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User Reviews for UPI News

Great News App!

Just the facts without all the bias on either side. Includes top news, latest news and sections. Just what I was looking for. Unfortunately it did not come up when I searched news in the AppStore. I had to specifically enter UPI news and even then it came up as the second selection in my search. Really? Clearly there is some bias in the AppStore to promote other news apps which is too bad because this is a great app!

54rea, Jul 22, 2018
Not Ready for Prime Time

The most frustrating app on my iPad. Many of the headlines, especially in the Science section, don’t include any text - only a photo. I never know when I tap on a headline whether there will be anything other than just a photo. Also, UPI will update a headline for new information about a story, but then the text of the story has not been updated. Apparently UPI never got the memo that says yesterday’s news is old news. Lastly, the quality of the writing is a reflection of the poor state of education in the US and the degradation of the standards we expect from institutions. Grammatical errors, typos, incoherent writing and similar maladies are far too common in the news stories put out by UPI, an institution with a long and illustrious history. At least require your authors to use spell-checkers and automated editors commonly available.

DAC1234567890, Jun 02, 2022
If you want one news site go with this

One of the simplest but most comprehensive news sites. UPI is a venerable old news service, a smaller but smarter version of AP.

Frank Conway, Jul 17, 2019
Very informative impressed

thank you every day for your hard works and informative news around the world, love Enoch Norman

norman leboon sr, Oct 14, 2021
Real news

The facts, well reported.

Pinball Izzy, Feb 16, 2021
Just The Facts

I have been craving a news source that just presents the facts without sensationalism or a liberal or conservative slant. UPI is news journalism at its finest.Read the facts. Make your own decisions about what is right or wrong.Bravo UPI... Keep up the outstanding work!

skndjh dei, May 17, 2020
Truthful News Reporting

Your policy of simply reporting the news clearly and with no bias is refreshing. I appreciate and applaud your tradition and your respect for true journalism. Thank YouJoe Collet

Sparce, Jun 16, 2020
No Top News

Two days in a row. Between coronavirus and protests that seems wrong. Running latest iOS on iPhone 7.

VSN1968, Jun 03, 2020
Pro Left. Avoids the Hard Issues

I started out hopeful but found this to be like the rest of the media. After 4 years of ranting against Trump this publication gives Biden a free pass and excuses on practically everything. Today for instance why is John Cary giving military intelligence secrets to Iran not a top story? Or the gag order on Border Agents? Or the human trafficking spike? Or Iran enriching Uranium abs paying suicide bombers family penguins in Palestine as the world goes to sanction Israel? Or the fact that gas prices are up over 50 cents a gallon? Lumber prices soaring? I can go on. Weak work. You could do much better.

Good content, but slow to update

A good source for comprehensive info on all stories, and interesting stories not found elsewhere. Generally unbiased, but very slow to update breaking news.

Yngturk, Jul 08, 2018


United Press International is a leading provider of news, photos and information to millions of readers around the globe. The UPI app features the top news stories and photos of the day including, U.S., Politics, World, Entertainment, Odd News, Energy, Defense, Health, Science and award-winning photojournalism. Our daily almanac report recounts historical events of the day as reported by UPI and the legendary reporters who covered them.

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