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Ulli Smart Web Browser

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Ulli Smart Web Browser

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Biggerpan, Inc.
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User Reviews for Ulli Smart Web Browser

Fun new browsing experience

At first I was concerned by the search bar on the bottom, and magic button. But after using it for a little bit I like it so much more than safari and Firefox the browsers I was using.

afw10, Oct 17, 2016
Give it a try!

I was a little wary of trying a new browser, but wow am I happy I downloaded it! The UI is simple and straightforward, and it's super fast. It's also nice that the browser comes fully loaded with standard features so I feel like the transition to this new browser was very easy.

ArdalanDirtyB, Nov 15, 2016
Great Browser! Has features I never knew I wanted

Solid browser with intelligent suggestions based on what site I'm on. Surprised it is able to find as much as it does. Pulls from a decent number of sources across the web.

kur1, Nov 16, 2016
Beautiful and elegant

This browser has a gorgeous design and is also very functional. It's fast and saves your favorites directly on the homepage so you can easily access them. Overall super convenient, I'm already hooked!

Makaay2006, Oct 25, 2016
Lovely Experience! Actually!! It’s so smooth!!

The current version is flawless for me May 1st 2018 and I’m in love already. It looks awesome and youtube is actually better looking on this browser all in one.

manlileman, May 01, 2018
AD Blocker?

I wanted to like Ulli, as I think variety in mobile web browsing is critical, but why does it come preloaded with 'bookmarks' for sites I don't visit and some I've never even heard of?In addition, there's an 'ad blocker', yet I'm forced to look at a news feed on every new tab. News feed that cannot be disabled or at least immediately customized. My immediate experience is frustration with yet another new app trying to feed me information I didn't ask for/need all the while taking up data & resources on my device—which already has unsatisfactory battery duration as it is. Where is the logic in this?No thanks.

MeNoLikeyThisSh*T, Jan 15, 2017
Love this app

Cool new browser that I just stumbled upon. Way better than safari/chrome. I love the magic wand button and feel like this has potential to only get better and better

mmullany, Oct 20, 2016
Cool search feature

I’ve been using Ulli since it came out and I’m a big fan! I really like how my search results are always one click away and I think this concept is something that would also work well on the computer. The home layout is unlike anything I’ve seen before but it’s very convenient and I easily got used to it. I do wish there was an option to make it the default browser on iOS though haha

Myostpdx, Oct 24, 2016
Aesthically Refined but has its faults

It has a wonderful feel to it, reminded me of when I first using Rockmelt browser. Something new and different, but gives all I need, new news, & variety of options. The only issue is keeping the information, left the app for half an hour, never closed it though and it lost all of my tabs which I decided save all from my previous browser.

Sonny-kun, Oct 15, 2016
Fast and secure browser

Ulli not only offers the capacity to quickly and accurately find related articles, it is also super fast and secure browser.I really appreciate the new features and UI, especially the addblocker and the news feed.A must have on your phone.Keep going guys!

spaquet, Jan 10, 2017


Because a smartphone deserves a smart browser, Ulli pushes the boundaries of mobile web browsing with a beautiful and practical design, and a touch of magic thanks to artificial intelligence. Ulli is also fast, and guarantees your privacy and security. Ulli is the first browser truly designed for mobile.

It removes the pain we all experience while navigating the web on a phone: small keyboard, making typos, complicated gestures, two-hands needed. Thanks to its rethought and innovative interface, Ulli makes it easier than ever for you to find what you want fast. It’s so simple that you can even use the app with just one hand, saving you time and perfect for when on the go -- It’s as easy as using a TV remote control. And for an even faster search experience, just swipe down when you see a green flash on your screen and discover the Magic Cards™. Powered by Artificial intelligence, they predict the most relevant content and actions for you to browse next, making your search even smarter. The feature continues to develop and is improving day-by-day to give you the best possible results. Ulli also comes with a full set of advanced features, including a news feed, an ad blocker, full screen mode, incognito mode, favorites, and more. SMART & SUPER FAST: Quickly access your favorites, read the news, or start a new search directly from the home panel. Everything is one tap away, giving you even more speed. Give our AI-powered Magic Cards™ a try to instantly surface recommendations based on your current page. Results are improving every day! FULL SCREEN DISPLAY: Enjoy each page and image in its maximum size without any limitation or status bar interruptions. PRIVATE & SECURE: Keep your browsing activities private and use Ulli anonymously with incognito mode. For maximum privacy, an exclusive feature hides your current page on Ulli when you double-click the iPhone home button to surface all running apps. We don’t store any of your information on our servers, your personal data is meant for you and no one else. Read more about our privacy policy here: https://biggerpan.com/terms/privacy/ AD BLOCKER: No more annoying and intrusive ads. Browse content only you want to see for a smooth and seamless experience. You can enable/disable the ad blocker from the menu and allow the domains you trust into your white list. SEARCH SUPERPOWER: Keep your search results one tap away, accessible from any page in just one touch thanks to Ulli’s one-thumb browsing innovative design. Simply tap the search button on the bottom tab bar to get back to your search where you left it. For technical inquiries, please write to [email protected] or contact us directly through the app’s menu to report any bugs or to suggest improvements you would like to see in the browser. Discover more: https://ulli.ai Facebook: www.facebook.com/ulliapp Twitter: www.twitter.com/ulliapp Feedback & Support: [email protected] Privacy policy: https://biggerpan.com/privacy

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