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User Reviews for UPS Mobile


I’ve had maybe 3-4 drivers get backed up and falsely state they attempted delivery. I’ve also had Supervisors tell me they’ll get my package (medical) turned around and brought right back to me or they have said we’ll call you back within an hr. Some have some haven’t. So it’s the few drivers who log in false information that mess up for the good drivers and I realized UPS stands by the words of the drivers & with that being the case there are drivers who don’t feel like finishes the routes for whatever reason and they get away with this behavior. Outside of those short few, UPS is very reliable. We work from home and children are home schooled so in an effort to make sure we have evidence of deliveries or NO deliveries, we have 24/7 security cameras all around our house now. I do love the fact that you can track the package & 95% of the time it is accurate but there have been the 5% that showed package 3 blocks over we’ll get excited knowing we’re next & then get a text sorry we missed you. So i’ll remain loyal to UPS I just hope they install body cameras/side truck cameras to actually see the drivers on location that’ll cut out those few bad apples logging in false delivery attempts. Happy upcoming NEW YEAR everyone☺️

Da1stb, Dec 18, 2019
Great app

The app itself is excellent for just about every feature it offers. Only minor complaint is when it shows a package is "almost there" just because the delivery truck is nearby. A driver's route might put them near your address several times per day before they finally deliver to your address, so until they can figure out a better way to truly know that your delivery is coming up soon, instead of just going by the drivers proximity to you, they should probably remove that feature. As for all the negative reviews about UPS as a company, I don't understand how that makes the app bad by default. I suspect those reviewers had one single bad experience waiting for a package so they took out their frustration tenfold via an app review. I have been using UPS heavily for over 20 years and I had maybe 1 or 2 issues along the way, nothing serious enough to warrant more than an "oh well." I understand everyone's situation and expectations are different, but to publicly blast an entire company based on being unhappy about one transaction seems very petty and childish to me. But what do I know?

GGN's Mom, Apr 14, 2020
Life sustaining material

I think all of the people putting themselves at risk,especially U.P.S drivers that make sure we have our life sustaining packages (like myself) on time and in a fashionable manner. They could have used an excuse and said “I m not going to work and taking the chance of getting Covid 19 because I have kids or I have a family etc. they just keep going as they normally would. I thank you all. They care about their customers and when I say they I don’t mean the CEO’s and the board members. I mean the everyday blue collar working man. Job EXTREMELY WELL DONE! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS!! May God be with you all and your families during this madness. Remember it’s not Jersey strong or California strong it is called AMERICAN STRONG !!! This is a strong country and it will remain strong because of all the front line workers. I’m praying 🙏🏻 that once this madness is over we can all do something together for all of you that continued to work thru this disease to provide for us. We send our military soldiers overseas to fight when in fact we have soldiers right here in America and those soldiers are YOUS!!! God bless you all With love,Gee🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🗽.

Gina Sixx, May 04, 2020

I’ve been using this app for about 4 years now and it’s been a life saver for me. I do a lot of online shopping and I live in an apartment complex that the building is locked. So you need a key to get into just to be able to get to my front door. Not all drivers have a building key and if the driver can’t get to my door they don’t leave my package at the main door so then I used to get a sticker saying they were here but unable to deliver my package and will try again. Then they’d never get to my door. BUT now with the app I’m able to change my delivery options to pickup. GAME CHANGER!!!!! I just get the notification that my package is coming then it takes me 20 seconds to go in and change it from a delivery to a pick up. You can choose what UPS drop off point you’d like to pick it up from. I’m lucky and only live about 5 mins from our local UPS so I always just pick up from there. Now I am able to pick up my packages when they open at 11am instead of waiting until about 3 for it to be dropped off. What can I say I’m inpatient and am always super excited for whatever it is I ordered (which is usually makeup and am obsessed with). I’ve been very lucky and have never had 1 single problem with the UPS app. And honestly if I did it really wouldn’t matter. I view it as an amazing tool that is being given to me and is not mandatory for UPS to provide. I’m thankful and lucky I’ve never had a problem but if I did I’d still try using it.

Kayra:), Jul 09, 2018
App is just as slow as the company

I don’t know if it’s the app or the drivers. My tracking doesn’t update for days and then all the sudden a bunch of scans show up at once. It seems like I never know where my packages ACTUALLY are. Then whatever the original delivery date is, it always seems to get pushed back. Whenever they give me a date, I always just assume it’ll be a couple days later than that. Whenever I see a company has used UPS to ship me something, I’m immediately disappointed. At this point, the post office is more reliable.Also running into the problem where it changes my preferences on its own. I have ALWAYS had all delivery apps set to text messages for every single update imaginable. I have 3 packages I’m waiting on currently (2 of which have already had their delivery dates pushed back). One is “supposed” to be delivered today but under the manage section, it says nothing is scheduled to deliver today! I guess one tab on the app is realistic and one tab spouts out lies that gets your hopes up. Anyway, I wanted to make sure I got a text notification when (if) it arrives since drivers out here don’t knock or let you know they put something on your porch. Went in to the settings and all my preferences were changed to email! This is the second time the app has done this to me!

LiddyCameron, Jun 11, 2020

I’m trying to change delivery instructions, but everytime I try to log into UPS My Choice (which I think there is no point to have anyway) it takes me back to the home page where I input my tracking number, which then tells me to log in again even though I have already logged in. The app and the website keep me going in circles when all I want to do is log into UPS My Choice, input my tracking number, and change the delivery instructions so I don’t risk having my expensive package stolen while I’m away for on vacation a couple days. I cant log in, it just sends me back to the home page where it asks me to log in again, then it sends me to the app, then the app gives me no option to log into my UPS My Choice account and only gives me the option to sign up, and it goes on and on and on. It’s absolutely ridiculous, I’ve been trying to do this simple thing that I can do on other shipping websites in less than 5 minutes.Update: after almost an hour of trying to figure it out, I managed to log into my account and got to change the delivery instructions to rear door, just to find out that they left my package at the front door instead. thankfully my dad decided to drive an hour back home to get some stuff or else my package would’ve been stolen. ridiculous.

Lildancer1313, Aug 28, 2021
Useless app.

I have two packages that were scheduled to be delivered today. Both are coming from the same sort terminal. One has not been updated from said sort terminal, and says it will be delivered today. The other has been updated to the next sort terminal in my state, and the app says due to the weather the shipment has been delayed, but they have no idea when it will arrive. Two packages coming to the same destination with different information...wait a minute.....is the USPS app.....? As is common these days, companies race to beat the competition with high tech information apps without having the technology to deliver timely info, or none at all. Most of it comes down to scanning a label and computing an algorithm and yet they cannot get it right. I know we pay enough to ship packages, smh....... why even have an app when you cannotaccurately update it? One of the packages ( the one that still says it will be delivered today) is signature required. So I tried using the app to change the delivery instructions to pre sign for it.....yea you guessed it...I couldn’t. I then used the email link to pre sign.....yea, received a message that they were having technical difficulties and to try back later....of which I have been trying to do for the last two days to no avail! I love the company, and drivers, but they need to get rid of the app. It’s embarrassing to the company.

Logndog, Feb 16, 2021
This app is weird and glitchy

I recently dwn loaded this app after using the web sight for years. The only reason I went with this app was I got tired of logging in for everything all the time using the web.However my experience so far with the app has been less than good. When I type the tracking number in to track it brings up the scan target square with the usual instructions for scanning? Now how can I scan a pkg barcode on a pkg I don’t have and this is the tool I most frequently use. Other times it will tell me it’s not a valid tracking number. I’ll then track it thru the web site and it’ll give me the proper info. I believe the UPS Co may have their glitches as this app does. One is where I’ll get notification on a pkg being delivered the next day. On that day I’ll get notified that it was delivered at such time on that day in my mail box but when I go to check it’s nowhere to be found. However it will be in the box the very next day, strange cause I have a lock box so a mis-delivered pkg could not be placed in my box. IDK but for now I’ll hang on and try the other tools it offers when the need arises but if they don’t work out I’ll flush the app. So far not usable for me and not happy with it.

mach2don, Jul 28, 2021
Don’t like the latest update

The latest update does not allow deleting delivered packages. And once I had deleted from showing before app update are showing now. From January until now. Allows for hiding but they sit in TO ME to see when I don’t want a running list of old deliveries. On my iPhone all so the format is horrid as as the reset for delivered and hidden takes up most of the screen and gives a tiny window the width of my tip of my thumb to scroll through and click to hide. But nothing that shows it’s been hidden so scrolling through and I look to see options it might show to not hide. Fact is the latest is not friendly to use. It as easy to track a package prior and once delivered deleting it from ever seeing it again. Surely it takes up memory on my phone the running list. I never like having to resort to an app review because the website given is not the one who works on the app but in this case just takes you to ups so no means to communicate app issues. If delete is on the app then it is not clear how to delete. Maybe everyone else likes the update and puts me in the minority. Put the app on my iPad mini 4 and the horrid delivered packages are there and can’t delete. To me hide means I can’t see them at all but there they are annoying me. So uninstalling and reinstalling will not correct it.

Pennybink, Feb 17, 2021
Great tracking app

I’ve only had this app for a couple weeks but it’s proven itself invaluable in that short time. I ordered several items from different online retailers and most of them use UPS as their go to shipping provider. The app helps you keep up with the tracking numbers of all your packages and you can check any one of them at any given time for progress or a rescheduled shipping date among other things. You can also assign nicknames to each tracking number so you know which order contains what items. It automatically uploads any tracking number to the app with all this info and you can set up delivery placement at your address or change a delivery to a pick up in a matter of seconds. My only complaint is it won’t delete tracking info of delivered packages. I’ve got the option turned on in the settings but it still keeps them in the list of tracking numbers for some reason. I’m sure I’ve left out several other options you have on this app that are very handy but these are the ones that stand out for me. Just get this app trust me you’ll love it.

Rookie photo nut, Sep 14, 2020


You’re busy, so let UPS help you easily manage shipments, track packages, find UPS locations, and much more with the UPS Mobile app. Download the UPS Mobile app to: Track - Find and follow your deliveries in transit - Update your delivery location or change your delivery date - Get delivery alerts to know when your package will arrive Ship - Estimate shipping costs and delivery times - Take package dimensions with our in-app measurement tool - Create a shipment and get shipping labels Find the nearest UPS location to pack, send, or collect your shipments

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