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Vintage Photo Frames, Grunge & Retro Photo Effects

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Vintage Photo Frames, Grunge & Retro Photo Effects

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Ankur Chauhan
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User Reviews for Vintage Photo Frames, Grunge & Retro Photo Effects

Terrible deleting after review

The app says give a five star review to remove adds. Did it twice. You can’t even use the app because of all the ads. Every button you click provides a new add. Simply terrible

adsarekillngmyjoy, May 28, 2022
Need lots of improvements

The finished project won’t saved on my picture file on my ipad. The only way to save my work is email it to me. I sent a request email for assistance and I did not get a response and it’s more than a month now. I purchased the app to avoid seeing Ads however, everytme I go back in Ads still showing. I had to click “Restore Purchase” every time I have to use the App. Their star rating is defaulted into two stars as I tried to give them 1 star but it is not allowing me to do that. Whoever the developer of this need has a poor customer service.

arletturr, Mar 07, 2021
Nice frames, but...

Just wish you could rotate frames using the same photo without completely starting over. A scroll bar at the bottom would allow for choosing frames quickly.Nice choice of frames though. Better than most.

BingozQueen, Dec 20, 2019
Clunky UI and ads

(Rated 2 stars) Nice selection of frames, but the app UI is so bad, I got too frustrated to even finish my picture. The frames are of static size, and rotating an image is such a nightmare that I just gave up. And it’s “free”, probably since the amount of brain cells sifting through ads and popups is priceless.

CallieAnne21, Nov 15, 2021
Rotation of pictures

Nice app, but some pictures won’t sit in the frame, they bounce to the side and become blocked by the preset borders. Some frame have a black background and looks perfect with the image I insert but when I accept the background frame color changes to white. This app have many frames to choose from and I like that, would just like more opportunity to be able to rotate and manipulate the images better. Thanks!

Empress-S, Feb 19, 2022
Try it out

I have used this app on several photos and it has worked beautifully. You do have to ‘play’ with the different frames but you can get the effects you want. Recommend people to try it.

Jacqwai, Sep 19, 2021
Looks good

From what I can see, looks pretty good. Lots of frames for sure. Many are celebration... ok but not serious presentation. Suggestion: add additional frames that can be considered professional, perhaps frames you would consider hanging in your living room rather a museum or party house.One concern I have is related to my privacy. Why would I consider sharing my photos. Since you prompted my I'm not sure I can trust you will not override and extract without my permissions.

Master-and-Commander, Jan 01, 2020
Very good digital framing app

I used to digitally frame my photos from my iPhone gallery with the Eli Wilner IOS app, eWilner; but it became inaccessible with a an IOS update in 2017. Vintage Frames does the same thing as eWilner app but even better, because it does it hassle-free. This truly is a very good app for photo framing. Thank you very much.Nabil Jamal

Nabil N. Jamal, PhD, Feb 11, 2021
Sizing and rotating

Yes I love all the frames you have but trying to get a pic in the box correctly is hard trying to zoom out or make the pic bigger to fit is hard to do when you have big fingers and trying to rotate need a rotate button to push would make things easier but I will give it a try cause this was my first time trying to fit my pic in there then I will write another review when I try and play with it more cause I want to be honest and give it a worth while try. Thank you for all the free frames too!

nanaoenny, Sep 17, 2022
Good photo app

Sure, there are plenty of ads, but it’s a free version of the game! How do you think developers make money? (I’m not one but I know a few) They spend a lot of time and money for our enjoyment. If you want to play the game, either pay for the ad-free version, or accept the ads as your “payment.”

Sheshenw, Oct 19, 2022


Vintage Photo Frames Decorate your photos with these incredible frames, choose a photo from the gallery or take a photo with the camera, then apply the frame that you like and you can save the photo, share with friends or upload to social networks Facebook, Twitter , email etc ... Features : - Select a funny image from your phone gallery and use this image editor to decorate it! - Capture a happy pic with your camera and apply one of wonderful camera effects to it! - Rotate, scale, zoom, zoom out or drag the photo to fit the pic frames as you like! - Choose from many photo templates inspired by funny situations and try them all out! - Enjoy excellent design with simple and intuitive touch gestures! - Save your cute photo and share it instantly on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Note: All image made by own.

Photo with fun,enjoy.

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