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WebProxyTool: Inspect requests

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WebProxyTool: Inspect requests

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User Reviews for WebProxyTool: Inspect requests

Coop app

This application has a very nice interface, everything is intuitive, it will cope with its task perfectly, all outgoing traffic is directed to the created local server

~samohod, Nov 05, 2021
Not bad - a bit broken

This app appears to work just fine on first use. However, the UI goes blank if the app is re-opened after selecting a request, and the listing canned be restored.

ashduino101, Apr 10, 2023

This is really good. I was thinking multiple times to proceed installing the profile and cert bcoz I know what that will do but still I agree without that this tool won’t work so I Just tried once. It is good. Burp replacement for iPhone. If there is an functionality to erase the data which we tried to capture once the job done would be great.

ch4nd4, Jan 07, 2022
Cool app but….

I like the app it does what it say but it would be much better if kept a history as well

dvicedrvr, Jan 13, 2023
Can I get the address for

The first time you have

elfrieda.kshlein, Aug 01, 2023
Good app

It’s a good app and we can capture the traffic easily. It will be better if we can enable copy function.

kangzhi, Jan 02, 2022
Be back to you later this

I have a new phone number

karenhughes111, Jul 27, 2023

Спасибо разработчикам, вы лучшие!

Vafelniiy, Aug 02, 2022
HTTPS catcher

The best traffic capture tool! Completely free! Incredible!

x9o97154, Nov 03, 2021
Pretty nice app

I do like the app, but the reason why it’s not a 5/5 in my opinion is that atm it looks clunky and hard to navigate? What I would want added is the following: search bar and app filter

zachariapopcorn, Sep 16, 2023


WebProxyTool captures and displays all network data that your device and installed apps transmit and receive. How It Works: The app creates a local on-device server and routes all outgoing HTTPS traffic through it. The app locally generates a trust certificate that should be installed and trusted to securely decrypt HTTPS traffic.

When it is done, WebProxyTool captures HTTPS requests, makes dummy leaf certificates for requested domains, and acts as a man-in-the-middle proxy to read network data. Importantly, data is stored only in a local device database, ensuring user privacy, and WebProxyTool developers do not have access to it. The app works without any remote servers involved. Privacy Statement: 1. The configuration profile and trust certificate are generated and used only locally on your device. 2. The app does not collect any data about the user, the user's device, or other apps used on that device, and thus the app does not sell, use, or disclose to third parties any data for any purpose. 3. The captured HTTPS traffic never leaves your device. Privacy Policy: https://webproxytool.com/privacy-policy

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