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User Reviews for Unity Intercom

Good but I have a suggestion

I do not have a Mac computer so can you add a feature to also install a server to your mobile device?

bashir the clown, Jan 15, 2018
We use this app!!!!!

We use Adam and Reidel systems in broadcasting. The flexibility this software gave to communicate via my phone was absolutely liberating. About to use this system at my church

Casper C - TN, Jul 28, 2019
Good Functionality, Needs work on UI

I like the apps functionality. It works well and it’s a great scalable comms tool. However the App could be better designed.

cinecicale45, Feb 14, 2021
Bug with AirPod Pros

This app worked fine until it didn’t. I got ready to use it for a large livestream show as usual when I found out that there is a bug affecting AirPods Pros that pushed out with the latest update. I was stuck using the app on speaker until able to procure a different brand of Bluetooth earbuds in the middle of a live production. Until they fix this, it’s a nightmare with Apple devices. Ideally there would have been communication about this if a fix is not forthcoming.

JDPerspective, Oct 18, 2021

Working live broadcasts this app is solid!! So easy to use. Blue at the bottom to listen green on top to talk. Large button in middle to talk to greens, double tap to put talk on continually, hold down and let up to talk then not talk.

Makes me smile alot, Sep 07, 2020
AirPods issue

Great app overall, but spent an hour debugging issues with my iPhone connection today. Turns out it was a known issue with AirPods that hasn’t been fixed. Please push a notification alerting users of bugs if unable to push a new release

Mb2017, Oct 10, 2021
Great for multi site streaming gigs.

Used this for a gig that was spread across two site locations where we needed to hand off from one presenter to another with streaming video cues. Couldn’t have done it without this app. Really great app and we own a free speak II which is a great unit as well but is pretty pricy as a stand-alone unit.

Mizzicah, May 03, 2021

I can’t use this app anymore!!! Out of nowhere on my phone, iPad, and watch with any headphones all audio is in slow motion. I’m not the only one either. This is on ANY connection type on iOS 15. All of us at the tv station are ready to just throw this in the trash. Fix the problem.

Super Espresso, Oct 08, 2021
Great for Churches

After years of frustration with cheap Chinese manufactured radios, we switched and have used Unity now across our campus for 2 years now allowing communication across ministries and departments. Especially helpful on Sunday’s for General Coordination, Broadcast and Production, Kid’s Ministry, Parking teams and Host / Hospitality. It has been an excellent tool. Ultimately the system’s limitations lie with systems outside it’s control; i.e. spotty wireless provision, end users personal smartphones (or lack thereof) etc. We couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

TripDiddy, Jan 13, 2019
Breaking up even on Data

I use this app every Sunday for my video production team at church. Haven’t had an issue until today. Now my words are breaking up extremely bad whether on data or WiFi. I need this service, and I can’t get anything to fix it. Please update.

ZBearden, Aug 30, 2020


Unity Intercom is a next generation network-based full-duplex intercom system that is incredibly simple to use, yet is as powerful as traditional systems costing many times more! The Unity Intercom app works in conjunction with Unity Intercom Server Unity Intercom can be used for a variety of applications • Multi-camera live video production (including Tally!) • Fleet/delivery management • Hotel staff • Hospitality personnel • Construction/installation crews • And many, many more Works over any IP based network • Unity Intercom works using either Wi-Fi or Cellular data. Users can be within the same network as the Unity server, or travelling around the world communicating over the internet.

Amazingly clear, low-latency audio • Unity audio is significantly higher quality than regular cell phone communications, with no additional latency External program feed • Unity server comes with a built-in, sample program feed, but can be upgraded for a custom Program Feed. Supports up to 128 channels in groups of 6, with a standard limit of 63 users • Users can be restricted to access any or all of the 128 channels for talk/listen, listen only, or no access. • Additional users can be purchased, up to a total of 63 simultaneous users on the Unity system. Unlimited user counts are also available through server upgrades. Integrates with external audio I/O • Upgrade Unity to allow audio to be routed to and from an external Com system, effectively creating wireless com stations that work with a traditional hard-wired intercom over any existing network. External tally support • The Unity server can be upgraded to accept tally information from a variety of video switching systems, and can send this information to remote Unity app users. Unity iOS devices become actual tally lights, showing both preview and on-air talent tally functionality. • Great for production environments!

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