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VHS Vintage Camera And VHS Cam

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VHS Vintage Camera And VHS Cam

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User Reviews for VHS Vintage Camera And VHS Cam

One of the Most Dope VHS/Glitch App You Can Find!

I’ve downloaded a bunch of VHS apps to shoot some pho-vintage projects over the last few years and I can definitely say that this is one of the best ones I’ve gotten my hands on yet if you’re looking for that perfect glitchy-vhs app without the hassle of needling to make a bunch of extra in-app purchases. For anyone that has the same love for making nostalgic and glitchy media projects via iPhone, this is a pretty great tool to have in your VHS/Glitch app Arsenal. Most of us have countless different apps to get the desired effect we want because one app has something another doesn’t and most of the VHS/Vintage glitch apps are trash... NOT this one though! I pre-ordered this one and couldn’t wait for it to come out, honestly I was a little skeptical because if anyone else knows vhs/glitch apps like I do, you know most of them are far from what we are looking for... not to mention the fact you get very little to work with without making a bunch of in-app package purchases ((and even with the package purchases, it’s not what we want, it’s usually just the same try-hard filters with different names...)) this one though, this one is really dope and dependable when you learn how to use it! It offers so many different effects you don’t have to waste your time or money on because they’re already there and so simple to use! Definitely a must-have! I can’t say enough good things about it! :)

HailPizzaAndZeppelin, Apr 17, 2019
I have to convert a ratio to fit on it

When I started to import a video, it wouldn’t let me do that because I have to get a premium version of it which would be yearly. Whenever I tried to restore it, it said that purchase is respires since the last time in 2021 and that’s the year we’re in. Mom would like to try buying the premium version in order to import videos which is why I choose effects. When I changed effects, they’re so bad because I don’t like this decision. I chose the effect so it can be better. The more videos convert, the less videos play. I couldn’t see that because I checked the effects and they’re all changed. When I changed the date and format and font, I did this correctly. One thing that we can do is it would be to export this video. Thank you so much!

jacksonsock, Jun 18, 2021
4.99 a month for all the features? Why?

This app isn’t bad, in fact, it’s one of the better apps for this sub genre of apps. But, when you are trying to get all of the features, one of which is importing a video, the price you have to pay is ridiculous. I know app developers might want to make money, but this is just too much. A reasonable price would be a one time purchase of 4.99, I don’t know why it’d need to be a subscription. Almost every app with in-app purchases uses subscriptions, and they are most likely all overpriced. So, if the developer of this app is reading this, please don’t use subscriptions, consumers of these apps aren’t going to pay this ridiculous price.

Jeff Goldfish, Apr 03, 2020
GREAT APP!! But...

I love the cool filters on the app and definitely recommend downloading it! It’s only flaws are that you cannot edit photos on it and the sound effect is horrific. Every time I open the app I happen to have my earphones in and the shrill background sound is so annoying! There is a way to turn it off which I just found, but I say it would be better without any noise in the first place. I still love everything else about it though🤩

Kunfu Z.D., Apr 05, 2019

I record a lot of videos and I’m always trying to find that simple app that is always At hand. I love the old school vibes it gives and also always you to upload and edit videos you have in your library. I hope it only get better I look forward to reviewing more and seeing other great apps from this developer if these are as good as all their apps will be!

lamarism, Apr 05, 2019
Ok here’s my 2 cents

First of all very cool all the features you included. Kudos to the great work. But few things to work on I have seen in other viewers:+ No play symbol usually vhs has that at the beginning play, rec etc.+ the date looks fake. I think the font costs money which is probably why you didn’t do it but it can be replicated in photoshop. Maybe hire someone on reddit in the cheap work section? + The sound at the beginning is a little obnoxious and loud. Maybe lower it a tad or just put the sound of static or a recorder getting loaded? The off button works but I wouldn’t mind sound if it wasn’t so LOUD.+ the glitches are cool but you are missing a few. The seperated rgb. Let us put in several types of glitches? Instead of all the filters with the glitches..put the filters and let us add 1 or 2 glitches at a time? Not sure if that’s possible but just some ideas.Besides that it seems pretty stable. The look is nice. The set up and UI is intuitive, creative and user friendly. All in all 5/5 but needs a few more things to be perfect.Thanks for the fun free app! Hope this feedback helps ❤️

musephotos, Apr 06, 2019
Super awesome!!!

I have soooooo much I love about this app! First of all, it’s nice not to download something and then see you have to pay for 99% of the app once you get it. I enjoy getting the whole app. Also all the filters are amazing! I really like anything old and it’s fun to make my videos look authentic and like their from forever ago when I just recorded them minutes before. It’s really nice to be able to mess with RGB and contrast too, those add an important and nice touch. I could keep going for hours about how much I love this app, but I’ll stop now.

potato human thing, Apr 23, 2019

$4.99 A WEEK????? Paying for a subscription is ridiculous enough and expensive, but it is a weekly subscription!! This is way too expensive for any app not just this one. Nothing is usable without paying this ridiculous fee. If you download the app hoping to be able to at least record a video using the effect, you cannot. Having the app is literally pointless if you do not subscribe. There is literally nothing you can do with this app until you have subscribed. This app is NOT worth the weekly subscription, if anything it should be a yearly subscription. Honestly, it should just be a one time payment and not this expensive. Don’t waste your money.

Sgt.Doaks, Apr 15, 2020
Defective App

Was working wonderfully last night, I uploaded many videos on LINE and Instagram. Then this morning it stopped working completely. Cuts out any music that’s playing in the background, thereby rendering the app completely useless. Unless, of course, making silent faux VHS videos is a thing? Which it’s not, it will never be. Cuts out the creativity aspect completely. Cannot recommend.

sir_kibble, Aug 08, 2019

Yay for me lol lol I got it on the back porch and it looks good but it was like I was going back up to my moms house and then I’m going back to bed lol I just got home from the house and I’m just sayin get some stuff done and I’m just going to go back and go go back to sleep now I have yousome yyooo and I got a bed lol I’m just going to bed lol lol I just wanna get my hair lol I’m sorry lol yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol I’m sorry I just woke you I.

Socondes, Jan 25, 2022


Turn your videos into VHS films with a few taps! Film or edit videos with a 90s feel! Turn your boring videos into something new!

Instagram filter are too mainstream now? Then what are you waiting for?! Download Now! Features: -VHS Camcorder Effects -Take Photos and Videos -Add Glitches -Change The Date -And many more! Subscription options are the following: - VHS monthly subscription for 8.99$ - VHS yearly subscription for 48.99$ Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of your current subscription, and you can cancel a subscription during the active period. You can manage your subscription at any time, either by viewing your account in iTunes from your Mac or PC, or Account Settings on your device after purchase. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. Don’t let your friends be the first one to have this amazing effect! BE the first one yourself! Privacy Policy: https://topcoolappsllc.wordpress.com/privacypolicy/ Terms and Conditions: https://topcoolappsllc.wordpress.com/terms-and-conditions/

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