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VOCHI Video Effects Editor

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User Reviews for VOCHI Video Effects Editor

Won’t Save Edited Photos

I really loved this app at first. The filters and effects are beautiful! Unfortunately after only saving one photo with a filter + effect, when I tried to save another it wouldn’t let me save it to my photos. It still lets me save a photo with just a filter but not with an effect combined. It’ll just stop exporting at around 65%. I tried closing and reopening the app, tried restarting my phone, and even uninstalled and reinstalled the app but nothing will make it download the edit I made to my phone. Very disappointed, but I’m glad this happened while I’m still on the free trial 🤷🏽‍♀️ because I would’ve definitely needed a refund if I had paid.

DiamondDesi, Apr 09, 2021
concerning terms

“ Our Services and associated content (and any derivative works or enhancements of the same) including, but not limited to, all artwork, text, illustrations, files, images, software, scripts, graphics, photos, sounds, music, videos, filters, effects, information, content, materials, products, services, URLs, technology, documentation, and interactive features included with or available through our Services (collectively, the “Service Content”) and all intellectual property rights to the same are owned by us, our licensors, or both. Additionally, all trademarks, service marks, trade names and trade dress that may appear in our Services are owned by us, our licensors, or identified third parties. “. So my thing is this: “derivative works” sounds like it’d be literally just anything made with vochi, and this says you guys own the rights to all that content, all while revoking the rights from creators? sounds kinda wack

ethancalhounnn, Jun 30, 2021
Perfect app!

Hey I love your app it’s perfect I was looking for this kind of app for a long time thank you for this ! And I’ve little advice or recommendation , is it possible to make a locked on stabilisation effect in this app , I think your app could do this because you have perfect tracking of object ! Because there’s no similar app to this in App Store and with locked on stabilisation effect it would be unique!

ImmortalForce, May 31, 2020
Took my money...

I paid for a whole month subscription.I went to use the app a few DAYS later, and it wouldn’t let me use any of the pro features and was saying I didn’t have the pro version.A screen kept popping up saying I don’t have the pro version... with a button on the top that said “restore”, I clicked it out of curiosity to see if it was gonna take me to a page to try to make me purchase it again... but it literally just INSTANTLY CHARGED ME $33 without even asking.No prompt or anything;So not only did I already pay for the full month subscription just a few days ago, but now since I’m broke at the moment... I can’t even eat today because that was my money I was gonna use to get food today.So the app is just designed in a way where it conveniently forgets about people’s subscriptions and then instantly charges them without even a prompt or a “hey we’re gonna take $33 dollars from you”?But I know a company like this most likely isn’t gonna help me get a refund or anything because they don’t care, so this is just a message to anyone using the app to be CAREFUL; one single tap on your screen can literally cost you your grocery money without any warnings or prompts at all.

jayvinito, Apr 18, 2021
Is this a tool to create or to take free art?

From their terms and conditions. No way I’m allowing my hard work and creative work to be used royalty free if I’m already paying to use the tool. If it’s good enough to be used to promote and sell a product then it’s good enough to be licensed and paid for, just like this app.”By uploading or otherwise making available your Content through, via or in the Apps you hereby grant us or our affiliates a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-f ree, fully paid, sublicensable, transferable license to use, modify, reproduce, distribute, make derivative works of, publicly display or perform your Content in connection with the Apps or Third-party services, Company’s general activities related to the Apps (including aggregation and technical improvement of the Apps), promotional activities, or otherwise with your consent.”I appreciate apps that help us create but it’s already on a subscription/buy out model so it’s not like we are not paying the artist that creates this.

juanpoint8, Sep 19, 2021
Your missing something

😯☝🏻 I Enjoy this app but,…………Your missing one last thing for this app. backgrounds. The complexities and aromatic enjoyment coming from this fx app regarding the lack of filters and real fx, it is very impressive. The only problem is, you have no backgrounds. I recommend by the power vested in me ladies and gentlemen to ad lots of cool abstract or landscape/cityscape backgrounds. That way I can create Just Dance videos. Another thing I want in this app is a drawing feature. A drawing feature that allows you to do a time-lapse draw while editing your video. if you had both these features in this app, then your app will be just like Funimate. Thank you for your support and I hope your future will be brighter than possible. 🤘🏻😎

Just dance. It's simple, Dec 27, 2021
Fun effects...Performance Needs Work

The effects on the app are so fun, but editing is a pain. The masking feature should be more touch sensitive as opposed to just grabbing random pixels so that it can be more precise. There also isn’t a way to delete a clip if you want to remove it from the final video. You have to dump the whole thing and start over. For the price paid, this app should definitely have these features working.

L0ve.Winz, Apr 29, 2021
Liars! Charging on free trials.

After receiving a respond from the developer blaming me and apple for the situation all I have write is BE AWARE!. Apple need to stop this practice from many apps doing the same thing, this needs to stop. Claiming that I downloaded the app before (which I didn’t) and that’s why I got charged, doesn’t not change the fact that when I press the agreement I was offered a 3 day trial and I DID cancel the subscription the same day and still got charged.Be aware of this app and so many others apps that are deceiving people offering 3 day to cancel with no charge, and once you accept they will charge you right away, and even if you cancel before the 3 days free trial period they will keep your money. I want my money back since i cancel the same day, I didn’t even use the app, and I just lost $7.99, and this is a $7.99 a week charge, is not cheap and is not worth it neither. Give my money back.

Muvimus, May 28, 2021
Good app, needs a couple improvements

Overall I love the app, it works great and is super easy to be creative, but I want tighter controls for music video applications, the ability to see the audio waveform would be huge, and the ability to customize more precisely where the effects start and end after you render them would be great too. Also if you guys could add a video effect chain, so I can use one effect first, then render a second one over it that would be crazy! Imagine the rainbow background effect paired with the new paper effect after? SHEESH. You guys are onto something here, please keep it up and keep updating the interface and I’ll keep paying and spreading the word!

Shpevo, Feb 09, 2021
It’s good but...

This is actually one of my favorite video editing apps, it’s just so easy to use, however nots not that great when I have to delete and re download it every time I wanna open it because it freezes on the screen to get me to pay for the pro version. The tap feature to select an object you want to be effected also stopped working so now it just effects a random point that I have no control over, if those could get fixed I likely would pay for the pro version, but until this app is reliable I wouldn’t think about it. All in all great app and great organization, just needs a little work

Thetruthbetoldaboutapps, Feb 17, 2021


VOCHI is a creative photo and video editing app. Since December 2021, we're 100% free. VOCHI is special because it's powered by artificial intelligence.

You can apply VFX to specific objects in a video with a single tap. That means you can make a video with unique effects in just a minute that would take several hours to create in After Effects. Like magic! Create an inspirational video in 3 steps: 1. Select the video frame 2. Tap the object 3. Apply the effect. Done! VOCHI helps launch your creativity to the next level. Your videos will never be the same again! Try Pinteresty-filters and our favorite effects: — Butterflies add a touch of romance and magic — Antique makes masterpieces with you center stage — Plastic helps make cool posters — Diamond turns everything shiny — Neon adds a hint of mystery — Motion highlights dance moves — Glitch will get your subscribers' attention — Clones makes videos crazy in a fun way — Doodles is perfect for music videos — Analog subtly highlights details — Curved will make an aesthetic header. Become a star on Pinterest. Create inspiring content and post it to Pinterest directly from the VOCHI app. Express yourself, share what you love, and grow your audience. Follow us on social media @vochi.effects — we share all kinds of creator secrets, tutorials and visual trends, and talk about the release of new effects. Thanks for your inspiration! Send more feedback, suggestions and crazy ideas for new effects to [email protected]. We love reading them! Your VOCHI Site: https://vochi.com/ Creator guide: https://guide.vochi.com/ Rules of Use: https://static.vochi.app/ToS.pdf Privacy Policy: https://static.vochi.app/Privacy.pdf

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