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User Reviews for UKG Workforce Central

Worse than Abacus

I have used it twice and already am looking for needles to stick in my eyes. 1) There’s no quick way to punch in - forced to enter password each punch, NO fingerprint NO face ID login. 2) NO daily hours worked total (yes YOU have to calculate how many hours you worked each day) 3) Only PAY PERIOD (2-week) cumulative hours, NO shift, NO day, NO week subtotals 4) The Geo Fence was showing me in the parking lot not in the building where I was and took me 5 minutes to punch in - had to shut down app & turn off location services then relaunch both just to punch in - lost work time, lost wages. 5) The most important task PUNCHING is a teeny tiny word in small font IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER IN THE FOOTER 6) SLOW SLOW SLOW. I suspect this app’s requirements writers & testers were getting a lot of laundry & yard work done and the developers are cheap offshore labor who never used smartphones nor a timecard app before for their $100/week paycheck. The system McDonalds used 35 years ago is better than this.

2CentsW, Oct 06, 2021
Big tech wants to take over, but can’t understand their own technology

I can’t believe this is an actual app made by actual people pushed out and approved by actual people to be used by most companies to date, and yet some how with all of this the app still remains in a state of instability and complete ignorance towards the user. Let’s make a list from just having this app for 2 days:1. Timed out requests happen more than I can count 2. I’ve watched scheduled times switch days back and forth uncontrollably and the only way to stop it is force closing the app. 3. UI/UX come from what feels like a website from 2001, no information hierarchy, buttons placed to just be there, colors and design chosen by an exec with no design experience whatsoever. 4. Wanted to switch apps real quick for a piece of info for the app? Sorry, you need to sign out and back in because the connection is immediately severed once the app is switched. 5. Alerts and notifications don’t like to be told what to do, so in any case it doesn’t matter what you try to do, the alerts won’t disappear no matter how many times you hit delete. This is just the few things I’ve run into having this app for less than 2 days, but as someone who works in the design industry, having to use this app feels like a punch in the gut and tearing my diploma in half.

A. Moor., Oct 24, 2020
NOT user friendly - plz hire a design team

This app is so difficult to use. It automatically logs off too quickly before I can even write my schedule down in my calendar. It’s difficult to read my schedule and I’ve shown up to work at the wrong time and date because of the way information is displayed. Information is hard to find and my accrued hours are difficult to figure out. I wish I could login on my computer to see my schedule but instead I have to deal with this barely functioning app. What a shame that so many businesses actually rely on this piece of junk and expect their employees to use it. I would hope they’d consider hiring some UX and UI designers to make it more functional and user friendly. I would expect they’d have enough money to hire some real designers considering hospitals and large corporations like Nike use it.

bjohnmackelmore, Dec 01, 2020
$22B company can’t fix this

UKG is worth $22 billion, but they can’t have the security measures in place to prevent this from happening in the first place? Some people got paid 10% of their paychecks. Some people got 0%. All because this company decided it didn’t care enough about its customers to be secure. The merger happened in early 2020, but nobody from either Kronos or Ultimate thought “Maybe we should update our security protocols just in case…?”Don’t even get me started on the trash UI of this app which hasn’t been updated in years, long before the merging of the two companies. Looks like it’s from 1997. It’s literally that bad. The ONLY good to come from this hack is nobody has to be subjected to such an ugly UI. That says a lot about how bad this app is.Why Edgewood Healthcare went to Kronos from ADP in the first place is beyond me. At least when ADP was “hacked” it was mostly due to individual companies not being careful with activation codes. Kronos? Nah, ALL customers are affected.

CyanideRave, Dec 22, 2021
Miserable UX, complete lack of stewardship

It’s pretty clear KRONOS provides this app only so they can say they have one. They’ve all but yielded the space to third party mobile app devs. This app is so clunky it makes even the simplest tasks a confusing ordeal for no particular reason. For example, the view for shift schedules (not shown in the screenshot examples, natch) seems to be deliberately designed to confuse employees. There are line breaks between the day name and the shift times but there is nothing between each day. It makes zero sense. The real-world result is constant confusion amongst the shift employees who have irregular shift start times. Without fail, every day at least one team has to start the shift with at least one person short because someone misread their schedule. The only thing more ridiculous than this bad UX is the fact that it has been this way for as long as anyone can remember.

DarfNader, Jul 16, 2020

Ill state it as simply as possible so the morons who designed this app have somewhat of a chance at understanding my feedback. This app is the worst app ive ever used. I would rather be skinned alive than try to navigate through this poorly designed, train wreck of an app. As hard as I try to imagine it, I simply cannot think of a scenario where the idiot who designed this app looks at the final product and says “ive done it”. I am thoroughly disappointed that my employer forces me into attempting to use this piece of trash. Id be better off trying to read hieroglyphics in order to know what my schedule is, than waiting 9 hours for the app to load. I consistently get told that my session timed out after i sit waiting for 10+ min. just to see what my schedule is. If the developers can even decipher this review, i want you all to know that you have created the worst app by a landslide, and whoever is forced to use it is offered nothing but inconvenience. If I could leave a -100 star review, i absolutely would.

Jdinolfi37, Oct 30, 2020
It’s fine

The app, set up correctly, works fine for seeing a day of scheduling at a time. It works fine for seeing and submitting other information. But at no point is it smooth, logging in takes a bit and must be done from blank each time, regardless of the remember me setting.Security seems fine, it automatically logs you out after a bit, but if you need to pull the schedule into another app you likely need to go day by day for the notes about each shift. For me this routinely means logging back in at some point while checking over my schedule. So it would be tremendously convenient if it was easier to export to Calendar, if it allowed for FaceID, and if it remembered log-in credentials.Still, beats out the standard method my work puts out (paper sheets in the break room) for scheduling.

Korlithiel, Jan 11, 2020

1. It’s a challenge getting the touch buttons on the bottom left and right corner to respond because the wording is too far down in to the corner. Suggest reconfiguring the format of the page for the screens or moving the words that require a touch response not so close to the bottom or corners. 2. Session timed out time is too short. As a manager I often have to switch between two apps to confirm schedules, etc, and when I switch back my session timed out. Maybe have a user setting for session time out with option from 1-minute to 5-minutes. 3. Needs more functionality for managers that you can do with the PC version such as opening up the shift for the day and adding in pay codes such as precept pay or charge pay, etc. 4. Allow flagged items to be marked as reviewed.

mjboudreau, Jan 30, 2021
Spooling, spooling , spooling, error.

An app designed as a time clock must be quick and dependable. A time clock app should not spool and spool for minutes (messing up the clock in time), then give an error message. The message is sometimes (not always) a “server error.” I suspect the WiFi trying to override cellular data (or vice-versa) may have something to do with it on occasions. The slowness may be because of the mapping feature. The location recorder / mapping feature must be active (turned on) to clock in. If turned off, it will not work. However, even if turned on, if there is a glitch with the mapping, the employee can not clock in. I have had to go back into the settings to verify the mapping is on, like flipping a breaker switch. My experience: In the last week, I have attempted more times than I was successful in clocking in with this app. I am contacting our personnel department to report the issue. Bottom line: When it works it takes too long, when it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

pilgrim.go, Mar 02, 2021
Very poor interface

This app is hard to use, which is unfortunate because my employer has decided it will be the ONLY way to clock in starting in January. My biggest complaint is that I can’t have it save my password and there is no Face ID option. Even worse, when I try to use the iOS “keychain” function to log in quicker, it won’t automatically pull up the associated password that way either. So I literally have to type in my long password required by my employer, or do a manual search in the list of saved passwords. So annoying!! Also, the screen to add a time stamp is not intuitive. It has all these things about transfer at the top, and the “punch” button is hidden down at the very bottom. For someone like me who only needs to clock in and out each day, with no complicated transfers or deduction cancels, it would be a lot more obvious if the PUNCH button was placed prominently and obviously. Please, please update this app to make it more user friendly.

stellabrand, Dec 10, 2020


Built to help simplify your work needs, the Workforce Central mobile app (formerly known as Kronos Mobile) provides employees and managers quick, secure access to Workforce Central. Employees can punch in/out for work, check their schedules, time off, benefits, and pay. Managers can take care of exceptions as they come up, ensure staffing and schedules are good to go, take action on time off requests, and other and other key needs.

The Workforce Central mobile app also works offline, so don’t worry if you’re not able to connect to data. Your punches will be stored and the next time you’re connected, the punches will be sent off to Workforce Central. If you’re new to the Workforce Central mobile app, come visit our Mobile Resources site to quickly get started: https://community.kronos.com/s/wfc-mobile Note: Your organization must have UKG Workforce Central configured and mobile enabled. Please reach out to your Workforce Central administrator if you’re having trouble with access.

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