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User Reviews for Webnovel - Fictions & Comics

Surprising good, but.....

This app was actually good. I came across it due to an accidental Facebook post. I’ve been reading now for a week and I only have a few issues. The point system doesn’t make any sense. Do you get points because the book is new?Why do books that are over a year old still have high coin cost? shouldn’t those cost come down. For example I am reading a chapter book that has over 1100 chapters, how however I am only 200 chapters in and I have already spent $25. On average you can buy this book in the store for that cost. Why does it cost so much to read these books? If you could change the points system to where chapters cost maybe three points instead of seven or eight that might ease the burden of paying for these chapters.Also I noticed that the further into the chapters you get the more they cost. Again as I said I’m only 200 chapters it so why did the cost of the chapters go from 7 to 8 is it going to be a one point increase every 100 pages? I have paid for the trial(Which was discounted from 9.99 to 7.99 ) for 500 coins. Add the $10 purchase for 500 points and the individual purchases of 50 points for a dollar this is becoming quite expensive and I don’t know if I can continue to read after this book. It’s obvious that the goal is to get money instead of telling stories so could we try to focus on telling the stories and not how much money were making.

Ayashi Hitomi, Jun 27, 2020
Greatly Sadden

Honestly when this app first came out I loved everything about it. I would spend hours on end on it reading. Back then most of the chapters were free expect the last 10 releases. Which you pay maybe 5 or 1 spirit stones “ sorry coins”to unlock. However as time went by they started locking chapters that use to be free already and making stones last limited time. Soon they added a subscription which I don’t mind paying for one to read and unlock all if not a good amount of novels. However, they got rid of it shortly after and it became what it is today. So why the low review? 80% of the chapters that use to be free are locked, you pay 10$ to get 500 coins which would only unlock around (33 to 71) if your lucky and LN can easily have up to 500+ chapters mind you, daily coins last limited time so if you don’t use it quickly well to bad, and honestly the voting system does great injustice for authors since it pretty much set up for us to vote just to get a little bit more coins without reading their LN. I am down with supporting authors and translators for their work but this? Ima have to say no thank you. I may not understand all on how the back end of this works but as it is now I hope to prepare any future readers before they got on this app. If you do, whip out your credit card because trust me you won’t get far without it. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a good day.

Caldorix, Dec 21, 2019
It’s expensive

This app is expensive! You’ll easily spend over $200 for one story. They have some pretty good stories on there. Some are better than others so you have to spend some time searching. I recommend reading only complete stories though. I invested so much money in one story to find it wasn’t complete and the author hadn’t updated in over month. Also, the stories are like 500+ chapters long. The thing that irks me is that first 20 or so chapters in the stories are plot driven and really capture your attention. Then the next 100 chapters is devoted to the main character doing mundane things like enjoying a pleasant meal with family and having lighthearted or nonsensical banner with other characters or even just having an internal monologue. Then you get 3-4 chapters that advanced the plot with another 100 or so chapters about nothing important. And that pattern repeats until the end of the book. So, many of these stories are unnecessarily long and I suspect it’s due to the issue of earning money. The app itself is not intuitive. Like, you have to play around with it for a bit to figure it out and their Privilege system is a total scam. You use 300+ coins for the privilege of reading chapters that aren’t released yet and then have to use more coins to unlock the chapters you just used your privilege on. I like the app ok, but they need a better system that is easier on the reader’s wallet.

Hnb34, Jun 02, 2021
Automatically Signing Me Out While I Am Reading

The app repeatedly signs me out while I'm reading, and then refuses to let me sign back in, so I lose all of my chapter progress and sometimes the book entirely. The timing of the automatic signing out is really inconvenient because I'll be able to vote on a story, but by the time I get to the next chapter I'm just... signed out. And when I try to sign back in, it refuses to let me. I will type everything correctly, click the "sign in" button, and it loads. And loads. And loads. And I still have the option of clicking everything else, so I know that the app is at actually signing me in. So, when I finally request a password reset, because the problem might just be me, I try to sign in, and now it tells me that my account is suspended? Like, why would you not let me sign in, let me change my password, just to say, "Oh, never mind. Well just delete your progress AND your ability to sign in at all! Have fun!" This is really frustrating and I just want to be able to read during quarantine, but all of these problems just wont let me. Please fix this problem or at least tell me how to fix this.

I Love this app, Fast pass/Coins

I love this app with many creative and interesting stories however there’s a problem with the fast pass and coins. I have to wait another day just to read the next chapter because I already use up fast pass after voting and I really don’t understand how to get coins without paying cause I’m broke to buy any coins or fast passes. ( I’m a college student who has to pay fee’s for classes, Apartment bills/Phone bills, paying to get Equipments like blood pressure and clinical payment for CNA class, get groceries every six week, there’s also the Covid-19 pandemic, and all that other wonderful stuff.😅)I think this app should just use Ad’s. For example, every time the readers get to the next chapter that’s locked we can either pay or watch an ad to read instead of having to wait for another day and the fast passes at least get three by voting cause one fast pass isn’t helping at all. I’m sorry to those who disagree but this might be the only way we can read chapters and Hey!! it’s better than having to wait, being broke, AND writing an upset Review because the chapters are locked.🤷‍♀️

JaylovestoRead, Apr 02, 2020
Great app but customer service and in app purchases not so good

I love the plots and drawing of all the comics that I’ve been reading. I also love that it kind of limits how much you can read (3 chapters a day for free) so that you don’t get addicted. However, there are a few mistakes. For one, the purchasing of coins is very risky and stressful to me. A while ago I bought 250 coins twice which came to a total of $10. This purchase went through immediately and I had no problem. But, about 6 hours ago today I bought 1000 coins for $20 and it didn’t work so well. I waited 1 hour and still didn’t receive the coins. Whenever I went to the help center it said to contact their support team and gave me an email. I emailed them immediately explaining my problem and even showed a screenshot of my purchase history as proof. They didn’t respond so I emailed them again (about 2.5 hours after the original email). Still no response. I even ended up contacted them through instagram. I am currently still wait for a response and for my coins. Although I am disappointed that my $20 have gone to waste I will continue to support this app as the comics are amazing. 😊😘❤️

kenai_keeper05, Jun 03, 2020
Great App with Minor Issues

You have great selections of translated novels & originals along with web comics. As a user who has been using this app for over a year I’ve see many changes. I really enjoy using this app I like how interactive and gives individuals a chance to write their own novels and get paid for it if it gets popular enough. The minor issues I have are for one, some minor glitches with the current update. Webnovel please address them accordingly and I hope you read people’s review. Alright so the switch from stones to coins (I have absolutely no issues with that because as you mentioned it would be the same just the name change) but you took away the bonus (stone/coins) we actually enjoy that incentive when we purchase (stones/coins) to read (please consider it and bring it back), another thing is when you check-in you get experience points to level up (I’m currently lvl 7 & I haven’t seen any perks any difference from 5-7) can give us coins instead or mix it up not just experience points. I would prefer to receive coins because with the fast pass I can only read 3 chapters free which is nice however,(by the way you have to use same day) I can’t save the coins.Anyways keep up the good works I enjoy your app I just have minor issues.

killthenoodle, Dec 31, 2019
I like it but there’s some flaws

I really enjoy reading some of the books on this app. However there are a few times that I have used points to buy fast passes and I never received them. Some of the fast passes I purchased on other times we’re only good for specific books that I had no intention of reading. How is that fair. So I feel like I wasted points. It doesn’t seem like there is a way to earn coins. When you check in daily it gives you points but not coins. I also noticed even though I’m checking in daily it would not register that I actually checked in. I did purchased a membership however even though I’m checking in daily, my daily check-in‘s are not showing all the time. Which affect the extra coins you can earn with the membership. This of extremely frustrating. I have spent a lot of money purchasing coins. This is getting very expensive. I feel there needs to be a way to earn coins. Also I’m not getting any free daily chapters to read any longer like I used to get. Two times now I have purchased coins that I never received. I contacted my bank to get a refund as I was instructed from the app however that didn’t happen either. So I feel like I’m loosing money. Please fix these problems.

Mom O 5, Aug 12, 2021
I want to give 5 stars... but

This app has AMAZING!!!! novels and comics/mangas. However, it is almost not worth the money. I love love reading, and I especially love binge reading. I bought the membership which isn’t too bad of deal except the 10 free daily coins aren’t really worth it. The purchase of 800 coins for $7.99 is probably the only good reason for the membership. I think the app layout is great, with needing only some minor enhancements just to make the User interface more friendly. However if you don’t have a decent amount of money to spend on this app, it’s not really worth it. I hope they decide to change it to a membership more like the Wattpad membership or allow an easier way to obtain coins for free. The competition for this app is Wattpad and Webtoons. In comparison of money-wise and story-wise. Both of those app rank far more above this app. I understand that helping the authors is one of the reasons for this, however Wattpad has the exact same thing. They just have a better way of rewarding the Authors and making it simpler for the Readers. I really really wanted to give this 5 stars. But with both the membership and there being no simpler way to obtain coins. I’ve taken off 2 stars, for a 3 star rating. Truly unfortunate, this app could take 1st, but at the moment, they’re just not worth it.

nic071, Nov 28, 2020
A shadow of its former self

As my title says this app is a shadow of its former self. It has become so heavily focused on profit that it’s becoming unusable. A long time ago you used to be able to watch an ad to unlock a chapter which was awesome for me, then there was a member ship that was a feature for like 2 months where you could read unlimited for like 15 dollars a month,you would also earn fast passes to be used on any locked chapter you would like to unlock. But both of those are gone now they give you genre specific passes or even book specific passes and I haven’t received one yet for a genre or book I actually read so it’s just becoming a joke. But even with all that aside the book selection is also becoming a joke they go through waves where they promote a certain story type and it feels like they suppress everything else until they switch again. Long story short the monthly membership is a joke if you read more than 40 or 50 chapters during that month, the payments for buying chapters is a joke 50 bucks got me like 170 chapters and while that might sound like a lot the majority of stories on the app are 280 plus. Devs if you are reading please help us, reading is my passion and I honestly like this app but it feels like you are making it harder to enjoy, bring back some of the older features I feel like it would make a lot of people happy.

Roamer201, Jun 24, 2022


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