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User Reviews for ViewExif

Fantastic app

Love this app-shows pictures in each file instead of all together! For a quick view of a pic you just tap on that album and there it is,,no more having to look through all your pics to find that special one.😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

alltodoaboutnothing, Jan 31, 2019
Somewhat confusing

Lacks intuitive interface.

Dentisto, Nov 25, 2020
Been great for years

This is a great geeky toy to see where a photo was taken or how large a video is. Other useful data is provided as well. I use this app regularly.

Fat Tribble, Nov 29, 2017
gives most info l need

data details like file size. its a shamefor app to hide this info from everyone. and make ppl purchase an app for it. no file name change. no video description. turning device 90* buggy. no list files. but works for ios9.0. and it's small. Does it really charge me 1$ every month??

Green engine, Dec 25, 2020
Nice design, displays bad info

This good looking and well-designed app doesn’t work for many images. Apparently can’t handle when other apps modify images. For example, I have a Shortcut that converts images to HEIC. This app thinks they’re jpegs and provides bad info about file name and size. Not sure why it does this, but Photos on Mac or other iOS apps report correct info.

jd2020, Jan 02, 2021
Doesn’t delete metadata

I wanted to remove inaccurate metadata. When I selected “Save without Metadata” the new copy it made still had some metadata from the image, and also added today’s date as the image date, which was also incorrect. I had hoped that the app would result in a metadata screen that was all blank, not add false data.

jumpin jabberwocky, Jul 08, 2020
Can I revert to the old version?

Great app. Latest update has additional XML format of the EXIF but likely made the app heavier. The Photos app has crashed multiple times since the update a week ago. I had 0 crashes for the past year of using it. How can we revert to the old version?

Noahbuzz, Jul 24, 2017
No sidecar api support for GPS tagged photos by GeoTagr

I use GeoTagr to add GPS data to my photos. It stores the GPS info in a sidecar or seperate file next to the photo. Some apps, as an extension in photos, using the newer API’s from apple - can view the photo and the gps info (for example Metapho), but this app doesn’t. Which is a shame, as I liked the position of the map at the top (as shown in the screenshot promoting this app).

Sengoku_us, Aug 31, 2018
Doesn’t work in iOS 15.2 & Video Issue

App doesn’t work in iOS 15.2. Fix it!App has no problems reading GPS data from pics sent through text or iMessage, but it cannot do the same with videos. Asks for permission to local photo library and the video isn’t even saved there. Not only that, but even after you grant it that permission, it still doesn’t work. You need to figure this out because it’s always had this problem or shortcoming.

SwankPeRFection, Dec 20, 2021
Overall good, missing one thing

Very useful app. I like that it can be used directly from photos with the action extension since I don’t want to open another app or give it access to all my photos. There are several of viewers/editors in the App Store but not many allow you to view description in IPTC. Make sure there are no line breaks in your description or it won’t all show up. One shortcoming is this app cuts off long descriptions.* PLEASE add the ability to copy text from the description to the clipboard (extra points if you include 3D Touch). This would make it truly useful.

Zpectrym, Dec 08, 2017


ViewExif is a powerful metadata tool for your photos. With the help of ViewExif, you can not only view metadata of photos, but also edit and remove metadata in photo. Besides, it has an app extension, so you can view metadata right in Photos app.

Being able to read exif tags can be of great importance not only for beginners, but also for other photographers who want to find out what settings and tools were used to create a particular photograph. For those people who want to protect privacy, this app is useful for you as well. When you send photos via email or share on social network, your personal information (geo location, taken date etc) is shared as well. If you upset to share those information, ViewExif is able to remove it before sharing. Features: * Display EXIF tags: Dimensions, Taken Date, ISO Speed, F Number, Exposure Time, Focal Length and more. * Display IPTC tags: Star Ratings, Keywords, Description etc. * Display geo location on map. * Add star ratings, keywords and description on photo * Remove metadata from photo * Supported image formats (JPG, PNG, TIFF, HEIC) and RAW formats (CR2, NEF, DNG). * Share photo w/o metadata on Twitter, Facebook, email. * App extension for Photos app and 3rd-party apps such as Dropbox, FileExplorer etc. * Dark Mode ===== CONTACT US ===== Email: [email protected] Twitter: @SkyjosApps

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