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Videoleap: AI Video Editor

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User Reviews for Videoleap: AI Video Editor


Overall it’s an outstanding app; you can do a lot of cool edits without paying. I’m not sure how VLPro goes as far as advantages because I haven’t subscribed myself. Some things I would suggest is to fix the extremely choppy speed. Speeding up is rather fine, but slowing a clip down makes it super choppy. Another thing I would fix is the crashing. Hasn’t happened in awhile again but if there are too many fine details, it kicks you out, and with personal experience, heats up your phone from overloading (might just be me). Without pro, you can no longer work on your edit after you have downloaded it and closed the app. But if you don’t download it and wish to work it later, it will still be able to be worked on even with closing the app. So speaking for myself, the only issues are speed/choppy clips once slowed down, and potentially bug fixes. Guaranteed if the tool to speed down is fixed to be SUPER smooth, tons of people would get/pay for the app because velocity edits is arguably the biggest trend currently. Otherwise it’s great. I may buy the pro version.

101221004, May 25, 2021
The ultimate bait & switch

When you find an app that serves a purpose, helps you, and is a useful tool, you find value in that. I was going to buy the lifetime upgrade when it was $69, but hesitated and the price went up to $199. Ultimately I said yes and used the app frequently. The templates were very helpful to speed up the process & time spent in making good clips whether for myself or a client. Then one day, Videoleap changed the program and the once “all access” “lifetime fee” was pulled/changed and they started selling the access that once came with the paid version, and charging a dollar per template. I wrote in to inquire why they’d charge for something that was part of the in app lifetime purchase, but they didn’t care. Fast forward weeks later and what was erroneously costing a dollar is now $10. That right, in spite of paying $199 for the lifetime access, now to use any template made by whomever (not the company), they additionally charge $10 EACH. The bottom line is that Videoleap would cut your arm off to sell it back to you. I don’t see how the powers that be there could care less about the end user. Your actions speak loudly. Great job garnering tens of thousands of good reviews before you pulled the rug out on everyone. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. The heck of it is that it’s a really great app for functionality. But you’ll never know the end of what they’ll charge you to use it at any point.

10StarMike, May 25, 2023
Glitches after ios 13 update

I have been a paid subscriber for this app for about two years, it is by far the most intuitive and versatile video editing app I have ever used. I use it daily. However after the ios 13 update there are some critical glitches that render some basic functions of video editing unusable: there is now an inability to mute volume on some clips without it causing audio failure for a project, thus rendering a project useless even after trying to reverse the edit. There is also a consistent “freezing” of video scrubbing which makes detailed editing impossible without constantly reloading the app. I have a 7+ and had no issues until the ios 13 update, however these are critical glitches that a paid video editor needs to correct in my opinion, especially the audio issues as detailed audio ability is not only a highlight of the app, it’s a basic function of video editing in general (the ability to successfully adjust volume of a clip and final product). Also, attempting to seek help from within the app itself in order to send error logs/etc does not currently work either, however customer support does respond by emailing them directly and that’s positive. Fixing the glitches is still needed however and is somewhat unacceptable for a paid app.

22Trent22, Nov 07, 2019
This app fell off

I started using this app 2 years ago when I first started editing. Ever since that more and more features got added, which is great, but my main problem with that is that is almost every feature they have added is a pro feature, which limits a lot of people. For example, they added a new upgraded effects pack. But most of that is pro, and almost all of the old effects used to be free. Another thing involving premium is that every time you open the app adds pop up, which is understandable because you need marketing, but what I’m really mad about here is that if you did 2 layers or more, it counts as a pro feature. And if you use a pro feature, you cannot export it. And if your thinking of trying to screen record it, it blurs your screen. and when your done with the recording, it says in a pop up “Nice try.” which is really a slap in the face, which forces you to get pro to export it. And the difference between 2 years ago and now is that features that they had 2 years ago as free, are now pro features. And it’s just makes me angry that people really could have gotten this app 2 years ago and got a lot of features free. And it’s bad that people like me, who are people that don’t want to spend their money on editing, can’t really use this app very well, because of these features.

brandobot2012, May 31, 2023
Videoleap if you are seeing this, plz read it.

Hello, I am loving this amazing app. It is THE BEST editing app thats available for the phone and I love it so much. This app lets you work with so much and is easy to use and make amazing professional looking videos, I’m not joking. If you don’t like editing on the computer this is for you. NOW VIDEOLEAP! I have been using this app, not many problems. BUT that’s is one. I’ve been working on this dope family project that I filmed on my amazing iPhone which can take 4k 60 fps quality, so I used that setting for my vlog. So I was editing my project saved what I had at 4k 60 fps quality, then started to work on the other half. Now the video is 13 minutes long, I go and save the video like I always do(I have the monthly subscription) and then BOOM it’s says “canceled”, and then it says “Whoops something went wrong please try and save your project again.” I have tried saving my “project again” 9 times. I have tried saving it at a lower fps level, I have enough storage, my phone is completely updated. I need help with this problem. So if you can’t help me VideoLeap I might just have to find another better editing app and soon.

Coolgame3583, Jun 12, 2022
It’s an awesome app for editing, but…

I usually use this app to edit together my medium length vlogs, and it was my favorite because it had a lot of features that most video editing apps do not! It has a really cool layer feature that comes in handy when wanting to insert a song of your choice, or even just to layer a video! Though, now that they have limited the length on how long your videos can be, I basically no longer have use for the app. I’m broke, so I don’t really have the option of buying the monthly subscription, especially because I don’t always have vlogs to edit every single week, so I wouldn’t really be getting my money’s worth. This feature used to be available for everyone and I don’t think it’s fair to basically force people to buy an unlimited length when they’re just trying to edit a video for their own personal use. I’m currently on the hunt for a good app that I could use instead to edit, but so far it’s been really hard to top this one. If the length limit was gone, I would definitely redownload this app and give it a full five star!

Cosplaykitti, Sep 24, 2021
Absolutely AMAZING but, needs a few changes

I absolutely LOOOOVE THIS APP. It’s very easy to use. The app gives you lots, and LOTS of freedom too. And it’s perfect for YT. But, a few changes need to be made. First change should be the time limit thing. Pretty much the “time limit thing” is where if the video is over like two minutes long, you need to buy the deluxe version. Buying deluxe wouldn’t be a problem but.... I’m super broke. Also, the masking tool could be upgraded, like you can make custom masking. You may be thinking, “Well how I supposed to make money from this??” well... you could have the deluxe version auto mask, like people, faces, animals, etc.. My last change is for the background, instead of just having blurred backgrounds, and colored backgrounds. You could have the same video next to the video, sorta like a grid of videos. The videos for the grid would be the same size as the original video, and would be fixed right next to the video. For the money making part of the grid, you would be able to make the grid videos blurry, or something like that.

Fall Hard2, Apr 10, 2021
Needs More

This app is amazing to use, and very simple to understand. I’ve made multiple really cool special effect videos for my TikTok account, and it’s all because of this app.The only things that I can think of at the moment about what this app needs is a bigger resistance against crashing, something it does a lot of when handling too many tiny details at once, like zooming in on a clip with multiple editing points, as well as a custom masking feature.I often get annoyed by my limitations with the masking feature because I’ve used After Effects and Premier Pro before, but they’re just too expensive, but their masking feature is unbeatable. I would like to be able to work with a more flexible masking tool rather than having to figure out how I can get the line, or the mirror, or rectangle, or circle mask to work for me. If I could bend the line tool, I could definitely pull off SOOO many cooler effects. I don’t have all the (physical) recording space in the world, or the best recording equipment (An iPhone 8’s camera and microphone) and I can work with what I have. If I had better lighting tools, a dolly, an actual tripod, external microphones for secondary audio, and more space to record my videos, I could make some higher level videos, but I don’t have that and I’m still making some good videos. But that masking tool can be a real nightmare, but it’s also the only option I got.Also, if we could stretch/warp video shapes and sizes, that could be pretty cool.

J.D. Cornelius, Apr 11, 2020
Top Fan To Top Disappointed

I’ve had this app since early 2019, I would want to say around January of 2019 and I absolutely loved it, it was something fun and easy to use but then in late January of this year a watermark had been added to the app which completely ruined all of my unreleased or unfinished projects due to a watermark hiding half of the screen, however I still used it hoping that it would go away soon and in (I want to say maybe April it did, the watermark was gone and I felt happy, I had started using the app more and had uninstalled Capcut however earlier this month(which is June) a time limit has been added and it’s safe to say I’m going to uninstall this app, it’s just time to let go of it. I’ve faced constant disappointment with these updates but this one just pushes it. How could you say it can make “Artistic Videos and Hollywood Films but make your time limit shorter than a movie trailer. Over half of the things in the description are with a premium that no one wants to buy, this app is started to get more and more restricted after every update, I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of the summer you would have to pay to create a video.

Jay Howell GmD, Jun 09, 2021
It’s improved, but also gotten worse

I’m not a professional editor nor am I even close but I’ve always used this app to edit EVERYTHING and even with some slight issues every now and then it’s always been my go to. It’s been the app I always recommend to people but now I can’t edit a video over 2 minutes without paying for it. Before it was free and I could manage without the subscription but after this change either I’m forced to pay for it or I have to find a new app. Because of this I won’t be recommending it to friends who wanna get into simple and basic editing since no one likes to pay for an editing app when they don’t even know if they will edit as often as others but for me it’s definitely too short when most of the stuff I use it for is longer then 10 minutes. Regardless they do have a free trial so if you want a simple editing app and have some extra money laying around its great but if you just want something simple and free to use then unless you’re editing one minute videos for tiktok or Instagram I wouldn’t recommend it. There’s other apps you can use for free or better paid editing apps that are worth the extra money. Sure it’s not a “lot” of money but it’s still over $5 which I don’t blame the app developers for wanting some more money.

JoseTheCrazy, Jun 09, 2021


Experience seamless video creation with Videoleap by Lightricks! With an intuitive editor, premade templates, and the latest AI tools, Videoleap is your go-to video editor catering to every need, for anyone. Get access to hundreds of professional tools including video effects, filters, transitions, music and audio effects, green screen and more.

Start from scratch or choose from our vast selection of ready-to-use templates for Reels, TikToks, YouTube Shorts, or wherever you like! Download Videoleap now to start creating and sharing amazing videos today. AI Video Editor: Take advantage of our full AI video editor by streamlining video creation and transforming the styles of your videos into extraordinary content. • AI Video Effects- Apply incredible AI presets to your images and videos in a tap. • Premade AI Templates-Remake 100s of mind-blowing AI templates using your own assets. • Remove objects from video with AI-Vanish unwanted elements from videos. Video Editing Tools: • Keyframe animations. • Green Screen/Chroma Key compositing. • Fit video clips to format - place clips on blank or colored canvas. • Non-destructive video editing. • Unlimited undo/redo. • Intuitive timeline with zoom for frame by frame precision. • Video speed controller- slow down for dramatic effects or speed up the action. Creative platform: • Remake trending edits with a tap from our community feed • Connect with other creators • Share your creativity and own templates with the community Video Special Effects: • Glitches, Rays, Flare, Prism, Defocus, Colorfy, Pixelate, Chromatic Aberration and more! • Text: variety of trendy fonts, emojis, shadow, colors, opacity, and blending. • Variety of unique filters to set the mood you want in a snap. Creative Cinematic Compositions: • Mix videos & images together to create double exposures and artistic looks. • Layer-based editing! Add videos, effects, text and images then reorder them however you like. • Customize layers with transformation, masking, and blending modes. • Apply seamless, cinematic transitions to your clips such as Zoom, Fade, Dissolve. • Motion tracking & keyframes- track and sync objects in footage with other elements to match their movement. Precise Video Editing & Rich Possibilities: • Clip editing: trim, split, duplicate, flip, mirror, transform. • Color correction: adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and more. • Change aspect ratio and fit clips automatically. • Customize the color of your background. • Blur backgrounds. Sound Editing: • Over 100 sound effects! • Dub audio and voice overs. • Control audio volume and apply equalizer presets. • Sync videos to the rhythm of the music. And More! • In-app stock footage, including green videos and overlays! • Helpful mini-tutorials within each feature. • Projects are auto-saved. Work on them whenever, wherever. • Preview your work with full screen. Download Videoleap now and discover the power of effortless video creation right from your iPhone! --------- - Terms of use: https://static.lightricks.com/legal/terms-of-use.pdf - Privacy policy: https://static.lightricks.com/legal/privacy-policy.pdf

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