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Volume Calculator

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Volume Calculator

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User Reviews for Volume Calculator


Great app!

Alissandria, Jul 16, 2010
Ridiculous no iOS 6 support

Hello! There are emulators with the SDK. You don't need any hardware except for a Mac to do the develoment. And since you already built the app if assume you have a Mac somewhere. Seriously. Fix it.

Atomic Flip, Sep 24, 2012
No iOS6 update?

Great App that stopped working as soon as I updated to iOS 6. REALLY!!!

Dissappinted!, Oct 09, 2012
Needs more shapes

It doesn’t contain oblique rectangular prisms

FetusBeatus, Nov 10, 2020
Very good app

Have had for quite awhile. Has worked flawlessly. Well worth having.

GS55, Jan 25, 2015
Awesome App

Simply an awesome app!

JME111, Mar 24, 2013
Great App.

Works as well as the Area Calculator. Thanks!

Mech-E, Jun 01, 2009
Nice app!

Nice and efficient! This and the area calculator are well done applications.

Runway6, Sep 30, 2009
Awesome if taking geometry

Saves me so much time on HW

Stupidgreenturtle, Apr 04, 2012
Great app

Very helpful

Thebigragu, Sep 30, 2010


Volume Calculator enables you to quickly determine the volume & surface area of 26 three-dimensional shapes. Whether in school, on the job, or working in the field, this geometric calculator provides a professional look and feel while delivering accurate results. ▼ Features ··► Super fast with no convert button required ··► Degrees or Radians ··► Units (see list below) ··► Shows volume and surface area formulas for each shape ··► Running total icon to add and subtract multiple volumes ··► Remembers the most recently used shape in each category ··► Supports multiple languages ▼ Shapes include: ··► Barrels (Circular, Parabolic) ··► Cones (Cone, Frustum of Cone) ··► Cube ··► Cylinders (Cylinder, Portion of Cylinder, Hollow Cylinder, Cylinder Segment) ··► Parabloids (Paraboloid, Paraboloid Segment) ··► Prism (Square Prism, Multiple-Sided Prism) ··► Pyramids (Mulit-Sided Pyramid, Pyramid Frustum) ··► Spheres (Ellipsoid, Sphere, Spherical Sector, Spherical Segment, Spherical Zone, Spherical Wedge, Hollow Sphere) ··► Torus ··► Wedge ▼ Length/Distance Units ··► Centimeter (cm) ··► Foot (ft) ··► Foot-Inch (ft'in) ··► Inch (in) ··► Kilometer (km) ··► Meter (m) ··► Mile (mi) ··► Millimeter (mm) ··► Yard (yd) ▼ Surface Area Units ··► Square centimeter (cm²) ··► Square foot (ft²) ··► Square foot-square inch (ft²'in²) ··► Square inch (in²) ··► Square kilometer (km²) ··► Square meter (m²) ··► Square mile (mi²) ··► Square millimeter (mm²) ··► Square yard (yd²) ▼ Volume Units ··► barrel (petrol) ··► barrel (UK) ··► barrel (US dry) ··► barrel (US liquid) ··► Cubic centimeter (cm³) ··► Cubic foot (ft³) ··► Cubic foot-square inch (ft³'in³) ··► Cubic inch (in³) ··► Cubic kilometer (km³) ··► Cubic meter (m³) ··► Cubic mile (mi³) ··► Cubic millimeter (mm³) ··► Cubic yard (yd³) ··► Cup ··► Gallon (gal) ··► Liter (L) ··► Milliliter (mL) ··► Ounce (oz) ··► Pint (pt) ··► Quart (qt) ··► Tablespoon (tbsp) ··► Teaspoon (tsp) ▼ Some User Comments ··► "very cool. this kind of app is what the world needs more of, not stupid apps that do nothing but entertain people." -iPhone OS 3.1.2 User - 7/21/2010 ··► "good app I'm a pipefitter very useful for my job" -iPhone OS 3.1.3 User - 7/17/2010 ··► "best app ever for a working class man" -iPhone OS 3.1.3 User - 7/15/2010 ··► "very handy & easy to use and excellent value" -iPhone OS 3.1.3 User - 7/14/2010 ··► "I am using your app as much as mail, and I get a lot of mail :) thanks for it!" -iPhone OS 3.1.2 User - 7/13/2010 ▼ Translations ··► Czech Republic (Yarca) ··► Italian (Pierluigi Signetti) ··► Slovenia (Valter Gruntar) ▼ Other Applications by SummitApps ··► Area Calculator (Rectangles, circles, triangles, polygons, hyperbolas and others - 22 shapes in Area Calculator!) ··► Converber (Unit Converter with over 1900 units in 53 categories) A video tutorial is located on our website².

Please send us your ideas and suggestions for improvements. ¹ We are offering FREE licenses to the first person sending us a valid translation of our application. This includes updates to any incomplete language file. See our website languages page² for further instructions. ² http://www.summitapps.com

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