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User Reviews for VITA - Video Editor & Maker

“Damaged File Included”

So I wanted to record a cool train video with only photos. Basically a stop motion. When I had gathered my pictures I proceeded and got a good stop motion of my train. I then wanted to export it and have it saved to my photo gallery. When I pressed export it took a second and said “Damaged file included” I thought this was weird as nothing was deleted and I have enough storage on my phone. If you could also go into more detail explaining which particular file is causing this issue, that would be greatly appreciated. That is the only issue I have experienced with this app but otherwise the interface and easy editing is cool. Until this problem gets looked at, I might have to find alternative editing applications to get as this can’t be allowed. I also think that along with pointing out the damaged file, there would be a system to let me know which file is damaged and what I can do about it. That is really all of the complaints I have about this video editing application.

Alldamnnamestaken, Jun 08, 2021
GREAT but needs tweaking

This app is wonderful and it’s amazing for editing your videos for fun, I am going thoroughly into all the positive things first before the ONE thing that bothers me that I must talk about. This app has no purchases no watermark it’s absolutely amazing, the filters are so pretty and flawless. Many ways to make editing possible without the stress of needing a premium that costs loads of money. This app saved me about $50 instead of paying for other the apps that have no potential anyways, this app is therefore all free and offers a lot more tools and editing options and your not limited to creating amazing edits. The thing is the app starts to build up a lot of storage it has taken up 4GB before it is a little irritating to deal with especially if you have extracted audio. It also has copyrighted music though and so my videos are copyright claimed so I am not exactly earning anything sadly. Anyways this app is great I would get it! Go use it now for every single thing free! BUT PLEASE GET NON COPYRIGHT MUSIC

Beansmoney, Dec 02, 2020
Unfinished and riddled with bugs

So far there has been no issues with saving data or exporting so if you choose to use VITA for it’s price tag (free) then you can at least be assured your data will not be lost or corrupted. The app hardly works consistently! Menu options lead to deeper menu options that give you no way of returning to the previous menu without force closing the app. THAT is an unfinished application if I’ve ever seen one. The worst feature of this app is “drag to reorder clips”. Once you drag and drop the clip you will be stuck in a viewing mode that is glitched and will not allow you to navigate through the video’s timeline. Not to mention it is impossible to reorder the clips unless by complete luck or chance since the sensitivity on the timeline navigation is too high. If there are in-app purchases or subscription services, I recommend canceling and seeking out a refund until this application can be called a completed functional app. If the developers would like to take any of my advice, feel free to contact me via icloud and I will be happy to screen record all of your faults.

derekhatesappleproducts, Jul 20, 2021
BEST APP FOR EDITING!!! Download right now!

This app literally has saved me money and literally my life. I use this app to do presentations for my school and literally it’s so easy and it doesn’t make you stress. And everything is for free. If you need to put in a song you can either do you’re own music or record music and extract it from photos which is literally sooooooo nice one of my favorite features. Second thing if you need any gif, text, stickers or slide translations everything is for free and many chooses to chose from. There are many fonts and aesthetics to choose from and it’s literally so cute. They added a new future which you can choose the style. Another thing I love about this besides everything is free and easy to use is when you delete or leave the app everything that you worked on is safely saved in the app and all you have to do is open the app and pick the project either finish it or save it in you’re photos or post in you’re social media. LITERALLY it’s that easy. Everyone download rn you won’t regret it I swear. I love love love down to earth love this app

dhnAysjtsiydoudulrykdgvbvvvvv, May 30, 2021
Good but needs more Categorieso

Hello, so im not new to vita, but i have been using vita for tik toks and stuff but what this needs is new videos I’ve been seeing the same videos in all the different categories so every time that I get a notification that says new video has come out or new sections of it has been having you videos or whatever all it showing me is the same videos what I would like to see is more new videos from different people also I would like to be able to have more categories such as happy sad or for all different holidays I would love to see some sad ones because my dog has passed away five years ago and today is the anniversary so I would love to see some sad sad category overall this is an amazing app and I would love to see some new updatesThe app overall is amazing and I feel that this would be at least a four star rating I wish this is kind of like TikTok almost where you see

iphone627171, Feb 03, 2022
Awesome, but one thing..

This app is amazing! It has all the great features to create a breathtaking video. It is very fun and I use it all the time, sometimes my friends and I make videos just so we can edit them and make us look funny🦸‍♀️. There is one problem and that is if you split the video it does the whole rest of the video(or most of it) it is really annoying. When you try to pull it back to where you want it get’s rid of all the stuff in it’s way(kind of like a tornado or tsunami). Although it has a couple problems that NEED to be fixed, it is a really good game! You are able to text whenever, add stickers, music, images, text; and change the fonts to make it look bulky or highlighted, like a computer message, a text bubble, and a lot more! I totally recommend this to anybody who wants to be fun with it or is looking into being a YouTuber, insta-grammer, or tiktoker!

KITTY AT K, Aug 12, 2021
LOVE IT but...

This app is one of the best fun editing apps that I’ve come across. There’s no many different options and routes that you can go with any video you choose to create. I’d made a few videos the first week of me having the app. The only problem I’ve recently ran into is that for some reason a couple of my videos that I was still in the process of editing, when I would go onto it, it sort of freezes and none of what I had (the pics, videos & special effects) shows up. It still shows that is a video and it’s been made but it fails to present itself when the project loads. I would suggest having a spot or a folder where you can put your videos in that still needs to be edited and a spot/folder for those are you have completed. I would also give the suggestion of having the option to view your video as if the project was done instead of rewatching it while it’s still in the editing form. I would also suggest having some type of video project refresher to help fix the type of situation I have just in case that becomes a thing people start to run into. Other than that, I believe it’s a great app and it can definitely help you create some very nice videos.

LivyQueen, Aug 19, 2020
It’s great but...

I love the app it’s free and has sooo many cool features. It’s an amazing app for being free, but there is some problems. Now I have been using this app for like 5 months now so I have used this app. There are a lot of problems like the app crashing and shutting off, I have no idea why it does this I have tried so many things but it doesn’t seem to fix the problem. There is a really big problem about this app. There was an edit I spent about 7 hours on and It would lag a lot like I couldn’t watch the second half without it lagging. So I thought to my self if I export it that will fix everything since that’s what I did with my other edit, boy was I wrong, but not about the export because I bet if I could export it it wouldn’t lag but I couldn’t export it at all. It would just go about more than half way then it would crash and Trust me I’ve tried everything so I spent 7 hours on this edit and it is my favorite edit but this app is just so frustrating you can’t work on it. I really want to export my edit so badly but I can’t and it would just be sad for people to work on and edit more than I did and realize It won’t work. This just made me not want to use this app anymore and probably a bunch more other people. So Vita I am begging you please fix this problem.

Matthew264959153840462, Dec 31, 2020
Awesome but i hate this glitch

so ive had this other editing app since the first time ive used the ipad its called CapCut its great but then the VITA AD showed it looked interesting i downloaded it asap the first day i used it was Saturday September 4 it worked great took pics of my family and added the anime effect the next day we went to the mall when i was home i was soo eagert to go on VITA to finish my "ten types of intros" vid it was great it kicked me out a few times (well just one time) the second time it kicked me out the the title was grey i went Into it it said something happend that a few photos were DEALETED as soon as i read "dealeted" I was so worried that the whole thing erased because i had already erased the ten types of intro photos i went in and.... My channel intro٫ the fake peoples intros٫ almost the effects texts and GIFEYS were GONE i was so frustrated i didnt want to be too mean so i give it a 4 please fix!!

me love kawaii, Sep 05, 2021
Dude I hate it

So when I tried it I noticed a lot of it required pro and Basicly nothing was free, it’s hard to edit, takes for ever to save, and crashes, I’ve downloaded king master and I use a screen recorded er for all my vids I also use a special effect app I saw so, you should download them, only thing is that the special effect app I have crashes ALOT, but it saves ur progress, their all free, there is a pro on line master but you don’t really need it, for me it takes a while to save the vids but it’s really easy to edit, you can download tons of music, layer stickers, texts, and FX. King master is a very fun app as well, when I use it, it’s fun to see how it looks, there’s an easy to follow tutorial, easy preview, and easy save, only problem is you can’t download any really good music, but I have that problem with almost all the editing apps on here, so it’s not new, this app has the same problem so I recommend three apps, KINE MASTER, EFFECTS, SCREEN RECORDER, thanks for reading this and I’m sorry if you don’t like my opinion there’s also a king master 6 but I recommend using 5 since it’s easier!

MittzyMae, Jun 09, 2022


VITA is a simple & easy video editing app with all features you need for videography! Start creating amazing videos with all the high-quality features in VITA. - Export videos in full HD quality. - Speed up & add slow motion with the video speed option. - Add video transitions to make your videos look more cinematic. - Make aesthetic videos with dreamy glitch, glitter, and bling effects. - Apply filters to your videos for color grading. - Select songs from the music library to enrich your videos. - Create your own vlogs with quick and easy video templates. - Use pre-made fonts and animated texts & customize with strokes, shadows, and colors. - Collage and overlay videos with PIP to make clone videos. Face Technology by SenseTime

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