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User Reviews for Voice Recorder, Voice Memos

I can recommend this

Some tools like this are the one very needed for special purposes. My need for using this is that it can help with providing some talks in a mp3 file , Then transfer the audio to my computer. I found that this app let me do it easily, transferring with USB is one of the options of this app. Also It provides some other ways to share and transfer one of my favorite one . Is that to share it with email, When file transferred to computer , it is compatible with my video editor. It can read the recorded MP3 file and will not put you in the trouble of conversion. I think the MP3 format is really worth it. I almost wanna use it for creating some video clips for brides and grooms. I wanna ask them to use this app to record their ideas about each other , in a very romantic way , then use share options to send the file to me as a director. Then I can use the files in their wedding ceremony clip. The reason I want to ask my clients to use this app, Is that I tried it and I am completely sure that this app provides Audio files with the highest quality possible and it can be very great for having professional video clips. 

George.sparrow, Jun 14, 2020
So far, so good.

I truly do appreciate this app , life saver for sure, I think it's the best way to make sure that you are not going crazy. When you know you hear something that no one else will believe. Until you use this app to make a recording of the audio that is undeniably genuine. In a form of fine that's easy to share, and save ohn the cloud. So even if you die, no one can deny the truth of the matter....I haven't found an app like this that doesn't have ads popping up constantly disrupting what you are trying to record. Quality is awesome and your hard work is very much appreciated!! I would definitely pay for this app and you deserve the bit of revenue!Love the app and will continue to enjoy the experience I have every time I am recording more of my own hip hop rap music as well as taking down information I cannot write down at the time just wish that du recorder could be used with other apps simultaneously has a floating bubble or if the recorder app included a video recorder/ editor as well as a voice auto tuner / changer editor and could use a mastering setting for musicians otherwise recording quality is superb couldn't ask for any better.Thanks

Gordon Mayhall, Jun 14, 2020
Great app! Use it often.

Surprisingly good quality recordings. The recorder is clear. The other person's voice is a bit lower than yours sometimes. It is importantto know where did you put the microphon, This app is working properly if you like to use external microphones. . You can rename the file. very perfect save functions. The best part I like about this app is that you can send the recording in an email . Just incredible. This recorder is so sensitive that it picks up the sounds so I can send to friends too. Just love it. Really nice and so fun and easy to use that I am doing more voicemails and recording. Really Awesome voice clarity. I am impressed. It would allow you to edit whatever you wanted but I'm not sure about Audio editor, not tried yet. This recorder does an excellent job for what and how I use it. Simple direct easy-to-understand controls, and generally good quality recording. Especially appreciated is the ability to share the recording directly to my work

Green King one, Jun 18, 2020
the best sound quality, noise reduction and clear sound. It has a large capacity, can be used contin

Before using Voice Record, I usually use some recording apps available in Appstore or regular recorder. But each time I listen to the recording, I was disappointed by the poor sound quality, too much noise and I can't clearly hear the sound. Introduced as a professional recording app, Voice recorder always offers the best sound quality, noise reduction and clear sound. It has a large capacity, can be used continuously for 3 hours. Beside that, it automatically secures the files to make sure no one can open except you. Thanks to it, my recording career became more convenient and easier. I expect manufacturers to develop and put in some smart features such as voice control or automatic voice recognition. I will wait for new improvements in the future and hope that they will not disappoint me

haizin-pack, Feb 03, 2018
This app is very useful to record any ideas of music and lyrics that sometimes popped up in my head.

I can not believe there is such little amount of reviews for this app this is an amazing voice recording app I've downloaded tons of different types none of them even come close to this I freestyle like that u can pause n erase specific spots n re-record it without losing the parts u liked u can export n import ur recording to different app to use make a song I wish more people would leave reviews who use it n definitely more should get it if u use voice recorder for anything recommend u get it this one n I haven't even purchased the upgrade to this app n I love it now I'm going to cuz they deserve it for making such great one for free I wish they hire me to advertise their app cuz whoever they have now isn't doing the best job of getting recognized by getting more reviews maybe most people are like me get it n never leave review unless there's a problem since this officially my very first review I have left for a app it's telling me that I need to re-install this app and when I go see that there's no reviews I had to say somethingit gives like studio feeling.. Loved it... 👌👍

helena.brige, Nov 04, 2018
Vocie Recorder , Screen Recorder

I just downloaded the app. I ran a test on the recorder. So for so good! We will see how it works when I need to use it. After I have used it several times, then I will make another rate. The next rate will be more accurate to if 5 star is still the same. If it is then I will recommend this to others, or do we all need to look further. I hope that this is a winner because I don't like to change from app to app. Works well at capturing audio especially when conducting interviews. Would reccomend use in a private space for best audio capture. Use of it outside on a windy day will be troublesome unless your intentions are to capture the sound of wind. I enjoy the save feature as I've used this app for school projects and needed to upload the audio files. Overall awesome

parlin jabni, Oct 03, 2019
awesome the fact. no adds helps.

Works well at capturing audio especially when conducting interviews. Would reccomend use in a private space for best audio capture. Use of it outside on a windy day will be troublesome unless your intentions are to capture the sound of wind. I enjoy the save feature as I've used this app for school projects and needed to upload the audio files. Overall awesome , This app is so amazing you should really get it it's clear and it's not very laggy at all it gets your voice very well and I just think overall it's really good app that's why I gave it five stars I think it's pretty good pretty good app but other than that I mean it's really good it's just a good app I don't think it could be better but that's up to you you can get it if you want I got it and I think it's amazing so yeah this is my comment.

patrik.makin, Oct 07, 2019
apps i love it (Voice Recorder , Voice Memo )

Edited : So I was in a class lecture and realized my phone didn't have a voice recorder. I quickly downloaded this app and I'm so happy I chose this one. The recordings are nice and crisp and you can clearly hear them perfectly. Looking forward to the rest of my semester knowing I'll be able to listen to my professor after class is done, and make sure I have all the information covered. Great app!This app is awesome. The audio quality is really good just dont have the volume turned up all the way when recording it has to be about halfway or the sound wont be clear. Even when its halfway its still loud. ABSOLUTELY NO WATERMARKS go in the settings you can take off the little record button they give you that option. Some of the options are to be able to stop recording by shaking the device and to turn on a timer that they display over the screen for you. AMAZING APP.

patrik.merjab, Sep 26, 2019

I was looking for an application that includes a recorder and an editor that really works. The editor was the most important point for me . because my iPhone is very full of datas and I really prefer not to take most of my storage with unwanted data. and I am the one who usually forgets to stop recording sounds after classes. and my memos always include the sound of streets , taxis,  home and ... Many long unwanted data. This app let me to omit the extra recordings in files. and the editor works perfectly. no need to be worried about the save function after recording . it is reliable. The app includes a library of all of the previous memos , and let you rename files , I wish it could have some way of sorting files . sorting by date of creation or sort by name . If you can add this , I think the performance of this app will improve . It will not disappoint you if you introduce this app to your friends. I did and most of them are happy with the app , because I should add that this app will provide sound recording with high quality. Looks like you are using a sound recording Studio with a professional instrument . All in your phone. It is good that let archiving Audio files, Because , I am a fan of archiving files for taking care of it forever

Salama.EB20, Jun 16, 2020
Seems straightforward and looks to have some decent, simple

This really is an extremely useful app! I'm one of those people who records a LOT of things, so this is wonderful! It even continues recording when media is playing on my phone! It shows how loud the different scales of the recording are. Also, it's really cool how it's really incognito with recording, so when someone looks at your phone they just see a big dot that could be anything, instead of a flashing microphone like other recorders.I use this app as a frew means to record myself singing and check my own accuracy. You can cut and edit clips, our records in the background, you have different audio qualities to record in too. This is my number one pick for a recording app that isn't labeled 'pro.' Ads are far and few between and you can exit right out of them with your phone's back button in less than a second. Kid is to the developers of this fine application!!!

thomas.andrea89, Nov 29, 2019


Voice Recorder, Voice Memos : is an easy voice recorder .Voice Recorder, .Voice Memos, .One Touch Recording, .One Touch Stop & Save, .Storing recording both in raw and mp3 format, .Voice memos, .voice email, .Easy to use, .Voice iCloud, .Voice Recorder , Voice Memos is Simple and user-friendly, .Recording Unlimited (not included in the price) .Voice Email Up to 5MB , .Share memos easily by one tap with ( DropBox , WhatsApp , Google Drive , .Facebook Messenger , Files and Other favorite Apps ), .Record Timer & Playback Counter , .Auto File Naming , .Rename Record Files, .Displays Audio File Sizes and Time Stamps, .Supported recording in background, .Memos you record can also be transferred to your Mac or PC Via USB (itunes file sharing) .Share mp3 files itunes or social media platforms (export & import) .Scan fingerprint & Fan ID for more security files (touch ID & Face ID), .Sticker Color For Searching easy your files. .3D Touch Support .You have access to all files with Apple Watch .Help Section in different languages .Add Title To Record .Move your voice memo .Trimming ( cut ) edit your Record (Audio) .Audio Editor .Screen recorder .Music Player (Audio Player) .Airplay Mode .Podcast Recorder .Voice Changer .Unlimited screen recorder (not included in the price) .Voice recorder for iPhone .Voice recorder for iPad .Voice recorder Free Apple Watch .Voice recorder Free iMessage .Transcribe (Voice To Text) .Convert voice recorder (Audio) to text .Speech to text Add Media player --------------- You Can reward & forward the audio memos even in lock screen Mode. A Professional slider comes to help for easy navigation in memo Apple Watch --------------- .Voice Recorder Free For AppleWatch and Playing History .iMessage --------------- .Record audio Free then share it by iMessage App with your friends in iMessage HOW TO TRANSFER Memos You voice TO MY COMPUTER? 1- Connect your iPhone/iPod to iTunes 2- Select your device in iTunes on the left 3- At the top click on the "Apps" tab 4- Scroll down and select the app My Voice Record on the left 5- Your voice memos will appear on the right, just save them in any folder you want Subscription pricing and terms: ALL ACCESS Monthly (Billed monthly) ---- ALL ACCESS Yearly (Billed yearly) Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account.

You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes Account Settings but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Alternatively, there is a "Manage Subscription" menu option in the App Settings menu. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. - Terms of use : https://www.voicerecorderfree.com/terms - Privacy policy: https://www.voicerecorderfree.com/privacy

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