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Union - Combine & Edit Photos

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Union - Combine & Edit Photos

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Pixite Inc.
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User Reviews for Union - Combine & Edit Photos

“UNION” is a Mal-scribeware” app

A poor value app. “UNION” App sounded like a good idea but before I could even export my first masterpiece the consumer unfriendly app required a “subscription” based on Apple’s “Mal-scribeware” scheme which for the consumer/user is no good because you pay whether you use it or not, but for the developer it’s fantastic because the money rolls in even when the app is not being used, and takes advantage of older people with poorer memories or disabled people with even mild disabilities such as dementia who forget to unsubscribe allowing the developer to take advantage of the weaknesses of the human mind by allowing without termination the subscription to continue weekly, monthly or yearly only terminating automatically when the credit card is maxed out to the credit limit and no further “purchases” allowed by the credit card issuer. Other than the above scheme, I couldnt find any other way to “purchase” the App/software outright (which if it did wouldn’t be a purchase anyway but more like a “license”.) I couldn’t think of a more malicious price fixing scheme aimed to take the money from consumers in exchange for nothing. The future of artificial intelligence designed to take your money away from you is already here.

alexjohnson1, Jul 01, 2022
Fantastic app for abstract photography!!!!

I have been trying to get into photography for a few years now but I found that I could never capture what I saw and thought of scenery just from single still photos alone. I love to merge the photos to create crazy looking abstract pieces. The merging feature is really the star of the app, the photo editing features are alright but I still prefer to edit photos in the Apple photos app or in photoshop; that being said however, it does have every default tool you need get those good edits. All in all, if you’re looking to get into abstract photography this app is a must-have.

Angry birds is awsome, Jun 22, 2021
A Must Have!

I use this far more often than I thought I would when I first downloaded it (obtained as a "free app of the week"). Very occasionally crashes if I do a lot quickly, but that is easily avoided by slowing myself down. I am also using an older device (iPod 5, runs iOS 9.3 max). Otherwise this app does what is advertised, and the tools are simple and straight forward.I use this mostly to either make my own wallpapers, or to add a black edge to wallpapers I've collected to use with perspective view.I can recommend all of the apps by Pixite* as I purchased all except Shift. If you use Instagram or take a lot of photos (I don't), Shift would be useful, I believe.I also recommend creating a folder (I named mine Current Project) to make finding the things you want to work on quickly, as the order photos are displayed are not the same as when they're viewed in the photos app. Scrolling quickly crashed the app on me prior to making the folder, but again that could be due to my Flinstone-era device.*All for photo editing. I have no idea if they make anything else

AutumnMoon, Oct 10, 2018
Company needs UI/UX devs in a BIG WAY

Aside from the constant crashing, this app is poorly designed. While its functionality (when it works), is quite exceptional, it is not intuitive whatsoever, and this is coming from someone who’s done photography and graphic design for over 15 years AND is a millennial! I know photography and graphic design, and I know my gadgets and tech. The processes and functions on a foundational level and from the on-set are convoluted and lack any basic logic. Part of me wonders if the team has even tried to use their own product. I’m part of an IT andsoftware development firm, so I know that what is logical on the backend and in development/to the developer doesn’t always transfer to the client. However, I already took that into account before I wrote this review. My point still stands - horrible user interface and user experience all around.

Cameron0208, May 22, 2019
Sudden glitch is wrecking it

There’s no other app that can do what this app does (and believe me, I’ve looked). The “old faithful” of apps—consistent, reliable, and a mainstay in my art projects for many years. And when they went to a subscription model, they did it the right way, grandfathering in those of us who had already paid full price many years ago. I didn’t lose functionality of a single feature, so much so that I wasn’t even aware they’d added a subscription model until I went to the AppStore to leave a review! This developer deserves a ton of credit.

EZE Ruthless, Jul 15, 2022

One of the very few app reviews I have done. I constantly use this app to create stupid photos of my friends for our group chat and this is my go-to tool. Everything is very intuitive and easy to use. I love the iCloud support so I can bounce from iPhone to iPad if I want to work on a bigger screen. I have tried out other apps to see if there are better once out there but I always come back to this one. The simplicity and layout always bring me back. I must disclose that I got this on promo for free years ago but I would purchase this app compared to the others that function similarly.

jg12222, Mar 30, 2020
This is amazing

Really great! I can make great photos. I can act and I can let other people act to make really funny photos. I made one of me flying, me meeting one of my favorite book characters, and much more! Thank you for letting me make really cool photos.If you can't do it, you make it!I really like this app, and I would not have made amazing photos without this. It really helped me, and I can fool my friends with real photos, like “I got a drivers license when I was 11,” “I learned to fly,” or “It LITERALLY rained cats and dogs at our house.” This is definitely the app to let out your imagination, and use it to create amazing photos, and it is surprisingly easy to use! I cannot wait to see what other people’s imaginations have with this app! Don’t be too scared, let your wild side out with this app.

MonsterSackboy9, Mar 01, 2018
where’s my money

I bought this app when it was a one time purchase and now it’s a subscription, where is my money, I’d rather purchase photoshop considering it’s a one time purchase and not 5.99 a month for eternity this is nothing special there’s many other apps on the appstore which offer what this does don’t waste your money, I would’ve recommended this years ago but now I can’t in good conscience say that you should. and yes this is over like 5 dollars. it’s really that serious when they disregard their own consumers like most in the mobile market, I think we should strive for better.to add on top of this the free trial doesn’t work for me and crashes the app anytime I try to save, to see the fall from grace of this company, it’s sad. atleast my app used to work when it was a one time purchase, knowing their actions they’d probably make their other two counter parts to this app subscriptions, as consumers we have a right to not like so many subscriptions for things which just don’t need it, we already have to pay for them in the movie/film industry imagine a world where everything was a subscription. pretty soon we’ll have subscriptions for water bottles, what a cruel world, first world problems to the max.

Mr. Icee, Jun 15, 2021
Not bad when I purchased

Some screwed (me), some not. Whyzzat‽ It's sad how greedy some developers are when they claim they charge a nominal subscription of $3.99/week = >$200/year and only give the option of annual pricing (how's $150 sound?) when every review is an immediate dismissal of the app because of the price. ----- Looking back, I bought this when it was reasonable. I used it, decided to keep it around even if offloaded and even though I wasn't doing double exposures. January 2020: I thought I might revert to the situation I had when I purchased this, although I haven't scrambled through notes for details, but no. I'm presented with the worst model of all- sure, use the app but don't you dare think you can save! Grab more and more and more … (I can't tell when I originally bought this but I guess there's no grandfathering in for me. I wonder why that is?)

PhelineCat, Nov 07, 2022
Incredible. Must Buy.

Literally I had spent an hour trying to find a way to integrate one photo on my iPad into another. I finally saw this review online and thought for $1.99 it would be worth it just to figure out a way to get this one simple humorous photo done.I had a very usable product finished in less than 60 seconds! I was stunned at how easy it was. The process is simple and obvious to follow, with Foreground and Background menu selections right up front.I quickly found menu selections to further edit. After laying the Foreground onto the Background, you can easily and precisely size it to the proportion and size you want relative to the background. Further you can use two fingers to then spread (“magnify”) the images keeping the same perspective you just sized, and more precisely “erase” around the edges of the foreground if you want,which reveals the background original image behind it.There are other useful tools that are equally easy and intuitive to use, and then you can “flatten” the edited layers into one image. It can then be exported by message, email, and to the web.This is one of the best Apps I’ve ever used and an incredibly efficient time saver that also results in a quality finished product. I don’t know which is more remarkable, its ease of use and tools, or the price of $1.99!

rwbill, Jan 15, 2018


Union is an elegant image editing tool that lets you create awesome superimposed, silhouetted, and double-exposed photos. Use your own pics, or choose from the thousands of beautiful high-resolution photos available in the Unsplash library. Unsplash is a free resource for photos, textures, and overlays gifted by the world's most generous community of photographers.

And it’s built right into Union for easy access! Whether you’re a professional, or just looking to up your Instagram game, Union gives you everything you need to create scroll-stopping image compositions. Simply load a couple of images and get to work with our easy to use tools. Use the magic wand to select and erase backgrounds, or use blending modes to create fascinating multiple exposure effects. Create masks and punch holes using shapes and images. Adjust transparency, scale, rotate, and much more! Union is the quick and easy way to explore and create visual arts with nothing but your mobile device. With a paid subscription to Union Pro, you’ll also be able to create an unlimited number of projects, and you’ll also enjoy the ability to flatten layers (great for photo collages) as well as saving, printing, and sharing your work. Give Union Pro a try for 7-days with our free trial. After the free trial, you will be automatically renewed with a weekly subscription which you can change or cancel at any time. The paid subscription costs $1.99 USD per week for the weekly plan, $3.99 USD per month for the monthly plan, or $19.99 USD per year (58% discount off the monthly plan) for the yearly plan. Prices are subject to change. Union Pro automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, at either the weekly, monthly, or yearly plan in which you originally subscribed. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage Union Pro subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a Union Pro subscription. Privacy Policy http://pixiteapps.com/privacy-policy/ Terms of Use http://pixiteapps.com/terms-of-use/

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