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US Paycheck Calculator

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US Paycheck Calculator

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User Reviews for US Paycheck Calculator

Horrible app

You have to buy a subscription to enter and track your budget info. Waste of money.

k9amore, Aug 04, 2022


It can be complicated and exhausting to make changes to multiple inputs (marital status, state, deductions, mortgage amount, interest, charity, 401K, health savings account, etc.), and calculate their impact on taxes and paycheck amount, retirement, and savings. The app makes it easy to see the numbers dynamically as and when you make changes. To provide an instant answer to your changes, the data input is managed through a slider and in multiples of 5, 10, 25, 100, or 1000 increments.

We sacrificed a bit in accuracy over speed. However, the number of changes you can make in an instance would be unfathomable in apps requiring entries. The app has three modules: 1) The paycheck module caters to wage earners who want to see their take-home salary (with most pre-tax and post-tax deductions).  2) The estimated tax module is broader and includes the ability to add multiple wages. In-app purchases for spouse income, non-wage income, a business module (with revenue, COGS, and expenses) provide extensive coverage for the ones interested. Covers a major portion of current tax code 3) The budget module allows you to plan multiple budgets (10+ budget categories, 100+ budget items) with the ability to share budgets with friends and family. The expenses tracking is not linked to any credit card and bank accounts. We believe the ones who value their financial privacy would love the option. Please try the demo to check out how you can budget and track expenses In-App Purchase - The app features state tax withholding from all 50 states. - Ability to enter multiple spouse income (for married filing jointly) - Non-wage incomes - A business module to see revenue, COGS, and expenses (automatically sorting the top 5 costs as you enter the data) - Budget option is only available via subscription. As a bonus, you can access all features by purchasing a subscription The app is intended for information and as a convenience tool only. The app should not be misconstrued as legal tax advice or utilized for tax filings or financial planning. You should always and only consult a certified tax professional and financial planner for your personal needs. Data is stored on your device, please read the instructions on how to delete, save and retrieve your data. Terms of Service: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/ Privacy Policy: https://www.queryaide.com/privacy-policy

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