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Unscramble Words - Solve Math

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Unscramble Words - Solve Math

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User Reviews for Unscramble Words - Solve Math

Keeps crashing

I had this game a year or two and loved it. But then it got an update and now it crashes every time I play. Hope they fix it.

anagram junkie, May 29, 2020
Numbers aren’t random enough

The letters game is good. My biggest gripe is that the numbers in the numbers game are usually sequential: 7,6,5,4,100,75 for example. That gets boring after a while. If the numbers were truly mixed up, I’d add a star or two. It seems yo work on iOS14, but maybe not perfectly. As another reviewer noted, I, too, get a “no calculation” message after submitting an answer.

Fgjfsfbcdhkvdfjjg, Sep 25, 2020
Just brain fun

Just so much brain fun. Do it.

MS20th, Oct 25, 2019
Impossible to play while listening to music/podcasts

I have disabled all of the sounds/music within the app, and still it pauses my music whenever I enter the app. Why?! I’m playing on practice mode and all of the sounds are disabled within the app! Please fix this!!

NicknameB!, Feb 04, 2021
Love this app, buuuut...

Changed my relationship with math (no small feat), *but* has a very annoying glitch. Originally wasn’t sure, but after playing a thousand practice rounds, am totally sure: many times when I press “submit” it tells me I did “no calculation”, even when I got it right. Soooo frustrating! I take great care to make sure I don’t press the wrong button, but it still does it. About once every twenty-or-so times. It wonks up my percentages. (Which I don’t really care about, still have 133%, but makes me wonder what it is *really*.) Still my fave to play and keep my skills sharp. If you haven’t watched the BBC show “Countdown”, do so. Funny, irreverent, and smart. (Pause it and play along!)

Outtatune..., Mar 07, 2020
Where is the sound?

I think they need to add some music and sounds to the game like the theme song and the game show hosts.

Ryan Llewellyn, Oct 07, 2018
Excellent app and developer!

Bought added features immediately. Suggested app features and got them within a week! Recommended all around.

scoverby, Aug 17, 2018
Simply built but lots of fun

Like another reviewer, I’m an American who recently discovered Countdown on YouTube and wanted to try some for myself. I am really enjoying this app, and even though some things might be a little rough around the edges, the gameplay is solid and they are making improvements. I made a user interface suggestion and the developer responded quickly that they were incorporating it into the next upcoming update - a response far above what I have come to expect from most developers!I like this app a lot and would love to see more folks getting into it and participating on a larger scale. I think it was well worth spending the money for the ad-free version and to support its development!

shelleigh5, Oct 28, 2021
Good fun

I'm an American who recently saw some British "Countdown" episodes and wanted to try my hand at it. It's fun, although the computer comes up with numbers answers I can't imagine a human could. But maybe I overestimate myself or underestimate humanity.

Surly customer, Jan 13, 2018


There are 4 games to play. 1. Letters Try to find the longest word with a random selection of 9 letters based on your selection of the amount of vowels and consonants. 2. Numbers In the numbers section players try to get as close to a 3 digit number as possible with a calculation based on their selection of large and small numbers. 3.

Conundrum The third part is a conundrum and players must try to find a 9 letter anagram. 4. WordMix The word Mix round is an 8 letter anagram with a clue. All games have a time limit of 30 seconds when playing against your device or in multiplayer mode. There is also a free play(practice mode) with a choice of time limits and limited scoring. Play a daily challenge round against everyone around the world. Test and improve your word knowledge and maths skills. Post games for others to play and play shared games to compete against real people. Badges are awarded for achieving good results in each game. Leaderboards are available for your percentage against your device, number of total badges accumulated and daily challenge results. Levels have been added to adjust the difficulty of the games as you improve your play. This app has in app purchases/subscriptions To find out more please visit https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

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