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Undercover: the Forgetful Spy

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Undercover: the Forgetful Spy

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User Reviews for Undercover: the Forgetful Spy


Love playing this game with my friends because just laugh and lie to each other all night

Booyah44467, May 30, 2019

I think the game is awesome although I think it’s kinda not that cool when you get the same words. But outside of that super fun to play with friends and family.

chess freak!, Jul 21, 2019
Incredibly fun

This is the best game to play with friends and a few drinks. Love the multiplayer mode during lockdown!

IAmGoat13, Oct 31, 2020
Liked it!

Played with my students and they loved it! It’s a great app for sharing with my friends too. I really miss the time when I used to hang out with friends in China and just play 桌游. One thing I wonder: is there a way to remove ads after one round of game ends? Thanks!

Kirbyallaround, May 21, 2020
Good game

It’s filled with man childern and simps right now but still great game lol 😂 I couldn’t help but cringe but i say nothing and just go with it

Kitty Winters, May 18, 2023
One thing

So I had to delete this game because people kept swearing in the chat. There should be a filter in settings to turn it into asterisks. Great game though.

Kittyonamarshmallow, Apr 24, 2023
Great Game

Great game for multiple people so much fun play with friends everywhere even in. The car

Malubeck, Jul 04, 2019

I love this game because so fun

marz7878, Jun 25, 2019

Good, fun, game for large or small groups. Hard to get some people to understand they MIGHT be the undercover, and stop them from pointing out how “wrong” everyone else is. That’s a good way to get yourself voted out.

Metawolf7460, Jun 22, 2019

Good app but the software design is kinda wonky. You should be able to delete names.

obautista10, Jun 07, 2019


Undercover is a group game you can play online or offline, with friends or with strangers! Your goal is to find out the other players' identities (and yours!) as fast as possible to eliminate your enemies. Your clue is your secret word. ------------------------------------ • Are you at a party, looking for a game that can engage everyone? • Or thinking of a good way to interact with your friends and friends-to-be during dinner, an outing, at work or even at school?

You are at the right place! Undercover, like icebreaker games Werewolf, Mafia and Spyfall, was created to ensure active participation from everyone who can read and speak. Laughters and surprises are guaranteed! ------------------------------------ KEY FEATURES: 1. Offline mode: Everyone plays on the same phone. Players must be physically together. 2. Online mode: Play online with your friends or with strangers. 3. Our hand-picked word database ensures maximum engagement from people of different backgrounds 4. Real-time ranking is displayed at the end of each round. Compare your Undercover skills to your friends’! ------------------------------------ BASIC RULES: • Roles: You can be either a Civilian, an Undercover or Mr.White • Get your secret word: Pass the phone around to let each player choose their name and get a secret word! Civilians all receive the same word, the Undercover gets a slightly different word, and Mr.White gets the ^^ sign… • Describe your word: One by one, each player must give a short truthful description of their word. Mr.White must improvise • Time to vote: After discussion, vote to eliminate the person that seems to have a different word from yours. The app will then reveal the eliminated player’s role! Tip: Mr.White wins if he guesses the Civilians' word correctly! ------------------------------------ Creative thinking & strategy, combined with hilarious reversals of situation are sure to make Undercover one of the best party games you’ll play this year!

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