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User Reviews for UKG Ready

Clunky at best.

For starters, I’m sure that my company hasn’t loaded everything on the front end that needs to be, but I still seem to have issues getting to the information that I need, it’s just not clear on the pathways. Another issue I’ve continually had is the notifications. Every time I go in to read a message, when I click on the message it instantly disappears. It still shows I have a message, and if I switch tabs and back, it’s there again. And if I try to open the message, gone. And to top it all off, what’s with the turtles??

$j*uydcbnm, Jan 06, 2021
Great when it works

This app will go months working great and then suddenly I will have months of problems with it. It can take a long time to log in and load screens and I regularly get the we can’t connect to the server error message. I have been “late” to work several times because it takes over five minutes to clock in. The biggest issue I have is when it randomly tells me I’m not in range to clock in or out. I will be sitting at my work desk and it won’t allow me to clock in because I’m not at a designated area to clock in.The app doesn’t work right consistently, and when you are using it to record your work time, it’s important to work all the time.

Bbtemp, Apr 20, 2023
App with potential that needs some major fixes

I really have had high hopes for this app, I think it’s got potential and I like the fact that it’s similar to the website on one hand and the other hand I wish it was more of a native app and not merely a skin over a website. This app looks like a screen scraper app that simply has a shell with a browser behind it. There are some critical issue that they need to fix quickly. 1. There are too many times when you go to do functions such as request time off, when you only get half of the screen I have seen this multiple times on multiple devices. So for example when you pick the accrual type we have over five, but only 3 show even though you have 70% of the screen still available. 2. Or, when you finally can to the part where you start the request for time off, 80 to 90% of the time you can’t get the bottom half of the screen in fact if you hold your finger over it sometimes it will appear and then disappear it is really buggy and I wish they made a true native app but regardless of that it needs to be resolved ASAP. These and similar issues prohibit functionality and people using the app like it should be used.

Bflying, Apr 13, 2022
Auto Log off

I have this app to clock in and out for work. The issue that I have with it is that logging in is too annoying. First, there is no way that I’ve figured out to keep me logged in after closing the app, so I have to log in every single time if I want to clock in and that just wastes time and adds unnecessary steps. Secondly, it forces us to change passwords every month or so. I understand that we should change passwords regularly, however it is becoming more of a hindrance to constantly come up with new passwords so frequently. I know it’s a security issue, but it has made using the app more difficult and infuriating to deal with. It’s more concerned about people signing in than my bank is and I honestly don’t think people will care about my pay stubs as much as they would to get into my actual bank account. My point is, as far as logging off and changing passwords goes, those should be things the user does at their own time. Not something forced upon by the app. Or at least give us the option to change that. Please and thank you.

Black8Hat, Apr 05, 2021
Barely functions and has to many nags

Clocking in should be a simple punch not have to go through a login then select the day then select the time and then verify the time again. App wastes valuable time every day and doesn’t handle midnight well at all.And not to mention how little security the app has when it logs out gives login screen but a simple close the app and re-open it brings right back to logged in. Granted this saves a few seconds by not having to enter 64 character user name with 32 character password twice a day.

CJ HonFS, Jun 29, 2021
Would not recommend

My company implemented UKG for use over a year ago. We constantly have random issues with the program. I don’t know if it’s the need to do updates or what but the system has on multiple occasions locked employees out and will not allow password resets by the user which creates an unnecessary burden for HR. When punching in and out it will randomly not recognize or erase punch in/outs and a supervisor then has to either modify or add them manually. This creates extra work for supervisors to stop their already busy day to attend to UKG issues. Luckily my company does not use it yet for payroll but many other companies have had issues with payroll not being processed or stolen due to data breaches. There has to be safer, better, more consistent programs available. Ultimately I would not recommend UKG for any company to use.

D. Elli., Oct 21, 2023
Daniel M

Worst app I have used. Slow to load between selections and it is constantly giving me error messages prompting me to enter my password. And then after entering the password saying you must contact an administrator to log back in. In which case it’s someone from HR at work. What a nuisance and what a waste of time. And we are told to use this app to request time off and sick time when it doesn’t even function properly! Non of my banking apps are as difficult or annoying to log in to as this app. I wish I had four hands so I can give this app 4 thumbs down 👎👎👎👎. Seriously though, fix the log in issue please. Thank you.

DanMasn, Jan 07, 2021
This is the MOBILE version of the app

Soooo it’s assumed that you are in the field and are on the go, ya need access to things fast and quick. So maybe make it so I don’t have to swipe and click around a lot to clock in and clock out. And who is there right mind told you to have it auto log you out before at least 30 mins. Once again, I’m not n the go… I don’t really have time to log in again so I can clock back in from lunch. Make the mobile app easier for the people that use it, not harder. And the buttons not so tiny either. Once again I’m in the go and don’t have the time to sit and look and make sure I’m touching the right button. $0.2

Don't slow me down, Jan 09, 2023
Poor navigation

I’m needing to approve timesheets and this app is horrible. It sorts by employee ID by default instead of last name...who does this??? The default should be last name. Then, after pulling up a timesheet to review and edit, you cannot go back to your sorted list and have to start over again... one by one. I have 100 employees to review and this app will take me hours to do instead of the laptop which will take 20 minutes. Why does the view default to the current month instead of current week? Why does it default to ID instead of last name? Why can’t you go back to your list after reviewing a timesheet instead of having to start over again? Why can’t companies hire competent programmers?

Fscotth1, Dec 23, 2018
pls fix!!

so my employer uses this app for clocking in/out and also scheduling. we recently moved to using keny for scheduling but its so messy for reasons that i will list below and it would be nice if they could be addressed.1. when i click on details, i cant see where i am working. i have to click on the icon that schedules a cover request to see where i am going to work at which is very inefficient.2. when looking at open shifts, you should be able to see ALL open shifts that day and not just the ones in the scheduled availability that you have provided.thank you

i am currently eating sushi, Sep 25, 2020


The UKG Ready™ mobile app (formerly known as Kronos Workforce Ready) connects you anytime, anywhere to all your HR, payroll, talent, and time needs. With the information you need at your fingertips, you can accomplish a variety of tasks with ease when it’s most convenient for you, helping you succeed in your work and balance your life. Whether you’re on a job site, on the road, at home, or simply on the move, you can get to what you need right from your mobile device.

Clock in or out of a shift, check your pay, request time off, enroll in benefits, or handle any other similar tasks in moments. If you’re a manager, we’ve got you covered too. Adjust your team’s schedule to fill gaps, work on performance reviews, handle approvals, or even uncover trends like who’s likely to leave or how your team is feeling about their work so you can make a difference for them and your business. It’s all possible on the go with the Ready mobile app. Connect with us today from your device to get started. Need help with the app? Check out our resource page: https://community.kronos.com/s/wfr-mobile Notes: • To use the UKG Ready mobile app, your organization must enable access and provide you with your 7-digit company shortname. • Your organization determines which features you can access. Contact your manager or company administrator with any questions about logging in, what features are available to you, or connection issues.

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