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VIZ Manga – Direct from Japan

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User Reviews for VIZ Manga – Direct from Japan

Probably the best manga app!

I decided to get this app because it had a lot of my favorite series. I was especially happy that all of the chapters are the official translations rather than the scanlations that a lot of other apps and websites offer. After my trial ended, I decided to purchase the Shonen Jump subscription, and it's worth it especially with how cheap it is! Even before I had the subscription, there was still plenty of content for me to read as the first free chapters of each series are free. In ongoing series, the most recent three chapters are free as well. They're also very quick with adding new chapters. My only problems with the app are:1. Not very many titles available, Shonen Jump or otherwise (then again, this is just one translation company)2. Most chapters don't include the bonus stuff you might find in volumes.Aside from that, it's a great app that's been keeping me entertained for the past few months. I wish other translators would offer a similar subscription model as well.

degenerate_07, Aug 24, 2020
Good catalog, doesn’t keep track of my progress well

It’s happened a few times already I’ve come back to a series and continued the next chapter after the ones I’ve read, and it turns out it’s way ahead than I was. Like 3 or 4 chapters ahead. Takes me time to go back and see which chapter I actually was on. Annoying and I was spoiled by the story opening other chapters I wasn’t on yet..The amount in here is decent, though I wish a lot more of the volumes were in chapters like some of the older stuff so we can read those too, instead of paying the pretty high prices for them.Edit: found out that if you download a title and not read it within seven days(even if you reconnect to the app online) it will count it as read. So annoying and dumb when all other services just make it so if you reconnect to the app online it will reset the counter so you can continue reading without being out of place.

disappointedwest, Dec 21, 2020
missing some common features

I do enjoy this app as a means to keep up with current manga, however it’s missing some features I’ve come to expect from apps like it. I read on both my phone and iPad, and despite being signed into both, it doesn’t remember where I am or even share the same Continue Reading list. There also isn’t a way to add manga to your list without reading it first. Lastly, there’s no way to choose how you scroll or change pages while reading AND even when the content is free, there’s interruptions every chapter where you have to confirm that you’ll continue on to read the next free or already paid for chapter. I’d love the ability to just scroll through, especially downward like mobile versions of online manga reading work.Again, the content is pretty good, I just hope we get some functionality updates soon.

Galaxxii, Oct 27, 2020
Best Deal in Comics

There’s no better place to read manga than this app right here. I’ve been using it for over a year now and the very few issues I’ve ever had with the app have been fixed very soon after they came up. For $2/month for the Shonen Jump subscription you get dozens—maybe even hundreds—of quality titles. The best part is that they make the first three chapters of each series free so that you can try them out, as well as making the last three chapters of each series free so people who are caught up to all the series they read don’t have to pay a cent! There’s also a great feature in the app to give feedback to the developers if you have an issue or want to suggest an improvement. I submitted feedback for a slight nitpick I had for how titles appeared when the “Show Dimmed” setting was active, and they actually fixed it! Any manga fans who don’t know about this app are missing out big time.

Logan Chavez, Feb 18, 2022
Legal, accessible, and streamlined!

I’ve been using this app for a few years now, and I’m really impressed with the way it’s been improved over time—it used to take a long time to load after the revamp with the simulpubs for Shonen Jump becoming free, but now it’s much faster. It’s my preferred way to read manga, thanks to the seamless way I can turn my phone or iPad to landscape mode and stitch two pages together. My only suggestion would be to have some mature content available online also on mobile, through the native parental controls filter on the device, like how some shows on streaming apps get filtered off or on through that way. Totally understand if it can’t work that way though, it’s not a dealbreaker by any means because I’m still getting access to FREE, LEGAL manga that officially supports the creators!

mari chan san, Mar 21, 2019
Where has this app been my entire life?!

TBH I don’t have much free time of my own (in my adult life) these days, not enough to even watch much TV either. Well, one day I was spending time with wifey and as she dozed off mid-day, the TV was on Adult Swim running a My Hero Academia marathon. As fate would have it, episode 1 started and I found my inner childhood dreams resurface. Reminiscent of when I too used to read and collect comics and early manga of Astroboy, wishing so hard to be able to fly and have an ability that would set me apart from everyone else. I would get lost in those paper pages. But to be able to obtain my literary fuel came at great costs as a child. Not just monetarily but also limitations to physically getting to the one comic store in town. Having then to overcome those two obstacles just to walk in and find, your issue is SOLD OUT!!! NOW ushering into the present day of 2018 and discovering the VIZ APP using my iPod... manga comics are larger than life! Every type of genre available and all at my fingertips. Resolution is crisp, no lag and best of all I’ve not been bombarded by any intrusive, annoying ads. Thank you VIZ! Thank you for making me dream again!

rayvicos, Nov 07, 2018
Missing some quality of life functionality

Disclaimer: this is a rating and review of the app not the subscription service (which is worth every penny)If all you need the app for is to read the Viz manga then the app is a 5 star but if you want to manage your favorites or even browse for viz media publications then the app falls very short.There is no way to just browse manga with chapters (which is important if you subscribe to viz). Even when you do find something you like you can’t add it to your favorites (you have to do that on the website) ... and when you add to your favorites that manga only shows up on your ribbon of things to read if you have opened a chapter or if they’re new chapters (they should show the oldest unread chapter) I added a bunch of manga as I browsed using the website on my laptop thinking of following up later on the app but nothing showed up on my app because I didn’t open any chapters I just added them as favorites also “read” chapters don’t synch up between app and website so you have to remember what chapter you were on if you’re bouncing back and forth.The viz media subscription is worth every penny but the app needs a lot of updates

Simpleton29, Mar 02, 2020
Great value, but glitchy and lacking in features

Last year I decided to subscribe to Shonen Jump to keep up with a series that wasn’t getting new episodes for a while. I was pleased with how much content I got for $20, and the app worked just fine. I was very excited for the new changes coming to Shonen Jump, since I’d be able to start some new series and save a lot of money instead of buying physical copies. After the update however, the app has turned into a buggy mess, especially on an iPad Air 2. It takes forever to load the home page, and often lags for a couple minutes when you first open it. Available chapters for subscribers load pretty slow, and sometimes require reloading the app.On top of all the bugs, there are still several VERY basic features missing. You should be able to see all of the chapters you’ve already read, even if you haven’t downloaded them. It’s annoying having to guess where you left off, especially in series upwards of 100 chapters. Having a list of manga you’re currently reading would be a great addition as well.The new Shonen Jump subscription is a great idea and an extremely good deal. This service has allowed me to start many new series that I now read regularly. These bugs and issues have put me off from spending more money in the app on manga volumes since it’s more annoying to use the app than buy a physical copy. I hope that the problems mentioned can be fixed soon, as I do love the content offered.

Slkem, Feb 20, 2019
100 chapter limit- resets every 14 hours

Definitely worth the $2 a month- don’t second guess buying. *HOWEVER* . If you’re a fast reader like me you will find yourself getting very* annoyed at the chapter limit. I’d be willing to pay extra to bypass the chapter limit, or even just pay for a shorter cooldown time. This is the one major flaw I see with the app and I truly thing it can be improved on ALSO* I have not been able to find a way to connect my reading on all my devices. AKA there isn’t a cross platform feature. My ipad downloaded chapters are different from my phone- which is also super annoying when I am trying to continue reading from where I left off on a different device. I think there should be an option to turn on cross platform. All in all definitely worth the $2, but there are improvements that should be made

smolbaepsae, May 12, 2022
Great Value

This is both my oldest subscription and the only one I’ve never EVER been tempted to cancel. That said, I wouldn’t mind access to more than Jump. I’m a girl, I grew up on bad shoujo manga that are now out of print! And it’s hard to get into new shoujo or josei without reading it first—the synopsis is almost never an indication of quality. I’m more likely to buy any manga if I know it’s good—that’s how I started with Spy X Family and Promised Neverland (which I turned down at Barnes and Noble because of the art). But hey, I like that this subscription costs less than good coffee.On the downside, your reader is annoying. Instead of loading one chapter at a time, I'd rather flip from the last page of ch 2 to the first page of ch 3. Or better yet, read the whole volume without being interrupted. Those stops between chapters are fine for story-driven stuff with long chapters like Spy X Family or Promised Neverland, but fight-oriented manga chapters are short and often end mid-combat. Especially as they approach their end. It becomes incredibly painful to keep stopping!

Swanwire, Apr 04, 2022


The VIZ Manga app, which includes the entire VIZ digital catalog, is your official and trusted source to read the world’s most popular manga and comics straight from Japan. ◆ “I can’t think of a better comic experience in the digital landscape.” – Comics Bulletin ◆ “To put it simply, a Shonen Jump subscription is one of the best deals on the internet.” – The Daily Dot READ MANGA FREE! • Read the latest chapters from hit Shonen Jump series FREE the same day they come out in Japan! • Includes hit series like My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations! • New chapters weekly, with brand new series added regularly! BUILD YOUR GRAPHIC NOVEL LIBRARY • Get into a new series or finish collecting your favorites • Read free previews of paid volumes before purchasing • Includes the full VIZ digital catalog, featuring: • Series that inspired hit anime like One-Punch Man, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and The Promised Neverland! • Fan favorites and cult classics like Tokyo Ghoul, Vampire Knight, Junji Ito's Uzumaki, and Official RWBY Manga Anthology With hundreds of titles across a wide range of genres, we’ve got something for everyone – whether you’re an action addict or a shojo romantic at heart, a fantasy fanatic or a sci-fi aficionado, a comics geek or an art lover. ENJOY OUR ADVANCED READER • Stream manga to read without filling up your device’s storage • Download manga to read offline • Bookmark your favorite moments • Purchase once, read on any iOS device • Use landscape mode to view awe-inspiring 2-page spreads as they were drawn SHONEN JUMP MEMBERS GET MORE! • Becoming a member unlocks the Shonen Jump digital vault of 10,000+ manga chapters! • Catch up on current hits from any point, revisit old favorites from the beginning, and discover new series • Includes nearly every series Shonen Jump has published in English, including the mega-hits Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer, Chainsaw Man, and Death Note!

And lots more! • ONLY $1.99/month (USD*)! Start your 7-day free trial today! *Prices may vary to reflect your local currency. Shonen Jump Membership Details · All payments will be charged to your iTunes account. · Monthly subscriptions will auto-renew through your iTunes account unless you cancel 24 hours before the end of your current subscription period. · You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. · Our Privacy Policy can be viewed at: http://www.viz.com/privacy · Our Terms of Use can be viewed at: http://www.viz.com/terms Questions? Comments? Please let us know at [email protected]

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