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User Reviews for Webex

R&D Listen up!

I’m so confused as to why all Webex features are not available in one app? Why must i download three different Webex apps? We are past those days! Lets create a better UIThis definitely needs to be consolidated into one app....also would be a game changer if you could do file sharing in a way that the parties included can make personal changes or notes that would store on their end view...... effectually a shared document that can be individually annotated on ones own end.1) Also try to integrate a social space... Call it the “Break Room 2) Make task lists available for projects.... with status bar, and status updates.... so that team members can know when projects are completed. 3) make a way to attach a title to the user example: CEO, secretary, Manager, supervisor...etcReach out to me for clarification on any ideas and we can also discuss compensation for any ideas implemented.

Adventist, Jan 16, 2021
No background app refresh so no ability to answer calls

I use Webex to work from home, we recently switched from Jabber to Webex. I am unable to use the app because calls do not go through if my phone is locked or if the screen is not directly on the Webex app. I’m not sure why this is, I have reached out to my organizational support, Apple support, etc so it has to be the app settings. This is not a good app if you have to answer phone calls because unless your phone is ALWAYS on and never locks, draining all of the battery, or you never switch/toggle between apps, you cannot get phone calls through to your phone. I have tried everything I can to get this to work and done research for months but I still cannot get it to work. If it is possible for developers to allow notifications from the background when apps are not open and the phone is locked, this would be great. Until then, I am unable to even do the basics of my job while working from home.

bri8345, May 02, 2022
Cool bed no

So Webex is a great app but if you are in LISD student your messages will always be deleted by LISD Moderator. He deletes messages and he might even remove you from a team you made sometimes he removes the people you added to your team but if you add them again he will remove them and send you a message over 3 times. If you are not in LISD staff member then he will message you operation checked requires LISD staff member in it. Even in a private chat your message will be deleted. So we rated this 2 stars. 1 is for a good app which sends messages but the other is for Messages getting deleted if you are you in LISD.

Chuclee, May 08, 2021
Please Add Apple Watch Support

WebEx (Teams) has a great iOS app. It integrates very nicely with my desktop client running simultaneously and is great for calls and team messaging. It has been my full replacement for Jabber for 3 months now and I am loving it. The only feature it is lacking is an Apple Watch App. I miss being able to change my status from my watch like I could do in Jabber. I also miss the ability to check conversation history and check for new messages on my watch. While I still get the notifications on my watch, I don’t always see those or remember if I responded or not. By having an Apple Watch App, I could see the real-time conversation history, order and read status. Thank you!

Fiyer411, May 05, 2021
Need something extra...

Ok... it’s is a great app but i need a little somethin-somethin...So i use this app for online school so i am on a ipad but when i go on computer u can change ur font in messenges and on ipad u cant do that and i really love the font changer this but most of the time i am on ipad and it does not have it so please somehow make this happen...cand that’s kinda all that i have to say... other that that this app is great but one more this is that u might wanna make it available offline somhow because when i have a question for school and my dads fixing the internet i try to text my teacher but it says “unable to send” or something like that so please make that happen too.... and if we are in a group call can u make it so we can see our self????????? And sometimes when i try to call somebody it does not work so please fix that and bye! Have a nice day stay safe and of course.... have fun! ✌️

halloween is comming!!!!!, Dec 17, 2020
Excellent, But Needs More Table Stakes Features

My organization (ADP Innovation Lab) has been using WebEx Teams since 2020, and moving away from our previous messaging and video providers, this has been a godsend. However, I believe there are still some very basic features that should be supported natively. These can be seen here: 1. Bulk Support for leaving spaces, as opposed to one by one. (For both mobile and web) 2. Native polling support for users, with customizable question and answers. 3. Ability to add custom emojis for reactions (or just more emojis for reactions), AND the ability to react more than twice on a messages. 4. A setting that “Tagged Messages” or “Unread Messages” automatically goes to the top of all messages, even when you have “Favorites” be its own section. Maybe make it’s own section. This comes from having to scroll down to find the notification / person. 5. Having a separate section for unread messages makes me click on the filter and then click on the unread messages, can we make this generally a better UX with one click somehow? 6. If some of the features above aren’t going to be done, maybe link to a store in WebEx to see where you can get bots that have been written to accomplish these things.

Jude Murphy, Jul 24, 2022
Good app, few feature should be added

I use this app for school, and I have to say: It’s extremely convenient. Especially during coronavirus. However, there are a few things that need to be changed (in my opinion!) First, I think that the developers should work on fixing the fact that every time you get out the app to research anything, the next time you get into it, it just sits there and lags. Second, I think that you should fix the fact that you can’t raise your hand when you join from WebEx Teams into meetings. I may be wrong and there is a way to do this one, but if that is the case, PLEASE reply and correct me! :) Finally, I think that you should add a feature where you can look at what people’s deleted messages said. There have been many times where my friends tricked me and deleted their message and I have no idea what they’re talking about. I just think these features would be really useful, but other than that I think that this is a great app and I’d recommend it to many people. Have a good day!

Karate Kenzie, Oct 16, 2020
Love the app but would fix a few small things

First, I use this app all day long almost every day and for the most part it works incredibly well. I have tie-ins with things like Sharepoint and OneDrive so it aids collaboration on files. Messaging is quick and I like the hierarchy of Teams and Spaces. They could get a little more creative with permissions but it may add complexity we don’t need. What we do need is less caching time on the app. If you need real-time changes, like when doing administrative work on Spaces and Teams, it’s much better to use the web interface. Sometimes it will take the app forever to catch up to any changes made either on the web or even in the app itself. It also wouldn’t hurt to have one more level of hierarchy above arenas when things get really busy. Finally, an option to auto-populate team members into a new space (other than just (General) would be a nice option when creating a Space under a Team. Still, the best messaging app I’ve used since ICQ. 😉

Kitbrown, Nov 23, 2021
New update deleted all my work contacts

This new update was not good. It was a rude awakening when I answered a phone call and tried to transfer to a coworker while working remotely. I did not have a printed list of extensions or phone numbers on my person, I have that at the office, I ended up dropping the call while trying to search for a phone number in my person contact log. I had to call the customer back and apologize to them. I hope this does not happen again. It’s extremely frustrating and time consuming to have to go back in and manually add all of those phone numbers again.

Meema N, Nov 13, 2021
New issues with push notifications

Since the last update, I’m now getting push notifications on my phone for messages that I have already read on my laptop, and I am not getting push notifications at all for some brand new messages that did trigger on-screen notifications on my laptop. I will say that the search feature seems to have improved recently. It’s not as slow as it used to be, and I can now search for groups by name whereas I didn’t used to get any results back at all when searching for group names.

Megzxc, Jun 02, 2021


Cisco Webex is an app for continuous teamwork. Move work forward in secure work spaces where everyone can contribute anytime with messaging, file sharing, white boarding, video meetings, calling, and more. It works on virtually any device, with these top benefits for mobile app users: • Streamline Teamwork: One place for all the tools that help you do your job better and faster.

Create spaces for you and another person or for a group working on a project. • Make Better Decisions: Start and join meetings instantly. See everyone with an amazing HD video experience. Share your screen. Keep teamwork going in the connected work space. • Stay Informed About All Your Work: Select from our growing catalog of integrations and bots to keep up to date with what's happening in other apps such as Box and Salesforce • Find Anything Fast: Search for people, messages, and files across all your spaces - no need to switch accounts or views • Bring The Experience Into Meeting Rooms: Pair your app to a Webex device, such as the Webex Board, to do things like wirelessly control meetings and save whiteboard drawings • Work Securely: Built for business collaboration with end-to-end encryption Want to do more with Webex? Visit webex.com. IMPORTANT NOTICES AND DISCLAIMERS - PLEASE READ Cisco Webex is a collaboration application that provides messaging, voice, and video calling capabilities. By downloading Cisco Webex, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the Cisco EULA. You also consent to the installation of all future updates of the Cisco Webex software. Use of this software is governed by the current Cisco END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT found at the following link: http://www.cisco.com/go/eula By using the Cisco Webex software, you consent to Cisco Systems Inc. collection of data from your usage of the Webex software. All Data is collected in conformity with the Cisco Privacy Policy which is located at http://www.cisco.com/web/siteassets/legal/privacy.html WARNING: This program is protected by copyright law and international treaties. Cisco Systems Inc. 170 West Tasman Drive, San Jose, CA 95134 USA

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