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Waitr—Food Delivery & Carryout

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User Reviews for Waitr—Food Delivery & Carryout


No way to get updates about order status. Last night I ordered food and 1.5 hours later the app still said “preparing your food.” Called restaurant and they said my food had been ready for 45 minutes and was sitting there boxed up, but they had no word from the Waitr driver. So I went and picked up the food myself and of course the food was cold. The driver did call but it was about half an hour after I got back home and had already finished the meal. This is the second time this has happened. I emailed and chatted with their customer service via the app earlier this morning but I have been unable to get a response yet, and they do not have a phone number to call so you just have to wait and wonder when they’ll get back to you. Also, the app does not provide an estimate of how long an order will take to be delivered until AFTER you place the order. People make decisions about their food based on how long it will take, much like waking out of a restaurant when the hostess says the wait is over an hour and they decide to eat somewhere else. It’s very basic but this app forces you to place an order and then cancel it when you realize it’ll be two hours for your donuts to arrive. Nobody waits two hours for donuts!! I will not be ordering with Waitr again, they just do not have their stuff together. Uber Eats is out of Waitr’s league, and I so miss having that available since moving out of a big city. Sigh.

Beagle2k9, Oct 26, 2019
Use a different app

I used to loooove Waitr. I worked in Belton and used them all the time, it was easy, you could do group orders, and it was super fast. But the last month that I have used the app it has been nothing but trouble. I ordered 2 sandwiches from subway not too long ago and waited TWO HOURS for the food to get to me. When I finally got it one sandwich was stale and the other was very soggy due to the condiments. Then about two days later, giving them the benefit if the doubt I ordered Sonic. Again time went but and still not food. The grilled cheese I ordered was cold, the ice cream was partially melted- gross. Then a couple days after that my boyfriend used to to get ice cream and it too TWO hours for it to get to use. One of the items wasn’t even delivered and the ice cream was once again- half melted. Mind you I live pretty close to 3 Sonics. The only reason I didn’t just drive was because everyone in the house was sleeping and someone was parked behind my car. I honestly should have just went myself. I have only received 1 of my refunds back. And with all the refunds they have to do I really don’t know how they’re making any money. At this point I just deleted to app off my phone and use others like DoorDash or UberEats. Don’t give yourself a headache with this app.

bs44277, Aug 14, 2020
Used to be good, now a dud

This was our go to with a newborn on a “date night”. Now it’s been problems. One night out order was hours late and cold due to a “system update” that caused the drivers to not be able to see new orders. It arrived cold finally but the company didn’t move to rectify it that evening. A credit was issued but it was poorly communicated the next day. My next encounter involved an order where included instructions to call when close so I could meet him outside to revive the order and thus not wake my infant. Additionally the restaurant selection was noticeably less than before. He never got the instructions from the app because he didn’t check his messages. Well he then proceeded to crash into a neighbor’s yard because he thought it was my place. I get that mistakes happen but there should be some sort way to contact the driver if there isn’t a response to the messages. The ensuing commotion of police and a tow truck woke up the baby. My order was on time so there was that. Which brings me to today, the app was updated and it doesn’t work. Before there were minor UI problems that made for annoyances. Additionally your login didn’t persist between uses. Now it gets hung up on asking for your location and won’t let you do anything else. Looks like it’s time to try another similar service.

Cap'n Failboat, Nov 10, 2019
2 hours later and will it refund after canceled

This was our first and only time using Waitr. Mother’s Day morning, we ordered breakfast so I wouldn’t have to cook. 30 minutes passed, the driver called to let me know he was sorry and on his way. Another 30 minutes pass, driver calls to say he is on his way again. I then messaged the support on the app to ask if something was wrong since I only live 10 minutes max from the restaurant. Then, driver calls 2 hours later from the time I placed the order to let me know he was on his way and 11 minutes away. I asked him why he kept telling me he was on his way if he wasn’t really and he told me he had to drop off three other orders before mine. Soooo, with eggs sitting in the car riding around for over an hour we decided we didn’t want to risk salmonella and asked to cancel the order. He obliged. The service rep on the app then argued with me about the server “accidentally pressing the arrived at restaurant button” but I took a screen shot to prove I wasn’t telling a lie. For any customer service company to tell someone they are being dishonest is completely offensive. I have call times screen shots! I asked for a refund and the refuse. We will dispute this with our bank. Door Dash, Uber, and Augusta To Go have never done something like this. I hope no one else has to experience this, especially on a special day. Shame on you, Waitr!

Cmyhappyface, May 12, 2019
I will NEVER order from Waitr again!!!

Sometimes it’s easier to have things delivered on a busy day to save time and fight the lines. I’m even ok with spending the extra money to have it delivered and I always leave a tip, but today that changed. I ordered 2 meals from chick-fil-a for myself and a co-worker. After we got our food, we noticed my co-workers sandwich wasn’t even in the bag (and yes I ordered the meal not the entree)!!😡 I called Chick-fil-A and they told me I had to call Waitr because they driver had confirmed everything was in the bag. Ok first, it’s Chick-fil-A’s fault for not paying attention and putting everything in the bag (which they’re usually good about), second it’s the drivers fault for not noticing that she didn’t have everything her order called for in the bag (her job is to make sure she has everything and drive it to the correct location), third it’s my fault for not noticing it sooner. Lastly, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get in touch with Waitr for instances like this!! It’s like they don’t care and have even removed their policies for dealing with these situations because instead of having a number to call, you have to submit your problem to an online chat where you have to wait for a response for who knows how long!! When you call the 800 number in their privacy policy it literally tells you no customer service representative are available. For these reasons, I WILL NOT be ordering from Waitr again. What a waste of money!!

ecw14, Apr 24, 2019
Issues Issues Issues

I have placed multiple orders through this app, and unfortunately, have been disappointed more times than I can count. I was part of a group order with my coworkers for lunch. Apparently, there were select items ordered by one person that were actually available at the restaurant, but not available on the menu until a future time, but it allowed everyone in the group to order without any notification that we would be waiting for over 2 hours for our food. Myself and one other coworker reached out through the “chat” within the app and spoke with Michael, he informed both of us that once a time has been chosen, it cannot be modified AT ALL, our only option was to cancel the order and start the process all over again, this was after an hour of the first order being placed...no thank you. With all the technology we have at our fingertips, it is hard for me to believe that they can’t modify an order after it has been placed, especially when the problem lies within the app not recognizing menu items as being available to order through the restaurant, but not their app. I know this is fact because, less than a month ago, I ordered from the same restaurant and my entree was available, but the soup was not. I called the restaurant directly and paid separately through them for the soup and they added it to my order through Waiter.

Hungry with no food!, Dec 03, 2019
Terrible drivers

Waitr apparently doesn’t encourage their drivers to do a good job. The last straw was when a driver left with my food after one failed phone attempt when delivering to my workplace. Took the food with him instead of trying to get it to me. No food, no refund. Customer service will block you if they don’t feel like dealing with it. The drivers will also call to tell you the “restaurant” is late prepping your food or that a “malfunction” with the app will show it’s delivered before they get to you. In reality, they are picking up at multiple restaurants for multiple deliveries and escape internal quality measures by logging the food as delivered. The food often arrives cold, soggy, and in one of my cases unidentifiable from rough handling. I get that a service like this can’t deliver food that is restaurant quality, but considering the inflated menu prices they use it should be a lot better. I closed my account, deleted the app. Don’t waste your time and money on this garbage service.Gotta love the developer “responses”. You know what kind of service you’re dealing with when they have to have pre-written generic responses for all the 1-star reviews. I really don’t think these people want to fix anything, just take what they can get until they go under. They aren’t even trying to hide it very well.

I'm Pickle Rick!, Mar 12, 2022

So earlier today I used their services for the first time at work cause it’s been recommended to me by my coworkers. At my work, the rules are that if you work 6 hours or more, you get two 15 minute breaks. Well I was working 5 hours so I only got one 15 minute break, which is fine, I’ve done that before. I forgot to pack my lunch so I used the app. I ordered one plate of sushi with a side of teriyaki sauce from a sushi place in my town. Since my break was at 12:40 I set my delivery time to be at 12:35 so I could get it right before my break. For some reason, 12:35 came by and went and my order still hadn’t come by. I couldn’t reschedule my break since all the other times were already filled. I had to go to the break room and just sit there without eating any sort of food. Finally, at 12:54, my manager said over the headsets that we have that my order had finally arrived. I had literally one minute left in my break so I didn’t even get a chance to eat it at all. And it was almost 20 minutes late, which is honestly ridiculous. And on top of that, the teriyaki sauce that I paid extra for WAS NOT EVEN IN MY BAG. So I had to wait until the very end of my shift to eat my food that I paid for. By that time, it was soggy and cold. So I will absolutely never EVER use their services again since they are so unprofessional. I will tell all of my friends and family about their poor services so they know not to ever use it again and waste their money.

Jen252500, Mar 09, 2019
Terrible first experience

I tried contacting customer service and it wouldn’t let me. Instead it gave me an email to send my feedback to so I sent an email of my experience and I immediately get a message back saying “this email does not exist”.... So I’m writing my experience here instead. We used waitr for the first time ever last night. We ordered our food from a restaurant that was only 10 minutes away so that we would get it more quickly. Once ordered, the app said it would take approximately 57 minutes to receive our order. It was actually 1 hour and 10 minutes before I food was even finished preparing and on the way. Once it was on the way we thought for sure it would be here in under 20 minutes since the restaurant is 10-11 minutes away from us. We ended up waiting another 40 minutes. We honestly thought we had been scammed and contacted customer support letting them know we still had not received our food and customer support let me know that the driver had just arrived at our location. I will say the driver was not rude or unpleasant in any way but 1 hour and 50 minutes was a ridiculously long time to wait for our food from a restaurant that was so close to our location and when we received it it was definitely on the colder side. I hope this is not what a usual experience with Waitr is because it was very disappointing.

mkg5617, May 08, 2021

I have spent a lot of money using this app and more and I have had issue after issue with my food, Their menus aren’t updated and you will have to cancel your own order through customer service if they don’t have something that is clearly posted on the menu, ( had to do this twice with 1 order) but good luck reaching someone in customer service especially through the chat it’s almost impossible to reach someone in a decent time through that, also do not expect to be compensated in anyway for your inconvenience they don’t give free delivery or comps or anything for an error that is on them! I.e wrong menu, also if your order is wrong take a pic and upload it because the restaurants will lie especially the manager at cici’s pizza in Waco, I placed an order she claimed she made herself paid for extra toppings I didn’t receive and lied to waitr saying it had the items so I uploaded a pic of the food to end that argument, I asked for a refund on the whole order and told waitr I no longer wanted the items and wanted a full refund at this point and they only refunded the one pizza but didn’t even take care in the fact that the other pizza was wrong as well so I pretty much threw about 36 bucks down the drain because no one would eat the pizza because it was made wrong! So thanks for nothing. I will never use this app again and I don’t recommend anyone else should use it either. I’d stick with Uber eats or just go get your own food, your neighbor might be more reliable.

thespvsr, Mar 14, 2019


Waitr Food Delivery & Carryout Welcome to the Wonderful World of Waitr — where great local food meets convenience! Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner; have your favorites delivered. Whether it’s a small coffee or a four-course meal, you can have it delivered for a flat fee, or order Carryout and pick it up for free.

Browse restaurants in your area to find new favorites or order from the ones you already know and love. See your food like never before with our professionally photographed menus. Order the way you like with our customizable menu items and special requests feature. Start a Group Order to eat more conveniently with family, friends, and coworkers. Track orders in real time, receive alerts when your food is on the way, and so much more! Do dinner a favor, download Waitr today! Features: • Delivery and Carryout options • No minimum or maximum order size • Photographed menus • Search by restaurant, cuisine, or item • Web and mobile ordering • Simple, secure mobile and online payment • In-app Help & Support • Real-time order tracking • Group ordering Waitr You’re going to have a hard time finding an easier way to eat.

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