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User Reviews for Water Daily


They need to make this a 24 period. It's ridiculous you can't count water intake over a full day. Otherwise it's a great app. But the fact that it doesn't allow 24 hours is annoying. I amgiving this app one more chance but not sure I'm going to keep it. If I start getting dictated to about what hours I'm allowed to drink water, it backfires and I stop bothering. So what is the point of having an app that has so much potential but frustrates you so much that it accomplishes the opposite of what it's meant for.

1boxuser, May 12, 2014
Great app but...

I really like this app and its clean design but it needs a couple of improvements to be rated 5 stars. 1. I want to be able to track my entire water intake for the day not just if I have hit the daily recommended intake. 2. Sometimes I forget to enter my water intake for the day but I know how much I drank... I'd love to be able to go back and add it in. 3. Simple clean graph/ chart to view how I am doing over time. Other than that great app and again I love the clean design.

Bmr55, Jun 21, 2013
Time limits.

I had high hopes for this app, since it is beautifully designed, and has a cute icon. But right off the bat, I ran into irritation. You have to set your sleep and wake time, but you can only chose from a small range of hours. My sleep schedule does not fit into either set. Wake HAS to be between 4 - 11AM. Sleep time can ONLY be set between 6PM and midnight. Neither of those works for me. After that, I will not even bother giving this app a try.

brittanykins, Dec 07, 2013
Good but lacks flexibility

Nice app, but locks you into a time schedule and is not intuitive beyond simple entry of drink quantity. Also, you cannot change the volume of each drink

coachrussell, Jan 08, 2019
Nice and Simple

Effortlessly track water, that's nice. Only able to track one amount, that's not great. Not able to track water if you wake up before you set time or stay up late, that's terrible. Not being able to track water past 100%, that's a let down.

Imposterpockets, Dec 23, 2014
Water Intake App for "Idiots"

Pros+A simple app that you manually control how much water you drink per day+Simply by shaking the device, it adds the amount of water by mL and % modified by the goal you've chosen+Also has a history in case you need to check how you did in the pastCons-Entering the amount manually would of been easier and more precise-If you overshot the amount you just drank, there's no way to fix it-Pro version only cost .99, but there's really no point in buying it unless you want to set your own goal and use the water chart they have to addOverallI recommend it to anyone not just trying to be healthy, but for those wanting to stay hydrated. It's a good app, but it's a little flawed.

JadamJensen, Dec 02, 2013
Look for the "☔"

My mom is always saying to me and my brother "drink more plain 'ol water instead of all that juice and soda." Well I haven't really used this app yet but trust me its pretty helpful if you wanna keep track of your daily water intake. I'm probz gonna buy the full version.P.S. If this review helped and you want a review by me in the full $.99 version, look for a "☔" in the beginning of the title. Well c u in my other reviews. Bye!

Jusserz02, Aug 04, 2014
Could use some improvements

The design is simple and clean and I love that, but it could definitely use some improvements. Right now you can only enter water in 250mL increments. I'd like to be able to choose exactly how much water I've consumed in one entry instead of having to shake my phone multiple times. And I'd also like to be able to change the units. I live in America so I'm more familiar with ounces and although I can take the time to convert my ounces to mL, it'd just be nice to not have to worry about the conversions. Overall it's a pretty nice app

Ndjdbwkspsbwospdbuwpqma, Apr 04, 2013
One preference and a major bug

Except for the limited time settings for sleep and wake, this would be a perfect app. Simple, user-friendly, a nice streamlined look. But what about people who work nights? Or others with unusual sleep and waking hours? Also! There is currently one major bug where the percentage history of your daily water intake is not recorded correctly. For example, yesterday I reached 100% of my water intake goal but for the day it was recorded as 88%. :/. This needs to be fixed of course and when it does it'll be a great app.

OSparrow, Mar 18, 2014
Buggy and Bad Design

- There is no graph of water intake each day. There's a numeric list of % intake each day and the data is hidden off the screen due to a bug. - There is a nonfunctional Star button on the main screen- The app is set to your last selected cup volume if you purchased that option. Do you remember the size of the last cup of water you drank yesterday? You won't when you log the first cup of the next day. If you forget to set the size for the cup that you just drank, TOO BAD. There's no correcting it and your water intake records are messed up for the rest of the day. Try not to make that mistake tomorrow or your intake records will be messed up again and again. - This app was crafted by monkeys.

PodHed, Nov 05, 2015


*Our Favourite App Store Review* " It motivates me to drink the amount I should be drinking on a daily basis. I love to drink water; but sometimes it can be a drag. This pushes me..

Great app! " " This app helps fill you up as you're drinking the correct amount of water that you should be, but usually do not. It keeps you in check to drink all the water you need for prevention of break outs, to fill you up and to keep you hydrated and feeling good! " " Minimalistic, smart and needfull app! Great design! Thanx. " . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Do you always forget to drink water ? "Water Daily" is an iPhone App, help you track your daily drinking habits & reminds you to drink water. Remember Drink Water To Stay Healthy! Usage & Features: - Set for meet minimum daily water intake - Select water units Milliliter(mL) or Ounces(Oz) - Minimum water to drink per day, for male ( 2500ml/85Oz ) & female ( 2000 ml/68Oz) *(Note: Just for reference only) - The App auto save the drinking record and reset on the next days (Set your wake time and sleep time) - Notification available to reminds you drink water - Check your daily drinking water habits - Minimalist interface design and easy to use - Select custom amount for daily water intake goal - Select different cup size for water intake Thank you for your support

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