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User Reviews for Voice Changer Recorder Fuvoch

Best Voice App

I’ve downloaded countless voice apps, but this one has to be one of the best ones out on the Market. With multiple options and ability to unlock more free of charge. It’s what any Creative Creator needs in their collection.

302amghj, May 30, 2021
It’s all right!

This app is pretty good, there’s a couple glitches that I’ve noticed, and some of the voice effects come out sounding a bit tinny. but otherwise it’s really good I would definitely recommend this app!

cc glorafed, Nov 29, 2020
Is it good?

This game so cool, like bruh! Im a babysitter and we use it all the time! I love it, the kids do more than me. Really funny sounds. Play games and be ALiAnS! air defeat the evil king! So many more games to play, just using different voices can help your child a lot! It makes there life better. I love it, the kids love it, and you will to.

HorseRidingBabysittingGirl, Apr 07, 2021

Hi today I will talk about the app let’s roll ok so I’ve only hade it for two min and not to lie this is amazing 😉 also I don’t have Facebook or twitter so I just rate but I’m glad people look at these and download it I like helping and this is prefect because I help the owner like Roblox get downloads and it’s funny to make my voice a fame yeah so please download for this owner to get more downloads

kind haylee, Jul 25, 2020
Absolutely outstanding

Deserve is incredible it’s outstanding because it makes it very easy to cheer somebody up with funny Fx invoices and I love making people laugh so thank you guys

make great great, Jun 25, 2022
Voice changer review

This app is really funny. There’s also a lot of effects I can use to do things that garage band voice changer effects don’t have and voice changer apps along with GarageBand can make great things.

MCDucky98, Apr 09, 2021
Unable to load up existing recordings

Please make it possible to load up existing recordings from the gallery and apply effects/presets to them. Currently, once it gets saved to gallery, it cannot be loaded to home screen to work on it. In the Help slideshow on 8th slide, it shows “Use saved voice and change it” option but this option is completely missing in the app. Please enhance the app with the missing feature.The trim markers reset to zero and max after changing to another preset.Also, use a bit smaller icons under presets with 4 icons per row so it results in lesser scrolling.Also please offer landscape support.I’ll update my rating to 5 stars after these changes.

PowerObject!, Nov 24, 2019
Thank you for making this Game

This game is really really really good I’ve been trying to find a perfect voice changer game and this one is the number one game for voice changing thank you for making this game

tazzy886, Aug 29, 2021
The way more than awesome.

this is an awesome app, I have been looking for a Voice Changer for days and weeks. I totally love this, but I wish there were some editing tools also. That could make it better. I’ve experienced that this tool is great. For printing some of your friends. Total thanks to the creator? It’s been great.

What The blind acts man, Nov 12, 2020
No Editing!

This is extremely disappointing. First off, almost every effect is too extreme. So much so, on many, it’s so distorted, you can’t even understand the recording. This problem makes the best feature, almost useless. The best feature is, you can stack multiple effects for new effects. But as I said, the initial effects are already too exactly and extreme to start with, adding more usually just makes noise. Most disappointing, you can’t customize the effects. No pitch, no speed, nothing. And the effects they give you are very limited. I want more real world usable effects, less extreme effects, and the ability to customize the effects. A higher resolution encoding and decoding would be more than welcomed too. I think the low resolution encoding part of the distortion. Disappointing.

Zack Daddy101, Aug 04, 2020


Record, Mix & Share. Spread Laughter and Fun with Funniest Voice Changer with MILLIONS of Possible Combinations. Download Now!!!

You can Mix upto 5 Voice/Sound Effects to Same Recording with 55+ Voice, Speed & Background Effects it is Endless Fun. Usage Ideas + Record Funny Voice-Memos and send instead of boring e-mails + Create your own Meme Sound board to be played at parties + Share your Funny Musings and be a Social Media Celebrity Some of the Effects included are + Funny Voice Changers like Clown, Chipmunk, Rat / Mouse, Robot, Alien, Hyper Ant, Duck + Nature Sounds Like Beach / Ocean, Jungle with Bird Sounds, Crickets, Rain & Thunder How to Use App: Tap Record Button to Start Recording, Say Something Tap Again to Stop Recording. Tap on Effect Button to Change the Sound Effect. Tap on “+” button to Add / Mix more effects. Features ● Change Voice with 45 Offline and many more online Effects ● Mix upto 5 Effects to same recording (Millions of Possible Combinations) ● Trim Recording ● Share or Save Recordings for Free ● Create Ringtones ● Share your recording with others using your favorite social media, Email, Twitter, Text etc. Try this record your favorite star singing a song and play it back (this can make even a sad song so hilarious). Download this application now and start having fun with your creativity.

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