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Unfold: Story & Collage Maker

  • Graphics & Design
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User Reviews for Unfold: Story & Collage Maker

I love it, BUT...

Problem 1: Every time there’s a new theme...my custom template order gets rearranged. And this has been a problem for a long time now. So my nice and orderly CS1, CS2, CS3, RP1, RP2, ART, JN1, etc...gets changed to (like today for example) CS1, HOME, RP2, CS3, JN1, CS2, etc. It will move templates I have not bought up to the front (no shade, just not into digital wave) and also the 2018, which is no longer necessary. Which leads toProblem 2: when I see this rearranged template order, I go into the settings to rearrange them and the mechanism to rearrange them...pressing the two lines...is very very very finicky. I’ve used this app on different phone models before and after the Haptic Touch update. I’ve used the app from my 7+ all the way to my current 11 Pro Max. It’s always been finicky. And by finicky, I mean pressing and lightly holding or pressing harder or longer, nothing will activate it until it will just happen randomly.

aaronnobu, Mar 29, 2020
Beautiful templates

Love this app and design of templates. I get super excited seeing my photos in a new way when creating pages. It really makes them standout. I do wish you could save the pages as a story set that you could share with someone where they could flip through the pages the same way you can in the app. I realize this would be difficult to achieve when sharing with people who don’t have the app (but I would be willing to ask friends to download the app to view) but maybe could be shared via a link and opened in a browser or something. I don’t know but I really love the way it all looks together when viewing the story. Saving as a set of photos doesn’t have the same effect but still beautiful. I also don’t know what the resolution is when creating and saving a page as an image but I am hoping it is not degraded too much as I will use these to create a small photo book using high quality pics from my dslr camera. Also using it for my artwork- taking photos of my paintings and then making a story here -makes them look way more impressive than they are;). Anyway I think it’s great and would invest in these kind of things before adding any additional templates or ‘create’ features. There are a perfect amount of fonts, layouts and features where no matter who is creating, it will come out good. Too much of these, apps tend to lose themselves and become overwhelming. Thanks for creating this app!

Cool jey, Jul 01, 2018
Beautiful templates (scratch that)

Love this app and design of templates. I get super excited seeing my photos in a new way when creating pages. It really makes them standout. ——After a while of not being on this app, I come back to find it overtaken by squarespace and a complete overwhelming mess. I appreciate apps need to make money - it’s a business but I also think big companies like squarespace assume that more features = better app=more opportunities to make money. I think this is wrong. So wrong. I am really tired of photo apps that were originally beautiful and tasteful in design adding so many features that you can no longer figure out who this app is for and the purpose, nor find the original beauty and simplicity. One other distinguishing factor of bad app evolution is when items that were originally free (ie classic template?!?) - that you have used to create content are now a part of the subscription model. There are still free items here - they’ve created new substandard stuff for free use. I also paid for templates in the past and have no idea if I can get those back. For the love of all good design, before people sell their apps, can they leave an old renamed version out there for those of us that don’t want to cover our designs in tacky stickers. We are the users that made your app popular enough to sell.

Cool jey, May 07, 2022
Amazing but has glitches and no customization

I really love using Unfold for planning Instagram stories. It’s super useful for organizing long stories because it can get confusing knowing what comes next. I’m giving it 4 stars because there are a lot of issues that I was surprised to find, as well as embarrassed because I discovered the issues after I had posted for a client. If the videos aren’t 15 seconds long then they replay over and over instead of skipping to the next story. I posted a 3 second video which plays 5 times in a row... There’s not much room for customization. For example, you can’t use your own custom colors and you can’t move the text diagonal. The templates are what they are and even though I have purchased every pack it is a struggle to not reuse the same templates over and over. You don’t have the option to adjust the size of the squares so it would be nice if they offered variations of each template. It’s time consuming changing the text for every slide! I wasted so much time going setting the same font,color, size, spacing, etc. for every single slide. There should be the ability to set a default text style for a story.I recommend Unfold and think it’s a great app but until they fix the items listed above I’ll be looking for an alternative.

Cowlesk, Mar 03, 2019
Love this app, hate the lack of organization

I love this app so much for posting to stories, turned a bunch of my friends on to it. But for the life of me I cannot figure out how to move a page to a different story without having to completely recreate it. I used this app with the ‘stories’ as folders for different content but when I started using it I just dumped everything into one ‘story’. Now I want to separate them in ways that make sense and I can’t do it. Also, I know this isn’t how most people use the app but using it like folders makes it impossible to navigate through without swiping through every page and I’d prefer not to have to do that. Maybe an overview panel that lets you scroll the whole story? I don’t know. I would give this app 5 stars if it wasn’t so hard to organize it afterwards though.

Elledesgner, Nov 25, 2020
Love it, but major photo quality issues

I love the entire concept and what the app has to offer! I even purchased one of the film packs because I love it so much, and normally I dont even bother spending money on photo apps. The designs are great and its easy to use. However, I really care about the photo quality of my pictures after I process them with an app. That leads me to the only issue I have with this app. I upload a great quality picture to one of the presets, only to save it with really mediocre quality. As a photo app, I believe you guys should focus more on improving the quality of the pictures! Compressing the pictures to lower quality really makes the app less enjoyable as a lot of the details in the original picture are no longer sharp or as visible. I hope you guys can work on improving the quality of pictures after we save them to our camera roll!

jlin2044, Nov 19, 2018
Nice but needs additional features

Good app. Not totally intuitive but once you figure it out it’s solid. Crashes trying to export sometimes but it’s a minor inconvenience. However a few major additions are needed: 1. The ability to see and edit your entire story in grid format instead of only being able to see it page by page - if you’re creating a long story it’s really hard to remember what was 20 pages before! I want to be able to drag and drop just like reordering images in a desktop image viewer. Also if you could see your story in grid format, it would be much easier to tell if you have used the same layout too many times or accidentally used an image more than once. 2. The ability to duplicate the page - for example if you want to try the same layout which has multiple images but only swap out one image, it is annoying to re-create the entire page instead of just being able to duplicate, dame goes for a text page with which you want to try different wording. 3. Full screen (borderless) image layout

luxetnox13, Apr 04, 2019
Amazing app to help boost up creativity

I really love and enjoy creating posts for my Instagram stories via this application, the templates are really perfect and after only spending a few minutes on the app I decided I had to buy all the template packages available. I think it is really amazing as it is, however I do wish it could do more and here are some suggestions I think would be great if they could come with the next updates. For instance, it’d be great if one can simply move the order of the posts within an album from a further point of view instead of having to click on the left or right button until the post reaches where it needs to be. And if the posts could be moved from an album to another, too. Plus, the font and background colors are really limited, it’d be really nice if there are more selections and tones to them, etc. Anyways, thank you so much for creating this application for us to use, now that I have it I can’t imagine doing Instagram stories without Unfold anymore. 😅♥️

Palm_Supanut, Sep 22, 2018
Endless Possibilities

I have had this app for a few months now and I love to explore all the features it has to offer. I am absolutely in love with its templates and design options that allow for so much creativity and expression. I love using the app to create stories for Instagram but I have recently found I can make unique wallpapers as well. This is something I had been searching for, for some time now and am overjoyed I found my new go-to app for collages. That being said, I would be even more ecstatic if it were at all possible in the future to allow for horizontal templates or an option to convert from vertical to horizontal with the same format. I am still thrilled with the app how it is but a feature like horizontal options would be really useful for computer wallpapers or stories on other devices.

Sammi1194719038wB, Mar 09, 2020
So Close to Perfection

The charm of Unfold is that it is such a simple shortcut to the tedious photoshop work that photographers did to post on Instagram stories. And the team has done a stellar job in expanding the app’s capabilities. But there are a few things that they are yet to include or did poorly.1: The export picture ratio is set for older phones like the iPhone 7, but with new screen sizes and shapes, Unfold should launch an update that supports screen sizes like the iPhone XS2: The first 3 sets were kind of repetitive, people paid for new templates that simply moves a photo a bit higher or more to the right. Granted some of the template were fresh and new, but lots were too similar.3: One thing that could really enhance the user experience would be to add in a creative mode where you could alter a certain template by moving your photograph anywhere on the page, not just the grey box with the + icon. Or even a creative mode where users could mix and match certain aspects of different templates they’ve bought. These three things would set apart Unfold from other apps like Adobe Spark or Photoshop. And it would become the most sold choice for quick wallpapers, IG story posts, or photo stories.

Stephaniemontesdeoca, Dec 02, 2018


— Create with template collections like Film — Plan and preview your Instagram Feed — Make a Bio Site for your new link in bio — Edit your content with filters and effects Templates: Create beautiful content for social with over 400+ templates to choose from. Add filters and effects to your photos directly within the template. Write your text with unique fonts and use advanced text tools.

Select a background color or choose a texture. Then share your story with the world! Studio: Edit your photos and videos with our filters and effects. Choose from filters like Tulum and Canarias or effects like VHS and Glitch. Adjust your brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights, saturation, warmth and tint. Feed Planner: Sign in with Instagram to start planning your Instagram Feed. Upload your post to make sure it matches your aesthetic before posting. Bio Sites: Make your Bio Site, a beautiful hub for all your links to share in your social bios. You have more than one link, your bio should too. About Unfold+: · 400+ design templates for social · Exclusive fonts, stickers and tools · Filters and effects for photos/videos · Customize your Bio Site URL · Unlimited photos in the Feed Planner About Unfold Pro: · Upload custom fonts to use in your stories · Add your brand colors to your palette · Sync your logos and stickers into the app · Share your stories to the web with a stori.es link · Remove the watermark from your Bio Site · Includes Unfold+ subscription Annual subscription billing will start after the trial period. After the 7 day free trial, this subscription will automatically auto-renew each year. Or if you choose a monthly subscription, your billing will start immediately and auto-renew each month. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless cancelled at least one day before the renewal date within 24 hours before the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase. If you subscribe before a free trial ends, the remainder of the trial period will be forfeited. You can manage and cancel your subscription by going to your account settings in the App Store. Privacy Policy — https://squarespace.com/privacy Terms of Service — https://squarespace.com/terms-of-service Unfold from Squarespace — https://squarespace.com/marketing/unfold Thanks for creating with Unfold! We'd love to hear from you. Email us at [email protected] or message us on Instagram at @unfold.

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