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Vittle Pro Video Whiteboard

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Vittle Pro Video Whiteboard

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User Reviews for Vittle Pro Video Whiteboard

Vittle is slowly replacing pencil and paper for me

Vittle is probably my most used app on my iPad Pro. I use it in place of paper and pencil. As it stands, my only suggestion is to add the ability to write and draw in portrait mode. Sometimes I prefer that orientation for working math problems.

astroclubguy, Jul 13, 2017
Annoying thump at beginning of every recorded video

I think this app would be GREAT!... However, at the very beginning of EVERY video, there is an annoying THUMP sound that cannot be removed from the app. I have email the company with feedback on this and their recommendation was an external mic. Unfortunately, the new iPads do not have earphone/external mic connector so I am forced to use wireless microphone/earphones. Unfortunately, this app does not allow/work with external mic/earphones (I verified this by use external mic with voice memos app and it worked perfectly - but NOT with Vittle). The only work around I have found is recording video within Vittle and then transferring the video to iMovie and taking out the THUMP at the beginning of the movie (just remember to start your video and wait a couple of seconds before you start it so you have plenty of room to take the annoying THUMP out later). I am still hopeful they will have an update that will correct this, what I believe to be, major issue at some point. I would give this app 5 stars IF there were more ability to edit the actual video within the Vittle app AND if the THUMP was removed. Thanks!

brianrouth, Dec 11, 2018
Re-ordering Scenes

This would be a five star product, except I cannot move scenes around in my videos. I am wondering if something happened in the last update to make it impossible to move them on the iPad Pro. I was able to move scenes around in my videos two days ago, and now, my only option is to delete them. This app is amazing for virtual teaching, but I am beyond annoyed that the editing options are so limited.

Ibetthisisnottaken, Apr 08, 2020
Solid white board app

Vittle is definitely a solid white board app and a welcome addition to the other white board apps currently on the App Store. That said there are a couple features that really should be added.1. Needs to be able to accept keyboard input. As a math teacher, I am using this to help students with word problems and typing word problems is much faster and clearer in a presentation.2. Support Apple Pencil. Yes you can use the Apple Pencil as an input device but since it needs to integrate the palm detection that the Apple Pencil has. Again, this has to do with the quality of presentation. Not only is it easier to use the Apple Pencil with its palm detection that feature also improves handwriting which is very important.

kodaxx, Jun 19, 2017

App is intuitive and versatile for sooooo many projects! I love teaching as if I was with a whiteboard at a university classroom! The developer's commitment to UX earned my trust & loyalty. I trust them to accept feedback and grow with the ever-evolving digital era and its capabilities. Well worth the investment, especially considering the subscription rates for similar SaaS. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

KPSteel, May 13, 2017
No shapes, limited colors to show at top, wonky text color editor box

Vittle pro isn’t bad but it isn’t a 5 star product worth $24. Two major features block it from being great and several “huh” locations of items cause head scratching. (1) Shapes are missing. Simple shapes such as circle, square, line, arrow should be available for any recording software. The absence of these makes the product less valuable.(2) There are only four spots above the recording area for colors. Each color can be set to a virtually limitless color — but this means only four colors can be used during a recording without taking the time to make adjustments.It would be nice if the product developers also considered easy ways to import Google slides. Maybe I’m just missing the “import” but Add doesn’t do anything but images and text.The location for changing the background is in a crazy place. Worse, change the background to black, change the text color to white and the text disappears from the pop up box to edit text. Now that’s crazy!It’s understandable if people are giddy about a simple recording software - but there are tons out there - and paying $24 should bring a software product miles beyond the others. I with the developers well. It isn’t easy and maybe you’ll consider adding these features. Best wishes.

LPH2.0, Feb 08, 2020
Vittle Pro is the BEST!

I'm still learning how to take full advantage of this app, but - especially with the Apple Pencil, I am lovin' it! This app makes everything so much easier to share explanations and ideas with students online. And, there's no end to the creativity you can express in presentations.

mollyblue, Jul 21, 2017
Almost 5 stars. Can we have more than 4 colors on deck? And adjustable eraser?

It’s pretty good, and I’m enjoying it... but I would really appreciate if we could have more than 4 colors on deck. There’s plenty of space in the UI at the top to add a few more color spots. Or if we could change the preselected colors to save our own colors over the manufacturer selected ones. There’s currently 4 spots for colors but adding a few more would really speed up things instead of selecting each time I need a 5th or something. The biggest thing to be improved though is the eraser: it’s far too big sometimes. Please let us either erase by line or adjust the size of the eraser. The next one is a longshot but I’d like to be able to export MP4s directly instead of MOV files. Lastly, how about a highlighter tool?

mysteriousmountains, Jun 24, 2020
Great intuitive app

Simple and efficient. There are no unnecessary gimmicky ads and useless features. Just a bare boned app that does what it is supposed to. Great for teaching. I would love to be able to view segments of a video without having to stop the video. Just a minor feedback. When apps are a great at combining functionality, design and real world - I feel very happy owning an iPad. I do wish I had the iPad Pro with pencil. Just a minor gripe. Maybe next purchase. Happy with iPad Air 2 for now. Great effort. Keep it up.

Née than en ponvasantham, Jul 19, 2017
Great App for educators

Got Vittle to develop content to go beyond PowerPoint for both online and flipped traditional undergrad business classes. Still in my early stages of adopting Vittle, but have been amazed at how well the features match what I've been looking for. Better yet, the interface so far has been intuitive and clear. It is shaping up to be one of my main tools going forward.

RickRockinReview, Jul 10, 2017


Create Video Screencasts from your Photos and Slides. Vittle lets you easily narrate and annotate your photos and PDF slide decks to create highly engaging videos. CREATE VIDEO SCREENCASTS, JUST BY WRITING AND SPEAKING Import a PDF from Keynote, PowerPoint, or elsewhere into Vittle.

Drop in photos from your camera roll. Hit record, and start talking. It's that easy. Vittle works like a magic whiteboard that records what you write and say: - Annotate images and sketch using the ultra-smooth ink of our proprietary Inkflow Engine, - Resize and move anything around the page, - Zoom in to focus on key points, - Describe even complex topics in a clear and engaging way. - Record quick memos or entire lectures - hours and hours if you like, - Use any color you want with the fully customizable color palette, - Import PDFs of your slide decks, - Use sophisticated storytelling techniques with the Camera Lock tool, - And more. POST VIDEOS TO YOUTUBE, SHARE THEM WITH ANYONE Use Vittle to flip your classroom, or create engaging explainer videos for your products. Quickly annotate slides and share a video recording with your colleagues. Get your point across exactly and in an impactful way. Collaborate across time and space with any number of people. Create personalized videos for your family and friends. Narrate your adventures with your photos. Stay in touch no matter where you are. VIDEO FILES THAT YOU OWN AND CONTROL Vittle produces video files that you own. They can be easily shared on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, or elsewhere. You can also email videos directly, or securely post them to your company server. No third party service is needed. NO WAITING There's no lengthy encoding step or extra compressors to buy. Videos are ready the moment you stop recording, even on older devices. PRO FEATURES FOR PRO EDUCATORS Additional features in Vittle Pro include: + Import PDF slide decks and documents from Keynote, PowerPoint, and more. + Type text with multiple fonts. + 1080P HD (vs. 720P) Widescreen videos. + Adjust video speed 1.0 - 2.0x. + Camera lock and smooth pan. + Custom page background colors. + Color-Select (separate ink by color). + Flip selected ink. + Export to PDF and JPEG. + And more! THE FUTURE OF CREATIVITY We strongly believe that the iPad is a powerful creativity device. Vittle is a new kind of tool that's designed specifically with the iPad in mind. We can't wait to see what you'll do with it!

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