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Unity Face Capture

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Unity Face Capture

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User Reviews for Unity Face Capture

Great but doesn’t record audio or video

Has settings to allow recording of audio and video takes at the same time but they never generate! :/

dancingtony420, Dec 01, 2022
App Issues

I’m trying out the app on Unity and the face tracking works with the sample project, except for the fact that when I connect, the app says client not connected, even though there is a face device component in the sample scene. Since that pop up won’t go away, I can’t access the rest of the buttons on the app.

Irod3d, Apr 07, 2022
A great, in engine solution for ARKit face tracking

Hello! I’m a technical artist at the studio I work for, and two years ago developed a solution to transfer ARKit face tracking to our characters. It was very cobbled together, and required one of the several paid apps on the App Store to send the blendshape values over OSC. ALL of those apps are way too expensive. I was super excited when this tool was announced, and now that I’ve switched to it, I can confidently say it’s the best solution.Our favorite feature is the ability to (from within the unity plugin) let the plugin discover our blendshapes by name instead of order in an array, and then allow us to, per blendshape, adjust its mapping with a multiplier and soft weighted clamping. Very powerful and intuitive toolset! Bravo, Unity!

SoapSauce, Mar 07, 2022


* This app requires a connection to the Unity Editor to function (see the requirements below). * Setup: https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/[email protected]/manual/face-capture.html Unity Face Capture helps you easily add realistic face animation to your characters, saving animators many hours of time and effort. It captures your facial expressions and head movements to control a character in Unity in real time. Key features: - Capture and animate facial expressions and head poses using ARKit. - See a live preview of your performance in the Editor. - Set up per-character mapping and overrides - Apply recorded animations to any compatible rig. - Use customizable settings to amplify or dampen the performance on a per-blend shape basis. - Record audio and video during the face data capture for reference. - Synchronize the app data with other connected devices using a centralized timecode source.

Requirements: - Computer running Windows or macOS - Unity Editor 2021.3 or later version - Live Capture (Unity package) - Private network access for both the app and the Unity Editor Documentation: - User Manual: https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/[email protected]/manual/face-capture.html - Forum: https://forum.unity.com/threads/1111255/

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