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User Reviews for Wear Reader

No bugs, it just needs u to be an expert

Writing to those who rated with one * U just need to play around with it and be patient while it syncs.It works 100% properly.

a.o.hadi, Mar 20, 2018
Frustrating but promising

If this worked as intended, this app would be amazing. Books on your wrist, everywhere you go! And actually an attractive interface as well. But constant crashes hold it back. I’m trying to reinstall again - I don’t want to give up on it yet! Developer, please fix the reliability.

brentweb7, Aug 29, 2019
App works better than well

I want to say thanks for the app. A few reviewers point out that the Apple Watch auto-off setting interrupts reading. And though at first this was disappointing, I found that by placing my finger on the edge of the screen while using the app the auto-off never triggers. I hope people are aware of this! A simple mod that turned Wear Reader into the app I'd been waiting for. Productivity doubled. Well, best wishes and thanks for this weird fabulous idea. I believe that all mobile reading apps will be rapid serial within 7 or 8 years and hope you folks get some deserved credit for that.

dioci2018, May 24, 2018

I had this app loaded onto my series one watch and it worked and loaded fine, read plenty of books on it. I upgraded my watch to a series se and my watch wont load the app now. Need help in figuring out why. I have tried everything i can thing of to try to fix it.

Jecca1213, Aug 21, 2021
I Didnt listen, it doesnt work

I thought id be a lucky one so i ignored the reviews. Its just a black screen on the watch, with a spinning dial that spins forever until the watch locks, never loading, never doing anything. The phone side gives no feedback other than a toggle to sync it to the watch, i toggle it on and have no idea if its been loaded on, its its currently uploading, if it failed, nothing. Just a black screen and a useless phone app. Also literally the only advertised app that has regular reading instead of only speed reading so thats a bummer. Really wish it worked.

Jozeo, Jan 12, 2021

Wouldn’t sync a single book for weeks. Then when it did, the chapters nearly all started in the wrong place, despite their being fine on the phone. Then the book disappeared and I can’t get it back onto the watch.

layt, Jan 17, 2018
Didn’t work at all

I had high hopes for this app, the idea seemed really neat. I have an Apple Watch series 4 and I loaded both the iPhone and watch application for this app.. The iPhone app seemed functional in the sense where I could upload ebooks, but when I tried syncing it to my Apple Watch it just remained on a black screen with a loading icon that went nowhere. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. I looked carefully at the file types that the app developer instructed using and used only those. Nothing worked. Wasted $1.99. Not a lot but still a waste.

Learnoholic, Apr 24, 2021
Great way to expand the functionality of your Apple Watch

I had my Apple Watch for about 8 months before finding this app and admittedly I didn't use it much and was a little disappointed I had spent the money on it. However, after finding this app I won't be caught without my watch. I love that I can read anytime I have some down time. Whether I'm waiting in line, riding the subway or taking a break at lunch all I have to do is look at my wrist to catch up on my reading. I prefer to read using the Traditional Method where I manually scroll through "pages" of the book with many words on the screen at one time instead of the speed reading method that shows one word at a time, but I'm sure some people prefer the other method. Definitely worth using this app.

scb161, Sep 17, 2017
Just doesn't work.

I've been trying for weeks to get books onto my watch but they just won't go. I've tried every supported format and imported them into the phone app and the check box for syncing them to the watch is enabled but they won't show up. I've tried restarting bot the phone and watch, force quitting the app on both and putting both on charge

Shingaling93, Sep 24, 2018
App is a joke

Waste of time. Wast of money. Misleading. Let me know if and when there is an app that allows you to view a .pdf file (including pictures and formatting, not just some crappy black and white text) like it would display on a pc. that has scroll, bookmark, and zoom capabilities and I’ll buy it.

sr73170, Feb 08, 2019


Whether you're on the train, bus, or subway, you'll never again have to grab a book from your bag again. Wear Reader™ lets you speed-read books straight from your wrist while you're on the go. Simply upload your favorite book to your iPhone, attach your Apple Watch, and you're ready to read!

Wear Reader has two reading modes: Speed Reading and Traditional. Speed reading flashes text rapidly on the screen one word at a time to suppress your inner vocalization and allow you to read quickly while still fully understanding the text. Missed a spot and have to go back? No problem! Use the fast-forward and rewind buttons to adjust your spot. Tap to pause the stream to take a break and see how you are doing, and tap again to resume. Not into speed reading? Wear Reader™ now supports a traditional reading mode where you can read like you always have. Simply choose this option in settings, and use the digital crown on the right of the Apple Watch to scroll up and down the page. Try speed reading here online for free! http://wearreader.com/try.html#apple-watch Features include: • Display longer words for a longer amount of time, or read all words the same! • Adjustable speed reading from 50 WPM to 1000 WPM • Set bookmarks, select the chapter, or navigate to a specific word right from your iPhone. • Speed reading keeps the eyes from getting tired since they stay in the same spot • Automatically pause after every chapter, or speed read right through. • Navigate your library with ease using the rich Cover Flow interface and search. Wear Reader can import books from Dropbox or iCloud. Now import azw, azw3, azw4, cbc, cbr, cbz, chm, docx, fb2, htm, html, htmlz, lit, lrf, mobi, odt, pdb, pdf, pml, prc, rb, rtf, snb, tcr, txt, and txtz! NOTE: Wear Reader CANNOT import books directly from iBooks. Download now and experience the first (and only) speed and traditional reader for Apple Watch!

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