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User Reviews for Up Left Out

Fantastic Game

It was so fun to play, takes a simple mechanic and does so much with it, making the game very complex. It's clear that the puzzles were carefully designed, and they require you to think in such a different way compared to other puzzle games. They are also just the right difficulty.Music is nice, sound effects are nice, graphics are simple yet not boring.Buy this game!

Jackismad, Jun 27, 2018
It's a wonderful game.

Simple, smooth, stable, and most surprisingly, cathartic. I finished the game in one day because I was obsessed with how great the app felt and how it's melancholic-but-hopeful soundtrack reminded me of how I felt in a period of life long, long time ago. Melancholic but hopeful. Does anyone know the original composer of the soundtrack? If so, hit a brother up.

Retail Vigilante, Jan 26, 2021
I love this game so much

It's beautiful, intuitive, and just the right amount of challenging. This is my favorite app by him (I bought the relaxation pack).Please make DLC or a sequel to this game. I love it so much and I wanna play new levels. My only complaint is that it was rather short at just 50 levels. I burned through this game in a couple of days.

Shadowofear, Apr 21, 2019
Perfect balance of challenge and puzzlement

Once I got in the grove of this game, I just kept going until the end. I had no idea how many levels there where. When I got stuck I would put it down for a while but the next time I was always able to find the solution.

Shottyotter, Oct 22, 2018
Surprisingly Fun

I am generally not a fan of sliding puzzle games, but am a fan of games by Maciej Targoni. Hook and Klocki are two of my favorite games, so Up Left Out was worth a try, at least.And it turned out to be a surprisingly fun game. The game employs a fresh take on the sliding puzzle mechanic and, of course, has that pleasing interface Targoni is so good in creating, making Up Left Out quite engaging.

Snarkclaw, Jul 05, 2022
Simple. Complex. Excellent.

This is like an old 15 slider puzzle, but with increasing challenges being thrown at you. I love that you just have to figure it out as you go, and that you can never really get stuck. You just have to keep trying until you figure it out. The variations on the puzzles are really clever. Great, relaxing, and challenging, with a straightforward and simple design.

ThisisTrent, Sep 03, 2018
Great puzzles - too few

Like all of this developer's puzzle apps, Up Left Out, delivers on the promise of nicely challenging, well-designed minimalist puzzles.If you are a puzzle fan, get all of the great apps by this developer. Just be prepared for the puzzles to run out well before you are ready for them to. Even with the limited number of puzzles the apps are well worth the price. Great for a quick diversion.

ToddHagler, Aug 05, 2019
Challenging but Relaxing

Good puzzle game in the vein of sokoban, though with more complicated switching mechanisms. The levels do a good job of introducing new mechanics and training you on them. It's a good bite size game for the price, with a variety of levels.A handful of the levels can get you stuck in a configuration loop for a while until you realize the exact sequence to get everything lined up.My only UI frustration is I couldn't find an easy reset button, even though it was technically impossible to get stuck on a level it was sometimes easier to start over. The workaround is to go back a level and then forward.

UltraNurd, Jul 04, 2018
Genius. More, please!

I really, really love this game. Elegant, clever, challenging... it’s just awesome. The one thing that might make it better would be more versions at each mechanical level - because sometimes it’s nice to not have to learn a new mechanic, and just enjoy using the skill I’ve just learned. But even so - pure genius.

VIWarheit, Apr 06, 2019
A unique experience

A very enjoyable and atmospheric game, the simplistic style works very well and the gameplay is very unique and interesting. I feel as though some mechanics were not as fleshed out as they could have been, however, and the game is fairly short. Overall, I feel the game is worth the money and very fun and satisfying for what it is, but there could have been more exploration with the mechanics and the game could have been longer.

Waffl3zrul3, Jun 28, 2018


A relaxing, minimalistic puzzle game where your goal is to unlock all the pieces on the board. As always, the game has no ads, no time limits, no scoring and even no text. The peaceful gameplay is accompanied by a meditative soundtrack created by Wojciech Wasiak. - Relaxing - Minimal - Simple - No ads - Created by one person - Can be played without internet - Great meditative, ambient soundtrack Feel free to check out my other games at https://www.rainbowtrain.eu/

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