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Ultimate Trivia & Quiz App – The Office

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Ultimate Trivia & Quiz App – The Office

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User Reviews for Ultimate Trivia & Quiz App – The Office


I was excited to play this game... it gives multiple choice questions without the choices? Also there's a million ads which I get with free games but it's ridiculous and excessive.

Beetshotelshrutefarms, Jun 03, 2017
Black screen

So i don’t know if this is where I downloaded it or what it is but as soon as I open the app the screen goes black and it exits it. I downloaded it twice to try and fix it and it’s still doing this

Clagg5, Jan 06, 2019
Too cumbersome and not very well written.

Not many options, wants you to buy stuff immediately.

dogselurrecords, Feb 26, 2017

This app is trash and didn’t work for me and just takes me back to the home screen before I can press anything. Don’t waste your time. Just don’t get the app

Elkidolphin, Jul 25, 2020

It says "the following"in the first question, but didn't give options. There is no "the following." I was excited for this because i love the show, but this was just awful. Also, the ads ruined it. The button in the corner that it tells you to press literally gives you an ad, nothing more. The desire for money ruined it as well as a poor setup.

Lexy Bakker, Jan 02, 2019

The first question I got was “Witch of the following was not one of Michael’s role models?” But it didn’t show me ANY of “the following”! So I would only give it half a star‼️

Naomi💯, Apr 12, 2018

No matter how much u think u can do it, don't try. It says it has multiple choice questions, but it doesn't give you choices. There is no point in getting this app...

Pondora1234, Dec 09, 2017

This is literally the best app I have ever played and for all of you haters out there, RYAN STARTED THE FIRE.

RealOfficeFan, Mar 01, 2019

This "game" is fake.. the game says it has multiple choice questions but it doesnt give the answers. All of these questions are taken from a popular office trivia game online that actually does have multiple choice. This is utterly ridiculous and in fact unplayable.

Saggieqgrcs, Jun 26, 2017

It seems fun and I really want to try it, but the first one says it has options, and it doesn't, so there could be infinite answers... so I can't make it past the first one without buying coins.

WHY I'M SO UPSET, Mar 19, 2017


Play the most awesome The Office Trivia ever. 100 Questions which will prove that you are The Office TV Show Fanatic Loads of fun filled features: + Lots of Fun filled Questions + Additive Gameplay + Stuck on a question – Ask your friends for help on Facebook / Twitter + Get Hints – Buy or Earn points which you can use to get Hints to answer questions Download the The Office Quiz App today & enjoy loads of fun