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Vishal Singh
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User Reviews for Video Cam Pro

Great! Love it.

Just wished there wasn’t a 3 second delay to resume and a favorite or star or something to know which video chip you like and need to keep or that you’ve viewed already. There’s so many to go through and if it’s one right in the middle of the many that you want to save so you can merge with later, it’s hard to decipher which one.

3Hfarm, Apr 26, 2019
Video Cam Pro

Well done app! It would be helpful if recording could happen (showing small window) while looking at another app or looking at browser. So I could record my comments wile looking at a website.

Almontgreen, Dec 23, 2020
Video doesn’t last more than 2 minutes i’m on top of it I don’t have a sound

The video does not last more than 2 minutes and on top I don’t have audio

ChequeBCRRIL, Mar 07, 2021
Has a feature I needed.

There are many apps to record video. Strangely one of the most basic record functions is missing in even native smartphone video apps.I need to record>pause>record many times with little or no delay or added steps, then save the segments as a single video. The basic no cost Video Cam Pro provides this function. The record button is just the word record in small type at the bottom on the screen. I like it’s as far down the screen as possible but a small traditional pause/record button would be nice.

Distar97, Aug 27, 2020
Great video app!!

I just started using this app. I needed to be able to record and pause a video and also be able to share the video for school. After trying another app that didn’t allow me to share it. I found this app and it’s great!!!

EMTchick76, Jan 23, 2021
Bad but good.........

I have recorded very long videos many time and they were all at least 40 minutes and took a lot of my time when I could’ve been doing something else one time it had just stopped saving without an alert message before or after. another time I recorded a video that was an hour long and while saving it got up to 56% and then stopped saving and gave me a message that I didn’t have enough storage. and while that is my fault the video was nowhere to be found, it didn’t even stop saving and just let go back on the same recording, no, the video just deleted and it was a very important video. so overall it is a decent app but not one I would recommend. and if you were to try it out I suggest taking many precautions.

gabbyz827, Dec 31, 2018
Cool app, better for short vids

There’s a very cool app I like the features in the price(Free).For short videos little clips of the kids it seems to work awesome and is way better than editing post in my opinion. I liked it allows you to switch between the front and the back cameras. However I’ve been shooting in horizontal or landscape mode and it seems to in every multi cut video I may can usually there 10 to 15 cuts end up putting some of them completely upside down. Hopefully they’ll fix this in a future iteration

joshthelong, Oct 10, 2020
Best app for a video maker/enthusiasts

I love making workout videos and with this app its so much easier and better. I simply resume on a recorded video and continue recording further which is amazing. No need to download those merging video apps anymore. Loving it totally!

LaurenNat, Jun 05, 2018
Great app

So far, great app. Is there an option or a setting were the videos are automatically saved on the iPhone Library instead of going one by one to save them in the iPhone Library?

nanajazmin, Dec 25, 2021
Any other options available?

If I uninstall app and reinstall it, will I lose every single one of my videos(and edits)? When is the next release and What can I be looking forward to when the next release takes effect?In my previous review I mentioned that the app won’t allow me to turn on my microphone and camera in my phone settings. Is there something I’m doing incorrectly for phones microphone and camera not to be available/accessed? I am very anxious in getting this app back up and running. How long do I have to wait for definite answers and bug fixes?

ShMegs8, Jun 02, 2019


“Video Cam Pro” is a handy video recording app which helps you pause and resume recording on any video that is created by the app or saved in camera gallery. Very useful application to create video diaries, blog posts, travel videos, tutorial videos, workout videos and many more, as you can resume recording on any video shared by someone or your own videos. This application also provides you with an option to record from Front as well as Back camera in same video by switching the camera after pausing video.

No need to download video trimming and video merging softwares because “Video Camera Pro” provides you functionality to easily resume recording on any video created in past and share the recorded video from within the app. “Video Cam Pro” also provides a functionality to merge multiple videos together, Just select the videos in order you want them to be merged and tap “Merge” button. “Video Cam Pro” main features - -You can Pause/Resume video recording by selecting Pause/Resume button on camera screen. -You can record from Front as well as Back camera in same video by switching the camera after pausing video. -This application has setting to start recording video at launch. -You can resume recording on any video created in past. -You can resume recording on any video saved in camera gallery. -You can share a recorded video. -You can share, delete and merge multiple videos. -Auto save feature to stop and save recording automatically.

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