case, for armys who don’t speak Korean :) Another thing, it’d be awesome if you can set up your home screen only for the artists that you are a fan of. since you cannot open other artists’ Weverse unless you officially joined them anyways, it might be a waste of space for them to be there, I think it would be more convenient and simple.

hamiltonboi666, Feb 03, 2021
Downloadable content!

There’s lots of good improvements made so far to weverse and I hope it continues to develop well!! One big thing I would suggest is to allow for media (especially purchased media) to be downloadable within the app so we the customers are able to watch content without needing to be connected to the internet! This is helpful with traveling, say, if you were going on a long plane ride and wanted to download all of bon voyage to watch on the plane! This would be a really nice feature to have within the app. There’s a similar feature in Netflix where you can download episodes and it lasts for about two days I think? Until it expires. I hope you can add a feature that would allow for something like this in the future!

hjwdcbwhrncjonwejconwe, Aug 19, 2020

To make the move from FanCafe to weverse was an extreme downgrade.1. The app/website is not made to handle high traffic. As soon as one of the members post, everybody opens the app and translations don’t even become available because everyone is using it. It also often crashes out of nowhere and autocorrect is not allowed... consequently, I make a lot of typos. This is probably a personal problem but it’s still bothersome.2. (The most important) There is no form to protect the artist. Everyone has access to it and can post pretty much anything. Moderation of posts non-existent. I think it would be smart to implement a level up mechanism like in FanCafe where only a few can be approved to post at all. I honestly don’t care if I can no longer post as long as the artists are not constantly being harassed, defamed, and bossed around to their face by teenagers who think they owe them something... when in reality they probably don’t even purchase any merchandise and claim have been in the fandom for 10 years when they don’t even know the full names of the artists. They probably call them oppas too. 3. You can only report a small amount of posts before your own account gets temporality suspended, and it’s quite unfortunate because the app is full of idiots. Oh! But they allow to post spam! Ironic. I swear Amino has more control over its users than Weverse.4. Costumer service does not exist. At least not the shop.

LaddyValentine, Aug 15, 2020
This is Dumb.

The app would’ve been good, but it’s not since apparently we’re just adding random racist problematic white people who talk crap about other celebrities, and I know for a fact that Weverse knows he’s racist and problematic, but still decide to add him to the app, but act like they don’t know who other k-pop artists are. Y’all probably doing this for clout and money like the money hungry people you are and I don’t know if y’all got hacked or something..but y’all need to make up something and take him off the app.. If you don’t understand let me explain. TikTokers don’t need to be on every platform there is. Just bc he makes music doesn’t mean people want to listen to that crap.I’m deleting this app. Y’all don’t even have that many k-pop groups on here but can add a TikToker- If one of the groups on this app that I Stan post on here..It don’t matter bc I’ll probably get that same post somewhere else. And unlike this app V Live doesn’t add random TikTokers so that app is valid and has my full respect. But if they do happen to add a TikToker then I’ll be damned I’m deleting that app too and I’ll get the post some where else. Until I find out we don’t have random problematic TikTokers on this app then sure I’ll consider downloading it but looking at this app disgusts me.

LilBabieJay, Aug 25, 2021
International fans!

This weverse update has been a failure! There’s so many issues BUT the biggest one is SUBTITLES! Do y’all not understand that y’all have so many fans around the world! Shouldn’t y’all be catering to the ppl who support y’all. This is ridiculous. There should be translations for EVERYONE! English, Spanish, French, German, you name it! Stop leaving us behind on stuff because y’all can’t seem to grasp the fact we wanna know what’s being said! We spend just as much on supporting these groups as anyone else. Also the app is LAGGING too much! When you try and click to see a comment or a post from the artist it doesn’t pop up and it will seem to look as if they deleted it. When in fact you click on it from the notifications and it shows it. Why even launch an app with so many issues. Not to mention that it looks so unorganized. I can’t seem to concentrate on one thing. Maybe hybe should have stuck to having hybe artist and not ventured out to trying to monopolize the whole thing. There’s probably so many ppl on the app at once it crashes. ALL WE WANT IS TO GET THE ISSUES FIXED! Stop leaving INTERNATIONAL FANS IN THE DUST!

Mandag90, Aug 12, 2022
Still no option to change email

Was really hoping that the new update would include the ability to change our emails if the need arises, but disappointingly enough, that’s still not an option. It’s just really unfair to your userbase that we still can’t change our account emails. Purchases aren’t transferable, and it’s honestly a load of bull that people don’t have the option to change their emails, especially if they need to change that information for their own safety. That can be a lot of money lost due to losing access to previously purchased content. Having had to make a new account for the aforementioned safety reason before, it’s made me not want to buy any digital content because I could just end up losing access to it if I have to make another account, and I’m sure there are others who have similar experiences and feelings regarding this. Plenty of other websites allow for their users to change their account emails. I don’t see why Weverse can’t do the same.

Nichole.N, Jul 25, 2022


■ A Community for Fans and Artists · Check out the daily moments of the artists and leave comments and cheers. · Want to know what other fans from other countries are saying? Use the auto-translation feature to overcome the language barrier! Posts and comments by artists can also be translated as well. ■ Communicate in Real-Time on Weverse LIVE · Watch the artists stream on Weverse LIVE! · Send chat messages and hearts in real-time on your favorite artists' streams! ■ Get Closer with Your Favorite Artists on Weverse DM · Subscribe to Weverse DM, where you can get private messages from artists! · Use Jelly, a digital currency you can purchase on Weverse, to subscribe. ■ Tell Them How You Really Feel with Heartfelt Fan Letters · Write and decorate fan letters to send your love and support to your favorite artists on Weverse. · Unleash your creativity and try out various templates and decoration features offered by the fan letter editor. ■ Track Your Community Milestones with Collection · Find out the badges you've earned for your community activities and the badges you can earn in Collection. · You can earn badges by completing missions.

The missions and badges available at each community will be different. ■ Diverse and Exclusive Media Content · Everything from official content to Weverse-exclusive media content! · Watch a wide range of media content on Weverse with subtitles! ■ Official Membership, Membership-Only Content and Benefits · Enjoy the perks and exclusive content open only to official membership holders! [Required Access] - Device, device ID, app activities: For checking app errors and improving usability - Camera: For taking photos and videos, and logging in through QR code scan - Photos/Media/Files: For uploading profile images, attaching photos to posts, and submitting tickets to Customer Service - Bluetooth/Location: For connecting to Bluetooth light sticks, and for using Weverse Queues [Get Closer with Weverse] - Twitter: @Weverseofficial - Instagram: @weverseofficial - YouTube: @Weverse - TikTok: @weverseofficial [Subscriptions on Weverse] ▷ Weverse offers two monthly subscription services: [BTS behind] and [TXT behind]. [BTS behind] monthly subscription: $2.99 [TXT behind] monthly subscription: $2.99 Terms of Use: https://weverse.io/policies/terms Privacy Policy: https://weverse.io/policies/privacy Inquiry: [email protected] Customer Service: 1544-0790 (Available only in South Korea)

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