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User Reviews for We ARGH Pirates

Lots of people agree with this amount of stars.

I’m going to start this off by saying, Avokiddo, don’t ignore this message. Also, I have read many of the other comments. You have not writen back to any of them. I am also very disappoint because I agree on what I am hearing. Some are saying that this game is too short. Some are saying that it’s over priced . And some, (I strongly agree on what they are saying,) are saying, that ther are only white mian characters. They are right. Also, they are saying that the white main characters are smacking black people in the head with coconuts. They are also right. C’mon Avokiddo, we’re trying to stop that! It’s a very bad influence on younger kids who are playing this game. Wow. Uncalled for. We didn’t expect this from you. Please add some black main characters, AND don’t hit black people on the head. That is very rude to do to anyone. Please also make this less money. If this is a lot what I am asking from you in your opioin, ( I don’t know how to spell opion,) I’m preety sure others will be saying it’s not. I almost forgot to mention, Please make this app longer. I completed it in less than 30 minutes.

AjaxLadySF, Apr 09, 2022
Almost bought for my school... but...

We love your apps. We almost purchased this for our school, until we reached the part where a pirate has to shoot coconuts off of trees onto a stereotypical native islander’s head, painted up and acting foolish. C’mon guys! Schools are working hard to change these kinds of stereotypes, especially about native peoples. If you changed this graphic to virtually anything else, this would be much better.

Baskervilles, Nov 12, 2017
Good but short

The game is good but short 100 more maps or 1000 more levels please.

cmg_esq, Sep 29, 2018
Great game bummer short

This is absolutely a fantastic game. My 5 year old and I played it together. Had a blast! Unfortunately. I wish there were more levels or maps for the $4 price. We beat the whole game in less than 45 minutes. Kinda bummer.

jawfisk, Nov 11, 2017
Fun but ends quickly

Fun game but once you complete it, it’s done. My daughter finished the game very quickly & now there is nothing new about this game. Too much $$ for such a short time to play!

lams114, Aug 30, 2018
Great game

My four year old son really enjoys the

mhrichey, Nov 14, 2019
Racist Game

The gameplay is simple and almost too easy for my 5 year old, but the reason I gave it 1 star is because of the blatant racism. The white passing main characters have to knock out and steal from the darker skinned, crazy haired, bones through their noses “jungle tribe people”. I would expect this level of disrespect in the 1930s, but not today. I am disappointed, Avokiddo.

MunkiesAreFunny, Jan 10, 2018
Fun for sure but....

Where is the rest of this game???? The graphics are very creative,and the characters are cute and fun but for the price it's not worth it.

Rides2long, Mar 14, 2019
Wayyy too short or wayyy overpriced.

My six year old finished it in under an hour. Done. Too easy. Or too expensive. Now we test it’s replayability. And seriously folks? The strreotypical “dumb natives”? Are we really having to rehash the damage such prejudices have brought to our world?

SacredFire, Aug 29, 2019
More levels please

My 5 year old loved this game but I agree with other reviewers, it didn’t take long to finish the whole game. He is playing it all over again but for $4, I wish there was more bang for your buck(s).

Why not pin, Nov 23, 2017


*** Featured as "App of the Day" on the App Store! *** Avast ye, me hearties! Set sail with Captain Rose and his motley crew for a thrilling adventure on the high seas. Solve piratey puzzles, battle mythical sea monsters, and dig, dig, dig for buried treasure.

Arrrgh! Ye landlubbers will need to become brave pirates on the Island of Gems, which be full o’ mystery and peril. There be erupting volcanoes, islanders to outwit, and giant monsters patrolling the seas. Shiver me timbers! TREASURE HUNT Yer brains will be needed to solve puzzles, find buried treasure chests, and help ye through a maze o’ caves. And yer thumbs will be tested blowing up rocks w’ yer cannon, flying over a broken rope bridge, and lobbing barrels and buckets to repel monsters. So get yer sea legs on. It’s time to join salty sea dog Captain Rose, Claire ‘Long Hair’, digging expert Ruprecht ‘The Shovel’, and Zany Granny for the most arrrrsome, funny, pirate adventure you’ve ever played. Let’s yo-ho-ho-go and get some treasure! ARRRRSOME FEATURES • Interactive cinematic experience across eight unique scenes • Follow the map to uncover the secrets • Engaging, exciting, funny mix of puzzles and arcade action • Four quirky pirates with hilarious personalities. ARRRGH! • Original hand-drawn art, cinematic music, and sound effects • Designed for ages 6 and up • Language-neutral gameplay • Safe for kids: no 3rd party ads, no in-app purchases; COPPA compliant *** Featured "Best New App" on the App Store's home page in US and worldwide! *** Featured "App of the Day" on the App Store's Today tab *** Editor’s Choice, All Time Best - Children’s Technology Review *** 2018 BolognaRagazzi Digital Award Special Mention *** App of the Week by BBC Science Focus *** “A solid romp in learning, where you’ll find cognitive challenges in physics, problem-solving, creative thinking, and memory!” - Teachers With Apps PRIVACY POLICY We respect your privacy! We do not collect, store, or share any personal information or location data. Our app does not contain 3rd party ads or in-app purchases and is completely safe for young children. Read our privacy policy here: http://avokiddo.com/privacy-policy. ABOUT AVOKIDDO Avokiddo is an award-winning creative studio specializing in the development of quality educational apps for children. Hand-in-hand with kids we design unique experiences crafted with love!

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