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Voice Changer – Voice Recorder, with Funny Effects

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User Reviews for Voice Changer – Voice Recorder, with Funny Effects

Don't trust a book by its cover

Don't trust a book by its cover a popular phrase and good standard to live by but not in this case this horrible app when we searched through all my records to find my iTunes passcode you know how hard it is to create a new one of those you still need the old one but I finally found it so they tell me the right review to unlock the amazing voice options I thought it would make my voice sound like a child or cartoon character but no just at some silly little effect in front of it this is a stupid game and the cover of this game isn't so great either so in this case I guess you can say it's OK to judge a book by its Cover because that cover is awful and so was the game lurking inside I caution you not to download this app or else afterwards he may experience depression because the app was so bad

#single ladies, May 07, 2017
Barely functional

It will record your voice and you can change the speed and pitch... but that’s about it. All of the really cool effects are actually sound effects with your recorded voice played over top. Want to sound like a kitten? It was one of the options... you get a kitten meowing and your voice. Not your voice as a kitten, just your voice. Usually it just sounds silly, sometimes creepy, but never better than you could do by pinching your own nose. Skip this one.

1552607326952389523, Jan 10, 2019

They make you rate this horrible app before you can use it??? I say 5 stars, but, it's stupid and completely useless. I do not recommend that you download this app. There. You all happy now, app developers?

DJD3000, May 01, 2017
Dont let it fool you

I thought the app was gonna actually change my voice, but it didn’t do a great job. Most of them were just your voice with the sound effect in the background. The ones that did change my voice, say the female button, were just higher pitched than my regular voice.Overall, it’s a completely useless app and I wouldn’t recommend it

grobblesnap, Apr 29, 2020
You need to get this app I just got it today and I love it I cannot stop

Go ahead and downloaded it is the best game that you'll ever get to make sound for you it's so good you really need to buy this if you don't I Fili bad for you because this is a very fun game

Inaya criner, May 17, 2017
Cool voice app

One of the best new apps I've seen for free on the App Store hands-down! I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to play around their voice.

Pharaoh destroyer, May 20, 2017
To many ads

I played it once then closed it out,but when I opened it back up,it kept asking me to rate the app and when I went to the cancel button, an ad kept showing up and I could not do anything else so I just deleted it. I am not sure if it something wrong with my iPad, or if that is their to forcing you to rate it. I do not recommend downloading this app.

PinkSykes, May 26, 2017
Just SFX

I got this and skinny realized that all but 4 options were simply adding SFX to the voice clip. I wouldn't recommend getting this app if you're looking for actual voice changers.

So much fun I explode, May 28, 2018
It Won't Let Me Use Headphones

I sort of like this app. But honestly, I only want my recordings to not be played over the phone speaker and not my headphones. Yeah, it's fun, but also, I try not to disturb my family members by playing something loud while my family watches something on TV.And that's why I deleted it.

The talent Gir, Apr 08, 2020
Doesn’t work

You record your voice, pick from the group of pictures but the play button is half cut off the screen and doesn’t work. I believe this is just a scam to get access to your info. It’s a good thing I downloaded on my junk phone!

user1958309287, Jan 18, 2022


Change your voice and have fun listening to your modified voice! Record your voice, apply effects, and share them with your friends.

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