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User Reviews for Wattpad - Read & Write Stories

It’s my home. 🧡

I got this app just about 2 years ago. And the way I found it was, I had broken my phone, and just gotten into the mcyt fandom, I had a kindle so I used that and searched ‘dnf’ and I found Wattpad. I had no idea what it was at the time, but when I started reading it, I couldn’t stop. I stayed up all night and the rest of the next day reading that story. When it ended I was sad. I wanted to read more stories like that. After a month I got my phone fixed and went onto the web. I searched Wattpad, and found this whole website full of stories. I spent hours upon days on that website. Only to find out you can download it. So of course I downloaded it. I made a account, and got to reading. Yeah, it might just be an app with books to someone. But to me, it’s my get away, my fantasy world, my home. Now, Wattpad is my most used app on my phone. I’m on their for about 12 hours a week. (I just checked my screen time for the past 7 days.... it said 12h and 21m for Wattpad) I’ve read over hundreds of stories, and don’t plan to stop anytime soon. And the best part about the app, is that the stories are from small authors, who had this idea for a story and decided to share it. And they decided to share it with me. So I guess, if you ask me if this app is any good, I’ll say “No. It’s the best.” (That was so friggen cheezy-) Moral of the story: Get it if your bored. | I FRICKEN LOVE YOU WATTPAD! MARRY MEEEEE!!!! 🧡🧡🧡

@ii_ray_ii, Aug 12, 2021
I’m in love with Wattpad but there is a problem...

I love Wattpad so, so, so much and am even an author of a couple of books. I’ve been on this app for like four years now and it has made my life so much better and enjoyable. I love how in the library you can have as much books as you want and being able to comment on stories and to message authors and all the other stuff. Each update of Wattpad was better than be next. I love the most recent update because it makes everything look so organized but.... I have a concern.You see, before this update, I was able to access any book easily offline as long as it was in my library. But now, the new update only allows to have two books offline and it seems sort of unfair to me. I can still read but I don’t feel that much joy as I used to feel. To have more offline books, you have to have the premium plan and sadly, I cannot afford that as I already have to much things to take care up. With this review, I plead that you try to fix Wattpad as to get rid of only having two boos offline without premium to change so that Wattpad users are able to read any book on their library offline and to be able to see their updates. This is the concern I have to address. I hope someone sees this and is able to take my concern into consideration and fix Wattpad. For feedback from others, this pretty much is similar to what most of the Wattpad users that I know said when I asked them.

adcgscvjhb, Jan 26, 2020
No more offline readings, why?!?!?!?

I have been reading in and fan of Wattpad for 4-5 years now and I have seen them go through major changes, some changes are fine with me but the current change is just upsetting. The moment I woke up in the morning and I went to check on Wattpad for updates in my library, but only to see that now we all have to pay to read offline which was shocking and terrifying to me. I feel like I won’t be able to be able to read anymore interesting stories written or shared by others for the sake of their passion or entertainment (especially while I am going to school using underground transportation). I feel like not being able to read some of our books offline is just a nightmare!!! I understand why Wattpad did the coin system and the ads, but getting rid of the offline reading is just a nightmare! Although, I also read when I have Wi-Fi at home and school and there would be ads which I don’t mind, but now when I am offline I won’t be able to access to my favorites while traveling underground (literally no service) then what? Maybe I should quit Wattpad for a long while and just focus on school which is getting more harder and stressful. Mind you, Wattpad is my source of stress reliever and happy times (plus it was my favorite reading app out of all the others I have experienced with), but now I will just steer clear from Wattpad. Who knows? I might just be back soon or later?

Arlo's Customer, Sep 25, 2019
Beautiful. Perfect

I love this app. Nobody in my family or friend group besides my cousin is in the same fandoms as I’m in (Percy Jackson), so it’s awesome to find people who like the same things I do! You can role play as your favorite characters if you find the right people, and write and read stories. I would recommend @_-TheOfficials-_ for Percy Jackson fans who would like to roleplay as their favorite character. Very few problems, although I would like more space for offline books. Like maybe 10 spaces. Writing is very simple, I do it on my phone with no problems. Reading is even simpler, just search what you want, and you’ll find plenty. Be careful with your email, I had problems with getting it activated so I could comment and follow and favorite things. It worked out in the end though! Just watch out for kids, 13 is the minimum age, not 17. And there’s little that parents can do about removing an account if the child is over 13 and not causing any problems. Parents, your best bet is to let your kid do his/her thing. Chances are, he/she is on here because nobody they know likes what they like. Just make sure they are not sharing personal information or anything, that’s a bad thing on ANY public site, not just Wattpad. But overall, this app is good for kids who love to read and write stories about their favorite books and movies, or anything in general.

average4578936539, Jul 28, 2021
curious? read this

alright, i’ve had this app since 2013 and let me start this review by saying it’s definitely not the same as the old version. the changes aren’t too bad, once you get used to the adds that pop up every so often when you’re reading a story. they can get annoying and more consistent the longer you read, but again, you get used to them after a while. if not, just pay for premium (i actually wouldn’t recommend getting premium unless you’re REALLY bothered by the adds). overall this app is great. if you want to write a story, it’s not hard trying to figure out what specific buttons you’ve got to press in order to pick your story’s cover, select tags, add a new chapter and so on. i do have to warn you though, the app is known to crash when you’re in the middle of writing a chapter and deleting all of that progress you made, so be careful with that. getting your story views isn’t that difficult either, unless you’re a new author but even then your story will eventually get viewers. wattpad’s also a great app to make friends and find mutuals too. over the years i’ve met a lot of nice people, and gotten myself more than a lot of followers. you don’t need followers though, you can simply use wattpad to read, find friends, or do your own thing. it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to find a story of a specific fandom/an original story, wattpad’s perfect to pass time. so yes, i recommend it, regardless of the few problems it has occasionally.

Deadpool Lover~, Oct 10, 2020
best fan fiction app

i use wattpad to read fanfics and then never disappoint me. i have had this app for over a year now and i love it. i read a story almost every night before i go to bed. another factor i would like to mention is that it has grown my love for reading. before i had wattpad i didn’t read at all. now that i got it i have started to gain a soft spot for reading and i can read much faster. yes there are ads but only after every so chapters. Therefore, it doesn’t effect your reading time really. like it’s not right in the middle of a chapter when an ad shows up. neither are they long ads. i think the longest an ad was that i had was about 40seconds which is a nice amount to time. and if you never had wattpad before then i would like to mention that there isn’t only fanfics. there are also really cool stories with endless categories. they scare from fluff to romance(they go further than that but young people don’t need to know that). and one last cool thing about the app is that all the stories are written by random people. they aren’t written by people like Will Hobbs or Mr. O’Brien(both famous authors) but they are written by a person that barely anyone know. and if you want to you can wright a story too. i myself haven’t written one but that is only because i don’t want to wright i’m more of a reader but anyway i think you should get this app. but just be ready for some really funny people on the comments of stories lol.

hi I am a chicken nugget, Jan 18, 2022
Amazing. Just, amazing.

I’ve had this app for over two years now, and I haven’t thought to write a review until now. It has so many amazing books, some have been published as actual books, some just written for fun. You can completely enjoy it with some short adds or you can pay for premium and get no adds and a few different features. I’ve had it for so long, and sadly can’t do premium, even though it is pretty inexpensive; but it’s still an amazing experience. There are also some stories that you have to use coins for, and you can buy coins or get three a day by watching videos, and each chapter is three coins. There are so many more books that are completely free though, so paying isn’t required at all. I also love having the comments on each paragraph of the story and being able to share my thoughts and read others opinions on the books. The one and only complaint that I have is that there isn’t a feature to like a comment on a book. I’ve seen a few people who have the same problem, we don’t want to comment on something, we just want to let them know that their comment made us laugh. It’s a very small complaint though, and it doesn’t affect the experience on Wattpad. All in all, this app is great for exploring books, and writing as well. It’s very easy write and publish chapters and books on the app. It’s perfect for writers who just want to have some fun or who want to explore an interest in writing. Would 100% recommend this to all book lovers and writers.

Jbird1013, Apr 25, 2020
Love it! Only one problem

I’ve had this app coming up two years, and it has definitely grown my love for reading. This is the first app I open when I wake up and the last one I open before I go to bed. I’ve probably read over 100 books, and I have over 12 in my library. Wattpad is probably my favorite app I have on my phone. However, I do find one thing troubling. As most people who have the app are aware of, if you do not save a book to your library, once you exit it out of it it is most likely lost forever. Now, I know this is probably not a big problem for people who know the title and other things about the book, but for people who sometimes choose a book just based on the description and do not look at the title (me), this poses an issue sometimes. I was reading a wonderful book a couple days ago, and I had gotten about 30 chapters in. I guess I had gotten so absorbed in the story that I had forgotten to save it to my library. Well, my family and I had traveled into the country, so we had no internet. When I opened up the app, a notification popped up that i needed WiFi to continue reading. I pressed dismiss. Long story short, it exited out of the book, and I can’t find it. I think it would be really helpful to have an option to look at a recently opened or recently looked at page where books that you had previously read but hadn’t been saved could be seen. This would be EXTREMELY helpful! Other than that, LOVE the app!

Mac and cheese girl🙃🙃, Dec 29, 2020
Love this app, but...

This is an awesome app to read stories and fanfics, but the one thing at the moment that I don’t like is the new limit to read offline without premium. I liked how before you could read any story offline, but you couldn’t update the new chapter, but it’s better then having a limite on stories to read and sometimes get to read the story if they did update a new chapter without internet. I would like it if wattpad were to take away the limitation on offline stories, for its better that way and I can read more when I’m on a business trip or on an airplane I can read lots of stories without limitations. I have had this app for maybe 2 years and I never had a complaint, but with the limited offline stories it had caused me some troubles, also once I was in a business trip and I went to read and there was no internet connection or anything. But I had my offline books and one of them updated, though the thing was I couldn’t read it and it told me I have to have an internet connection to upload the new chapter, which irritated me cause this was supposed to be an offline story that I can read without anything and after that I couldn’t read until 2 hours later once I got internet. In a couple of day I will be traveling and some parts of the place that I’m going does not have internet connection, but I want to still be able to read, but I can’t afford premium so I’m just asking please get rid of the limited offline books they’re troublesome.

Ptwt lover, Dec 07, 2019
One teensy problem.

Off the bat, the app is amazing. I’ve had it for three years. Over the years, I’ve read amazing books and some that weren’t so amazing. I met some amazing authors and a few friends I didn’t know I would meet. It was an online library and hang out that I never knew I actually needed. My friends and I have all collaborated on stories or written each other nice messages on our message board. We all got to answer and write them, except me. I since then deleted the app and haven’t re-downloaded it until a few months back to see if I would get the email to verify my account and allow me to post messages or reply to messages on my board. Nothing. I tried changing my email to see if it was wrong or going to the help page the creators so kindly offered. I checked everything, did everything the help said. Still nothing. This has been going on for two months. TWO MONTHS and still nothing. I don’t understand if it’s just me or if others have experienced this. It’s getting very annoying to the point where I might cry of frustration because of how infuriating this gets. I am sick and tired of waiting and trying and repeating a whole cycle I shouldn’t have to repeat if it was that simple to fix a posible bug. Again, I don’t know if others experienced this or if it’s just me but I’m exhausted from waiting around almost an hour to see if the email got sent or not. Please fix this or at least read this review and say something to make me feel better.

steph 🥳, Nov 25, 2019


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