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Voice Translator App.

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Voice Translator App.

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User Reviews for Voice Translator App.

Very accurate but

When I use it it translates words into a very accurate translation and I know this because I know how to speak Chinese and the translator translated the exact same but sometimes for some people, when you get the app it says it’s free but when I go in then it forces me to get the money version or whatever you call that and there’s no x or cancel button to politely say no the problem is that you have to click the pay button to even play this app so yeah and please tell me a way to say no to being forced to get the payed version

abuding, May 19, 2022
Why is EVERYTHING a subscription?!

Seriously all the apps In the App Store and literally like 95% of them now are all subscription based. Worst part is, they all offer a “Free Trial” but this so called free trial leads to a subscription that will auto renew FOREVER unless you go to the Apple App Store and find it in the settings and cancel it. Everything is all subscribing now. I can kinda understand it with apps such as music apps and things like that, but really... this kind of app would be better sticking a fixed fee on and letting people decide that way. It’s not like it’s an app that updates daily / weekly or anything. The languages aren’t going to change or anything. So why not just a fixed fee or free even? Seriously if you want apps these days you have to have a tonne of subscriptions and it’s really not fair. Who’s got that kind of money? I sure don’t. Nice idea. Horrible pricing. Goodbye app.

an9el, Mar 14, 2020
Works, but some user issues

I saw this on someone else’s phone and it worked perfectly for them, but when I loaded it on my phone, it started in another language than what I needed, and then when I was in a rush while traveling I couldn’t figure out how to change languages. I removed it before the end of the trial, but the app still charged me because I should have gone into the app and cancelled the subscription directly. Removing the app does not cancel the trial.

App loading dude, Nov 24, 2017

Somebody should sue this developer and refund all the money to people they duped. People, do not download this app! Downloading means subscribing. A trial of 3 days becomes a subscription AUTOMATICALLY for $7.99 a week with auto renewal. No action needed on your part, it just subscribes you automatically. Deleting the app (even if you just tried it for 10 minutes) does not unsubscribe you. You have to go to your app store settings to unsubscribe. It’s not easy to find this setting either. Let me repeat. If you download this, it will result in AUTOMATIC SUBSCRIPTION after 3 days (even of you deleted the app). It’s $7.99 A WEEK with AUTOMATIC RENEWAL.

Yes I just got off my car and I just wanted to know what you are Ok I

T I have a problem with my mom so I’m sorry to bother you but I just wanted ohhhI know I have to go to get my mom to get a little more money but I’m just now I’m about ready go get the car lol I have a lot to go get the kids to get a haircut and then I will to get my mom and then we will go to the house to go get some

gtggghhnvxvbdvvf, Jun 28, 2021
Is anyone paying attention

This is a joke. Is there no control over scams like this? I am surprised Apple tolerates it. Don’t get it. They want to charge you $1 a day approx. and you don’t even have a chance to see if it works. I still don’t know if the program will translate the language I want. Why? Because you have to commit to pay $7.95 a week before you can use the app. Sure you get 3 days free trial that’s a technique from a carnival. Don’t do it. You’ll be sorry. At least read the reviews. They are heavily weighted on the “this is a scam” side of things. If this company wants to continue like this, the least they can do is tell you on the front end their marketing strategy. Sad

JimboTheGreat9999, Aug 09, 2018
Do not do it unless you want to pay $7:99 a week

For one I wanted to translate animals were saying and that’s not even in it. it was in the commercials and that is stupid if you put something in commercial that’s not actually on the app people that is false advertisement if you do that and you can get Sued for false advertisement. moral of the story is I wanted to work on my animals but it’s not even in the app so do not put something in a commercial that’s not in your app unless you wanna get sued and paid a lot of money. So if you are thinking of getting this app do not get it unless you want to pay $7:99.

jonenr, Jan 03, 2020
It works and all but it’s horrible

Whenever I do the voice translate it works so yeah but I don’t know which one it is if it’s on Spanish I don’t know which one is working or not if it’s on English I know it’s on English but it always works in Spanish is it on the different translate it does the other translate above it this is a horrible app it doesn’t work I don’t recommend getting it if you do please read it a one star review I wish I could read it zero stars for the last time do not download it it is a useless working app it doesn’t even work on my iPad all that it let me do was Spanish and English I hate this app so much please I do not recommend downloading it for the very last time do not download it is horrible it is not work😡🤬

Kitty pumpkin509, Jun 27, 2020
Makes you pay just to play it

I thought I was signing up for a fun regular mobile game but NO I have to pay 40 dollars a year just to play this game it looked really fun in the add but someone could of told me that it’s free to buy it but I have to pay 40 dollars a year and I don’t care how good a mobile app is I am not going to pay 40 dollars a year just to play a face app game someone needs to report this developer cause yeah if I was buying a free trial that blocks adds and would give me daily rewards then yeah I would maybe buy that but your saying that when I buy this mobile game for free but to go into it and play it I have to pay 40 dollars a year just to play no absolutely not and if I have to pay 40 dollars a year just for that imagine how much we might have to pay in game just please I wanted to get this out there ps it automatically makes you subscribed which makes you pay 7 dollars a week

magnagamer, Jul 02, 2020
best app

this app is amazing! when i tried to understand what a person is speaking to me but i dont understand it. i use this app. i use a lot and it helps me learn a language that i dont even know and it helps me understand more stuff. who ever made this app, shout out to you because you guys help me a lot on my language. and thank you who ever made this app because this app helps me a lot. who ever read this. HAVE AN GREAT DAY!!!!🤩😌😊

novessss, Jan 26, 2020


Voice translation was never so easy! Travel around the world and easily communicate in any country – Voice Translator will instantly pronounce translated phrases on-the-fly! Can’t read the menu items in a fancy foreign restaurant?

Those days are history now with instant camera translation! Communicate freely at the airport, hotel, gas station, supermarket or any other place. Read street signs in a foreign country, translate manuals of your overseas purchases or the text of any picture you already have in your phone. Just put your personal interpreter into a pocket and use it for your all translating needs! Voice Translator is an essential learning tool for kids and adults – learn new phrases and listen to the correct pronunciation. Start using Voice Translator now and forget about looking for the correct phrase in the dictionary – say any phrase and your interpreter will pronounce the translation out loud! Features: – Immediate translation of real-time conversations – Use your camera for instant text translation – Translate texts from your photos and pics – Extended offline phrasebook – Language detection for text-to-text mode – 100+ languages working in speech-to-speech and text-to-text modes – You can either speak or type to translate your text – Smart text-to-text mode – Speed up your text input with typing hints – Convert text from languages with non-Latin alphabet – Copy, paste and share translations in a single tap – Intuitive dialogue conversation interface – Speak the translated phrase out loud – Control the speed of voice – Male and female voices available – Human-to-Pet and Pet-to-Human modes (for entertainment purposes only). Translate your pet’s meow or woof into your language. Currently supported voice-to-voice languages: Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Catalan (Spain) Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Cantonese) Czech (Czechia) Danish (Denmark) Dutch (Netherlands) English (Australia) English (Canada) English (India) English (United Kingdom) English (United States) Finnish (Finland) French (Canada) French (France) German (Germany) Greek (Greece) Hebrew (Israel) Hindi Italian (Italy) Japanese (Japan) Korean (South Korea) Norwegian Bokmål (Norway) Polish (Poland) Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Portugal) Romanian (Romania) Russian (Russia) Slovak (Slovakia) Spanish (Latin America) Spanish (Mexico) Spanish (Spain) Swedish (Sweden) Thai (Thailand) Turkish (Turkey) and more You can choose a free trial with all features available. UNLIMITED ACCESS TO ALL FEATURES • You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features within Voice Translator. • Subscriptions are billed weekly, monthly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan. Parts of service translated by Google Translate™. Privacy Policy: http://bpmob.com/voicetranslator/privacy Terms of Use: http://bpmob.com/voicetranslator/terms

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