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UY: Christian Dating & Friends

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UY: Christian Dating & Friends

  • Social Networking
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United Young Inc.
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User Reviews for UY: Christian Dating & Friends

Worth it!

I was honestly skeptical of this app (or any dating app for that matter) but it’s so much better than one might think! Yes there are a few bugs and hiccups. Yes, it’s up to the user’s discretion to be cautious and intuitive in their search, but I’ve already talked with some really great authentic people who love Jesus Christ! I do wish you could search people and repost or post more comments after submitting before the profile disappears. I also wish you didn’t have to pay to see your dating history after the profiles disappear. (Although they need the support, though since it’s a new app! So I don’t mind paying and will encourage you to pay if you can and are willing!)But otherwise, it’s really great! Even if people don’t get back to you, it’s inspiring to see so many people’s stories and passions and faith in Christ/testimonies!! Get out there and share what God is doing in your life!! 👏👏☺️

Bandgirl97, Jun 30, 2022
Simply amazing

Can’t even begin to express how much I love the app the founders definitely care about the people they don’t charge unless you want a better plan but it worth it with all honesty if you get this great a service even without the paying plans. I recommend this app to those who like me are looking to make new friends and who knows eventually dating someone. With people who believe in God and want to maintain that faith, strengthen them in that that faith for Him. This really helped me so I can walk right instead of just getting involved with all kinds of people who I can’t really say for sure were making good use of my time but taking from it. I’m sure there lots of other young people who also feel this way and it’s hard believe me I know and that why I’m so thankful so try it and give honest reviews

BigBryan_01, Jul 20, 2022
Best quality Christian dating app

I have nothing but good things to say about this app! 😊 If you are looking for someone who is serious about their relationship with the Lord, this is the app for you. I love that the app developers have you answer thoughtful questions about your beliefs and how those beliefs affect your life, and how they read through each profile to help ensure that each is a real person. I am now dating someone from this app and he is such a great guy—I don’t feel like I deserve him. 😊 This app is better for Christians than some of your more popular apps (Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge) because you don’t have to spend as much time weeding people out. I only used the free version of this app, and it worked great for me, but the guy I’m dating used the paid version. Very thankful this app is around, because even if this relationship doesn’t end in marriage, it gives me more hope that there are still awesome, godly guys out there and that technology can be used to connect like-minded people. 😊

IronAvengerofMiddleEarth, Jul 08, 2020
Married My United Young Match

I’m not one to write reviews but I joined United Young back around when covid was just beginning. There weren’t a lot of people as it was just a newer dating app, however it made things pretty authentic. I love the platform of having to send in an application with your pre-made profile, to me, this was a key factor in understanding that people who want flings wouldn’t wait for an acceptance or would rather go to another app that allows them to sign up immediately, so I felt safe using UY. Within two months of joining, I met my now husband and we hit it off pretty well. We lived an hour away from one another, but the drive was not too bad and it was worth it. This app helped me to find someone who was genuine and that shared very similar values, especially with God being the first priority. We married in April this year and are now expecting our first child, who will be here February 2023. Thank you for making this wonderful app and helping me find my soulmate. In times of uncertainty and many people who aren’t in relationships for the long run with God as their foundation, I truly recommend this app to anyone who wants a deeper connection with someone.

Kbell99, Jul 15, 2022
Do it.

Never wrote a review before, but HAD TO for this. I honestly LOVED this app. I have never been a person who would’ve looked to an app for any type of relationship. I only went on it out of pure curiosity, it was during the beginning of the COVID outbreak and everyone was indoors, and I simply wanted to see if I can make a friend. Welp I’ll tell ya now I met more than a friend. I met my now HUSBAND. Funny thing is, his brother beforehand met his WIFE on this very same app and was the one who recommended him to go it. He was on the app for months, I was only on it for a week. And we just immediately clicked. He even lived 5 minutes away from me literally!! I’m telling you, I read somewhere that meeting someone on an app is just an introduction, what happens after that, is your story. I truly believe God works in mysterious ways, and He definitely allows this app to be a blessing on people’s lives. God bless, hope you love it!!

Lilmymyz, Apr 06, 2021
Good Job 🙏🏻

I never write a review, but this time I will make the exception because I think the creators of the app are very attentive to details and very friendly. This is an excellent app I recommend it because you can try it for FREE something that many dating apps do not have .I had a good experience using the app and most of all I felt safe and respected while using it. I'm going to give it 5 stars, but I wish the creators of the app would do something like those who just downloaded the app for the first time Once they have access to all the premium benefits for at least 3 to 5 days. In this way I think that one could be more sure of what benefits they can obtain from the membership. If you are looking for an app that is 100% secure and full of a healthy Christian community, then this is the app you are looking for.

MAXIMO1217, Jul 18, 2022
Promo App?

I honestly like the app or the ease of finding friends who believe what you do and have the same goals BUT most females on here are just promoting themselves or their Bible study. Now, nothing wrong with Bible Study and I am a lover of the Word- however, I’m here to make friends- I thought that was the purpose of the app. Most of the “friends” I connected with invited me to a Bible study and then I didn’t hear from them after lol like what??And there were some bible studies I was invited to and attended and the person that invited me wasn’t even there?? And this has happened more than once. It’s Weird. I feel this is the type of stuff that turns people away from truly experiencing Christ. Not everybody is even comfortable attending group meetings and may have anxiety with being around other people. Some people aren’t even fully mature to know what Bible study is and attend. You can show the love of Christ, be a true friend, share the Gospel without even mentioning your Bible study. You can’t connect with someone by just inviting them to your Bible study. Friendship is much more than that and you’re missing a whole audience by doing that. Thanks for listening lol. Thanks for the app but I’m unsubscribing for this reason. I’m better off meeting people in person which I have no problem doing either lol all said with love ❤️ and I was strictly on here to meet friends. I did appreciate that since I’m married , it only suggested females to friend. I like that.

Prodijg, Feb 24, 2022
Best Christian Dating App

I’ve tried several different online Christian dating services, and this one is by far my favorite. Intentional, is the best word to describe it. The questions they have you answer really help you reveal what’s important and see what’s important to others. I also really appreciate different reminders and verses they have scattered throughout the app. Kathleen and Jonathan have done a great job designing it to promote an atmosphere of building people up in Christ. I always hated online dating because I felt like I was shopping. With us app, I feel like I’m constantly being reminded that there is a person who Jesus loves, a brother or sister in Christ at the other end, and my interactions with them should be to encourage them and build them up regardless of whether the Lord brings us together as a couple. To go along with that, I appreciate the fact that they only give you so many matches a day, again it helps get you out of the mindset of shopping, and more inside mindset of taking time to be intentional, and prayerful.One more thing, I like how the free version still allows you to chat.

Shine4evr, May 22, 2022
Best Christian-Dating App I've Seen

I'd never heard of this app until a few days ago when I downloaded it somewhat as a lark. I was very, very pleasantly surprised by the level of care and intentionality that clearly went into it. In terms of experience, United Young is essentially a nice combination of the best elements of Hinge and Coffee Meets Bagel and that is designed specifically for Christians. I'm genuinely impressed by what Jonathan and Kathleen, the app's creators, have produced. I'm impressed by the video introductions they give, that they personally review every application to join, the type of questions they ask for your profile, the constant support and attention they offer, and even by the way they market the app. Clearly, they have an earnest commitment to their mission to create an app that fosters Christ-centered relationships and communities. I love this app and I want it to succeed. It's not perfect--there are a few features I wish it had, its user base is still relatively small, at least in my area--but I respect its creators, I think it's the best Christian dating app right now, and it has a lot of potential. If it continues to grow, I think this could easily become the top dating app for Christians like me. Jonathan and Kathleen deserve your support. Download it and give it a try.

sogriffin27, Jul 07, 2020
Great app, met lots of great cute Christian guys

I met great people on this app! I was a little skeptical at first but it turned out good. It’s not like other apps where you just swipe based on appearances, but you actually have to read their profiles and know more about the person’s life and personality. Some of the guys I was more attracted to lived further away, but this app is very Christ focused so you can chat until you meet in person or video call. Many of the guys are respectful and either want to be married or just God fellowship. These guys are intentional and not playing games like other apps. I don’t like that you have to wait a day before you can find more matches, I think you only get 15 a day and if you don’t like any of the guys you have to wait until the next day to see what else is out there.

yennica555, Jul 25, 2021


United Young (UY) is an app to meet people who love Jesus, made by wife and husband duo Kathleen & Jonathan. Every day the app lets you connect with an inspiring selection of Christians near you. See someone you’re interested in?

Like their profile. If it’s mutual, we will connect you both and you can chat! • Find a friend within the Christian community. • Read why people say Jesus matters. • Share your testimony and Bible inspiration. • Find inspiration in the faith journey of people near you. • Discover people in similar seasons of life. Note: Christ-centered dating is only available to those who are single and of age 18 and upward. We welcome everyone who confesses Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and considers themselves a Christian (confessing the Nicene Creed) to join! We seek to connect the greater Christian community, and are united in our love for Jesus. Whether you are Catholic, Nondenominational, Evangelical, Anglican, Baptist, Reformed, Orthodox, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Methodist, or are just at the beginning of your journey with Jesus, you are welcome to join our diverse community of believers! This app was inspired by the call to unity (in Ephesians 4 & John 17) and the call to love and encourage one another (in Hebrews 10 & 1 Thessalonians 4). In addition we were greatly inspired by Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book “Life Together”. Bonhoeffer beautifully describes how we can see Jesus more clearly in the lives and testimonies of our brothers and sisters. ** Winner of both Jury and People’s Choice Award at NYC Redeemer Presbyterian’s Center for Faith & Work’s Startup Pitch Night. ** United Young is free to download and use. This is made possible by members who subscribe to our optional Premium subscription plan. Premium helps support this app and its mission, and gives access to extra features. Premium benefits include: • See all received likes in one place. • Go back with 48 hour history. • Send priority likes & messages. • See when chats are read. The price and duration of our Premium subscriptions are clearly displayed in the app. Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your account settings on the App Store after purchase. You may read our Statement of Faith, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use here: https://unitedyoung.com/faith https://unitedyoung.com/privacy https://unitedyoung.com/terms We hope you are inspired, and would love to hear from you! :) Connected in Christ, Kathleen & Jonathan Email: [email protected] Web: https://unitedyoung.com

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